I cannot believe it!!!!!! I won some Miss Babs sock yarn and a something from Woolgirl– I do not know what it is; I do NOT care! I love everything by Woolgirl. I’d like to thank the Academy…….

She had a little quiz on her blog about where she would be traveling and wanted folks to say where she was going. She was going to Nebraska and here’s what I wrote:


It needs a groovy song like Oklahoma’s:

braska where we gro-ow lots and lots of corn,
where the runza’s made, and there ain’t no shade,
and where Buffalo Bill was born!”

Now I can’t say I never win anything, and if’n yer gonna win something, Miss Babs sock yarn is really tremendous. SQUEEEEEE!

Got back late last night from Wings to the Spirit in Florida. It was successful beyond my wildest dreams. I promise to blog more in the next week about that (and also my pilgrimage last February….). Currently my digital camera I cannot find! So I’m low on pictures….