things the kids say

Today was a lousy day.

I won’t go into all the gory details, but it’s pretty much sucked all day.  Things started off well…..::sigh:::

I will complain about one thing tho.  I’m now THIRTY NINE years of age…and I still get acne.  I have a few wrinkles AND acne.  Just ain’t fair.  My 9 year old daughter asked me why I still get acne and I had to tell her I do not know.  I get cystic acne (don’t ask; it’s gross, ugly AND painful.  Joy.) and I’m getting one on my upper lip just under my nostril where there are loads of nerve endings and it hurts.  Waaaaa.

Something cute from Friday:  I was talking to the above mentioned 9 year old and her older brother over breakfast about “second sock syndrome”  and how I’d just gotten  a book that gives instructions on how to knit 2 socks at a time (on one circular needle).  I told Louisa that she knows everything she needs to know, pretty much, to start knitting socks if she wants to, and I’d be happy to teach her how to do this new technique of 2 socks at a time.  She must have missed the part about 1 circular needle, ‘cos she looked up at me with astonishment on her face and said:

“I can’t knit with my feet!!”

I’ve been laughing about it ever since.  I love that girl.

Oh well, time for my self-pity party to be over.  Life *is* good.