Thanks for all the comments!


I so appreciate everyone who comments; sometimes I feel rather alone out here…well, ok, not exactly ALONE – Sarah is by far and away the MOST frequent commenter here. For which *something* will be awarded.  :o)

Most delightful to see family members too (Bobbie, you DEFINITELY count as family as far as I’m concerned). I didn’t know y’all een read my blatherings here….ever!


Just a quick post today – got a radio show tonight & stuff to do til then.

If’n ya wanna listen, probably the best way online is to go to I heart Radio or Tune In, type in wjab

at 6 pm (that’s Central Time y’all).  You’ll hear me co-host “Common Law” – the lawyer fella is very entertaining and a REAL stand up guy.  Then, my show “Blues Classics” happens from 6:30 – 8 pm. Generally speaking, I’ll either hardly talk at all, or I’ll talk way too much; it just depends.

Upcoming blog posts:

  • Garden wrap up 2012
  • Knitting Wrap up 2012
  • Color “Affliction” KAL finally finished
  • book give-away
  • Learn entrelac in 2013!
  • SOCKS!
  • The Dos Anos yarn diet
  • God willing – a return to “Riding with Mother”

I know the above list is SO EXCITING that yer gonna have to go LIE DOWN ‘cos you’ve got HEART PALPITATIONS, right?

Ok, so this isn’t the X games or anything, but hey! It works for me.  I now leave you with this thing/pithy saying I saw a coupla days ago which I feel is very true.

Knitting is kinda like sex: if I like you, and you appreciate it – it is free. Other than that – you cannot ever pay me enough.