Welcome Sewing Pattern Review people!

Today, the day before my 45th birthday no less, I’m a featured subscriber on the website.  How lovely! How unexpected!

In honor of this unanticipated delight, I will talk about my capsule or mini-wardrobe I made to wear on my 3 week trip to India in June 2010. First some pictures:

Arriving at Lucknow Airport

Arriving at Lucknow Airport


Lunch at the Mumbai Baha’i Center


I made 6 tops, 3 bottoms, 1 nightshirt & 1 pair of bloomer underwear for my trip. Many more pictures of the 120+ singers from 25+ countries can be found on Facebook if you look for the Voices of Baha in India – FYI.


Whew! And an “Oh my my!”

I’ve been traveling almost every other week since February and I’m finally DONE.  Just got back from “Swamperland”  (otherwise known as “Michigan”) and am ready to stay put mostly fer a while.  I love to travel but I am rather tired of it at the moment and am happy to be home here at Chez Oney.  Fer you language scholars out there, that’s pronounced “SHAY  oh-NAY”. 

One of the delights of traveling around ius that I get to watch TV (which I usually do not do)  and the various places have channels I do not have at home.  This is how I discovered “America’s Best Dance Crew”, which is my fav-o-rite!!!!

Since I don’t have that channel at home, I get to watch the shows online.  I was just watching highlights of last week’s show, and Missy Elliot was on it.  Oh I love that woman!!!  You can she wot she did here: