Thankful that you still come by to read!

I’m from New Hampshire…and I’m really glad I live in Alabama today : seventy five degrees warm!

On Thanksgiving, I usually take a moment to think a bit about the pilgrims and the Native Americans in Massachusetts….it must have been blooody cold!

During dinner, somebody made reference to my smidgen of Iroquois blood. It surprised me because it hardly ever comes up at all down here. I only know that my Indian ancestress was my great-great-grandmother – not ever her name has come down to us. For so long, it was considered somehow shameful to be “white” and have Indian heritage……so that by the time it wasn’t seen as shameful, no one knew anything.  I heard from my mother that maybe a particular great aunt might know something, but by the time I asked her about 25 years ago, she said she didn’t know anything (or perhaps did not want to tell what she knew……..).