Something really important REALLY!

I meant to put this up last Wednesday & forgot. Sorry!  I am tryna spread out my posts and be more consistent.  STOP LAUGHING! I hope to do the weekend wrap-up tomorrow. :o)

I know some folks who read here don’t like the serious posts and I try to limit them – really I do. There are really serious things going on that sometimes I feel I absolutely MUST say something or I will BURST!!



Current news snippets

1) Ravelympics progress: I was going great guns on the sweater….but I knit so much that my hands are really killing me! I didn’t knit for 2 days hoping to give the digits some much needed rest but then whilst at the ER (more on that in a minute) knit just a couple of rows albeit very slowly. My hands are still aching; fortunately it is NOT the Carpal Tunnel Problem, just over use. Now I have some elastic hand bandages that may help (I’m wearing them now so as to permit typing without much pain), and I feel hopeful. It’s not so much that I fear I won’t finish the sweater by the end of the Olympics – I just miss the knitting!


2) ER – We had folks over at the house until about 11 pm last night then waddled off to bed. I was then awakened around 3 am not by the usual hot flashes, but by the dear husband needing to be taken to the hospital. He was in a tremendous amount of pain and his symptoms seemed to indicate either a kidney stone or a bowel obstruction. I told him only about the bowel obstruction idea at first for 2 reasons (1) it would be the worst diagnosis of the two and his butt would be in surgery ASAP, so he’d need a little time to get used to the idea, and (2) if he only thought the worst, he might be relieved to know it was ONLY a kidney stone. So we went off to the ER where after only an hour and a half he finally got to see a DR and got some pain meds. I was torn in 3 ways: A) it is extremely hard to see someone you love in such pain and not be able to do anything about it, B) I haven’t been sleeping well and desperately wanted nothing more than to go lie down someplace and crash, and C) I had a small case of schadenfreude because after all, I have had 3 babies, mostly without pain medication, and was told by him many times during the process to just breathe into the pain. Many folks say you forget the pain of childbirth. I have forgotten many, many things – the number of things which have vastly increased in the last 3 years – but the pain of childbirth is very well remembered by me…

So he has a kidney stone and not a bowel obstruction, for which I am thankful. I mean to say that I’d prefer he was not ill at all, but if’n he’s gotta have something, the kidney stone is preferable. He’s got some really fabulous drugs to keep the pain at bay, a groovy little strainer (use yer imagination) and he also suggested we order out for pizza tonight ‘cos he’s feeling thankful for having me to take care of him. I believe Bill will drink far less sweet tea and more water from now on.


3) The Boy in the Big Bad City

We got a phone call from Will’s girlfriend’s mother this afternoon saying that Will was robbed last night at gunpoint. He’s fine – I spoke with him on the phone later on. He and Ashley went on a date and then Will was walking back to his apartment (approx. 2 miles) from the train station about 1 am when there were still many people out and about, and was held up. He wasn’t hurt and the boy hasn’t much $ anyhow so they didn’t get much, but dang! He told me that there were two street cops about a block & a half away from where he was robbed and he went up to them to report the crime. They essentially gave him the brush off, saying there would hardly be any point in filing a report and I think that makes me EVEN angrier!! Please say some prayers for Will, for his poor worried mother, and for the population of Elizabeth, NJ and the burnt-out cops who are supposed to serve and protect.


4) Te Vaka

I saw this group on public access tv in the DC area in 1996 maybe and thought they were great. They are nominally from New Zealand though it might be more accurate to say they are from Oceania and are a really unique combination of the old and the new. I just found out that they’ve been performing at the Beijing Olympics and I’m so glad for them! They have a fairly new CD out and I think everyone who is even slightly into world music oughta check them out. You can hear them (and see pictures of them at the Great Wall) on their MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/tevaka


5) Olympic thoughts

Look at the WOMEN!

Is it just me or are we seeing lots and lots more of the female athletes in all the different sports, not just the so called feminine ones? Are we also hearing more about athletes who are not from the U.S.? And what about these “Old Ladies”? Dara Torres at 41 – OK everybody’s heard about her, but what about 38 year old Constantina Tomescu-Dita of Romania winning the marathon? She has a teenage son. She wasn’t even the oldest one running; there was a woman who was 39…. heck I’m 39! And the race at the end between Kenya’s Catherine the Great and the Chinese woman? And tho’ she didn’t win, what about Paula Radcliffe gritting her teeth to just finish? I’m no runner, but wouldn’t it have been incredible to marathon through the city of Beijing? And I’m barely scratching the surface.

Yes, Yes yes, I’m a complete Olympics geek but this is very inspiring to me and I hope others are noticing too that women’s sports are as entertaining as men’s…. And for some reason, NBC’s coverage of the Olympics has been far less irritating to me than the usual Olympics coverage. I wish I was there…..

Also big props to my dad who, whilst my mother was at work, bought and hooked up a large screen HDTV as a surprise gift for her (another Olympics nut) in time for the opening ceremonies. A VERY classy move, Pops.

6) Band yearnings

I am getting serious about wanting the band to get onstream. On Labor Day weekend, there’s gonna be a local Blues festival and a number of the folks I know will be playing and it makes me feel like Mohair Sam oughta be too. The decision I’m getting to more and more is that I really need to get my piano or guitar skills happening and then we can at least rehearse ’til we get a lead player. At least that’s my thought as of today. :o)