Happy HOT Fourth of July! and lots of photos

Hope it was lovely.  I spent some time showering in cold water (water heater still broken), trying sort out & clean things in the master bedroom, sweating, doing large amounts of laundry, sweating, taking photos of the garden before it goes all crispy, sweating,  taking more crappy phone pictures of a finished project, a work in progress, and some recent stash enhancement, and sweating. Did I mention it is hot?

I’ll save the garden stuff for the next post, and I still have some serious catching up to do (I can hardly WAIT to share my much belated “Mothers’ Day” present pics with you, many yarn crimes have been tagged for sharing and yes Virginia, there IS a podcast), but there is some actual knitting /yarn content here for you.

Just before we get to that, I made a rather eclectic Spotify playlist for today, and if you wanna get all patriotic and stuff, you can find it here:


I’m trying to make this more exciting with the animations. Is it working?

Finished Object

Well, mostly. A few ends to weave in here and there and perhaps some blocking…..

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the right color in the picture.  One ply is a raspberry red and the other ply is bright orange. It’s a yummy combo. Here’s the Ravelry link, and even tho’ it’s really hot, Boris was *still* willing to model it for me:

He’s so purty.

Work In Progress

I have begun the afghan for Mom & Dad and I’m having fun with it.

So much fun to see how each color looks next to the others – I’m neglecting things I really need to get done.  And now the fun stuff!

Stash Enhancements

Lana Grossa Divino –

75% cotton, 25% viscose, RL = approx 120yd/110m/50g

I got this because I’m really curious to see what it looks like knitted up, and to see if my hands can take it. I have a hard time knitting cotton… And it would be such a pretty summer shawlette….

A new book! (this actually came in the mail).

I wanna see if this will be useful in chart reading.

My friend Sarah M. gave me the Knit Picks interchangeables (top) to play with, and I’m not quite sure why I got the bamboo ones (bottom) now…..  It might have been to start on this beautiful thing:

Rav link: ‘Venus’ by Karen Bradley

I’ve been itching to start a shawl, and I do so love the look of this one. After consulting with the yarn enabling salespeople at Yarn Expressions, I decided on this yarn.

Lang – Mille Colori

75% superwash wool, 25% nylon; 400 metres (437 yards.)

It feels so yummy in the skein.  But then I looked around some more and saw these:

The Alpaca Yarn company – PacaPeds

Colorway – Paccachino

65% Superwash Merino, 15% Nylon, 20% Alpaca
about 100 grams
360 yd / 329.2 m

I could make 2 of them, right? Yup, I can.

Then, like a fool, I started looking at the Madelinetosh yarns

I found that the one I’d left behind last time  was still waiting for me:

Tosh Lace in Flashdance!

100% superwash merino wool

950 yards / 868 meters

I couldn’t leave it behind again….I just couldn’t.

I’m not certain what happened to me next – perhaps the fiber fumes made me a little woozy, because I got this one too:

Prairie – another Madeleinetosh laceweight!

100% superwash merino wool

840 yards / 768 meters

The color, which is called “Fathom”, is very different from the picture; it is deeper and more tinged with black.

(Go and see their picture on their website – it’s WAY better than mine)

Yep, I was-

  • in too deep –
  • way over my head –
  • out of my depth –
  • drowning –
  • going overboard –
  • sinking…ok, I’ll stop. 🙂

Alas – once more into the fray…   I mean, I’m already in BIG trouble here, so why not?  Let’s make the spousal displeasure & subsequent scolding REALLY worthwhile……

Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere

“Cranberry Melt”

100% merino superwash wool
400 yds.

More yarn photos on the way…

First off, let me say that I love all the comments!!!! And secondly, I wish to apologize that my replies aren’t lining up with each comment I’m replying to (making for some confusing reading fo sho). I’ve spent several hours trying to fix it and no dice so far. Please be patient with me!

So….a very good friend of mine who is recuperating from surgery said that she wants to learn to knit! So I wandered on down to my LYS – you know, just to get a few things to start my friend off right – and spent WAY more $ than I had planned. I don’t have time to photo this afternoon; tomorrow looks pretty good!

Thanks for all the comments and a big smiley welcome to all the new folks.

It’s my birthday and….

….it’s really, really cold! The weather wonks say it’s 26 degrees outside but it feels like 15. And this is ALABAMA.  We had snow last night and this morning…and they didn’t even cancel school and there was milk and bread in the stores. Very weird.

But the gromping is mostly over. I am glad to be having another birthday! And I got some very lovely yarn in the mail today (for those in the know – my first ever skein of Wollmeise). Feast yer eyes:


Versacht(med) - very hard to get a hold of.....


And Robby Hecht is gonna be our first ever house concert artist!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so very excited about this. Go check out the house concert website.

Now I gotta go finish some swaps n stuff.

Serious Stash enhancement

It’s been *quite* a day here a “Chez Oney” – many packages in the mail!!!!  While on vacation, I got some things, and several of the things I ordered came plus my HSKS5  Package and one from my secret pal!  Yay! Yay! Yay!  I think I will do separate posts for the SP package and the Hogwarts Package….

First off…….

Noro Silk Garden for another scarf….oh my goodness I can hardly wait to start on it….

I wanted to try this out….I may save up some $ so as to make a sweater out of it.

This pic is more accurate for color.
Then this is gonna become my first ever sweater for ME

This is the RYC Cashsoft 4 ply I found at half price in the color “Deep”.  I’m excited to start this too.
Then the West Virginia haul….


Muench “Touch Me” (it’s more purple in real life).  It’s soooo expensive (I’ve had this before)  but I just gotta use it again. There’s actually 3 skeins of this…..




2 of these:

recycled sari silk from Nepal, and 2 skeins of this for my secret pal….

and then native WV yarn from Pocahontas County

That’s undyed yarn; the shop actually had 5 colors-I was trying to restrain myself…..

And I also got some glove needles and some Addi Lace Turbos.  I am definitely a convert!!!!!  So lovely and pointy.  I must have more of these……..

I will do more pictures tomorrow.

Secret Pal Question #4

The “perfect sized” stash was a tough question for many of you to answer. Maybe these stash related questions will be easier:

1) What yarn (that you don’t have/haven’t used) would make your stash”complete”?

2) What yarn do you never want to be without?

Hmmmmmm. I’ve been engaging in *much* stash enhancement lately, so there’s really not a whole lot on my wish list. Probably some Wollmeise or a Philosopher’s Wool kit; I just got the PW book and I am seriously drooling over it. Now that my grey matter is starting to wake up, a few others are occurring to me: Satakeili, some of this stuff from Riihivilla , Classic Elite’s Bam Boo and I want to try some z-twist yarns for a gansey to see what the difference is from s-twist ( Wendy for example ). I’m still making/designing mittens so fingering weight wool is great for those and I’m starting to make sweaters (I should have my HEAD EXAMINED!!!) and wool is too warm for here so that’s where the Bam Boo comes in.

Yarn that I never ever wanna be without is cashmere or a cashmere blend. There’s something so incredibly delicious about it that now that I’ve got it I never wanna be without it; I take it our and fondle it from time to time.. I know I have expensive tastes but life’s too darn short to knit with crappy yarn.

Yarn pr0n

As promised, some pictures from the new camera…..
  My first shipment from the Sundara Yarn club
1000 yards of 100% silk laceweight -= Granite Falls colorway.  This picture is kinda close to the right color – must be seen and fondled to believe…..
Yarn I actually dyed!
each approx. 400 yards of superwash merino?/nylon sock yarn – dyed at Yarn Expressions several weeks ago.
I call this one “Brights” – verra original  I know….
I took this with the flash – I adore how the colors came out on this.
This other one I call ” Toucanberry”
Dyeing yarn is addictive!!!!
I think these will both become pairs of mittens.


The children are all gone away. I don’t have to tell anybody to brush their teeth, or pick up anything, and no fighting over the computer. No one is bugging anybody else. I can’t hardly BELIEVE it.

So for the next few days I will be doing some simple recording that I need to do and cleaning the kids’ rooms. Then on Thursday its off to North Carolina. What fun! 

I’m debating with myself about what to say about my oldest son, Will. This could turn into a *serious* whinge!  But I’ll try to restrain myself.   He’s gone to NYC to be with his girlfriend with only the most tenuous of plans for taking care of himself (i.e. a place to stay, a job, money, etc.), and regardless of what anyone with a smidgen of experience might advise. We got a call from his girlfriend’s mother telling us that he he did arrive safely (almost 24 hrs by train) but that he and her daughter’s first plan for where he was gonna stay fell through and they were looking into hotels….  I’m worried for his welfare and hopeful that he’ll be OK and relieved that he’s gone and about 15 other emotions.  Please pray for us. Thanks.

On Saturday, I got my first installment of Sundara Yarn. OH! OH! OH!  1000 yards of 100% silk laceweight in the color “Granite Falls” ; a beautiful light grey with a tinge of green.  So so so gorgeous.  After some fairly serious fondling, I put it back in its crinkly plastic bag and  went about my business.  Later on, I discovered that the dogs had gotten into it, because they know that often times, crinkly plastic bags that belong to Mommy have goodies in them.  They didn’t do serious damage but sheesh!
Yesterday, I took a yarn dyeing class at

It was really fun.  We got to dye two skeins of superwash sock yarn.  Today, I’ll rinse out my yarn and put it up to dry.  Then I’ll wind it up and see what I have.  I would love to do this again.

Then after I got home, Bill wanted to go out to dinner. July 7th is our 20th wedding anniversary.  We will be in West Virginia, so we won’t be doing anything big, so we are treating these few days without the bairns as our anniversary celebration.    We futzed around for about an hour tryna decide where to go and we finally settled on Ketchup at Bridge Street Town Center.  I was intrigued by the fact that there are only two Ketchup restaurants on the planet right now: one in Los Angeles and one in Huntsville.  What’s up with that?  it makes me laugh – somebody sold the h*ll out of Bridge STreet Town Center….

I encourage EVERYONE to go there to eat.  The food was excellent!!!  The atmosphere was great, the service was good, and the red toilet paper was unique.  I’m looking forward to taking the kids there to eat for lunch.  We paid about $30 per person and it was worth it.  I could hardly believe I was in A-ba-lama-ding-dong.  I want to try all of the restaurants over there now.



I cannot believe it!!!!!! I won some Miss Babs sock yarn and a something from Woolgirl– I do not know what it is; I do NOT care! I love everything by Woolgirl. I’d like to thank the Academy…….

She had a little quiz on her blog about where she would be traveling and wanted folks to say where she was going. She was going to Nebraska and here’s what I wrote:


It needs a groovy song like Oklahoma’s:

braska where we gro-ow lots and lots of corn,
where the runza’s made, and there ain’t no shade,
and where Buffalo Bill was born!”

Now I can’t say I never win anything, and if’n yer gonna win something, Miss Babs sock yarn is really tremendous. SQUEEEEEE!

Got back late last night from Wings to the Spirit in Florida. It was successful beyond my wildest dreams. I promise to blog more in the next week about that (and also my pilgrimage last February….). Currently my digital camera I cannot find! So I’m low on pictures….

Beautiful yarn in de mail!

Originally uploaded by altotenor


I wanna make another lace scarf (for me even) and while I couldn’t sleep not too long ago I found this yarn at KnitPicks ….
for $2.99/skein! What a deal….and I just love the colors.

Because I can’t remember anything these days, I went to the mailbox and was totally surprised and delighted to see the yarn there…It ‘s so lovely being simple and easily amused.

Ian, my homeschooler – whose art this year is photography – took these pictures.

This one is the most accurate color wise.

He also took a picture of some other recent acquistions, ‘cos their so pretty.
Noro Silk Garden and Kureyon

I found (while looking for something else of course) a wonderful site that sells truly groovy yarn made by folks in Uruguay.  It’s called Handpainted ( go here).  Can hardly wait to get a hold of some of this stuff…

Simply delicious, n’est-ce pas?

And Ultra Alpaca is fast becoming my favorite yarn……..