Actual knitting content

There’s a good bit of knitting going on…especially during this wacky sleepless phase I’m going through – falling asleep at 8:15 pm, waking up at 1:30 am and staying awake.  Ugh.  So here are a few pictures of what’s doing:

The cabled tam from Vogue Knitting’s 2008 Holiday issue for my best friend, Tangela.

I’m modding it by making it even bigger – more increases and bigger needles.  Yarn is Cascade 220 heather in some shade of brown (can’t remember what it’s called).  First picture is more color accurate. Second picture is me messing around with my new-ish camera and all those settings I’m not really sure how to use….

Sonya’s Bling-a-licious mittens in Rowan Cashsoft DK.  I will be embroidering or duplicate stitching white polka dots all over these.  They’ll be very “woo woo” when complete.

Noro Silk Garden Stripe Scarf number 3.  The yellow doesn’t glow quite as much in real life….

And lastly, in the WIP department, this sad thing:

What is it?  It is yet ANOTHER swatch in alpaca laceweight for a test knit for Mme. Landry.  It is to be a hoodie in my size (read: enormous).  I’ve been through the seven circles of Hell swatching this mofo (that’s right, I said it) and am beginning to wonder if this is the right project for me. Just sayin’….


Major kudos to Franklin Habit for the mention on The Panopticon. I wonder if I can put “Vice President of Propaganda” on my resume? If you like, you can see my rather average mug in the picture collage – I’m on the bottom – extreme left. Franklin is a real gentleman, delightful and funny, and if you don’t go buy his book I’ma have a fit – I promise!

I did forget to tell him of the added bonus that came with his Dwarven Battle Bonnet – the pet hair that is a part of everything I knit.

The Amazing Bluto (amazing because of his inexplicable longevity) recently found a new perch here at Chez Oney:

That’s a Superman travel pillow that some wonderful kid that lives around here left on the floor.  Bluto loves anything like this to drape his fur puddleness onto.

This is what passes for action photgraphy in this phase of the Big B’s life.  And just so you can get an idea of size:

That little purple thing is a 6 inch ruler (15 cm).  Yeah, Bluto’s a fattie and he sheds like mad, along with the 2 black & white dogs, Boris & Natasha.  So Franklin, don’t be surprised if’n you find some black and white fur in yer hat.