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The Invader – #17 —no news is….. and other stuff by tens

… good news. I guess it is. Still having chemo every other week – cancer treatment is STILL no fun, side effects are yucky but it has all become another part of “the routine”, and thankfully, I’m still waking up every day. It seems like I’ll continue to do that for the foreseeable future so I’m good-ish.

Thanking everyone MIGHTILY for the prayers. I can feel them – they are MARVELOUS. Thank you a million times over.

Since I’ve not got loads of exciting/disgusting tales of my health to tell you about, I’m gonna resurrect something I used to do here on de blog years ago (for this week anyway…..), and that is Ten for Tuesday.

It’s a list. On different topics. Happens weekly.

This week’s Ten for Tuesday is ::::drum roll:::::::

Top 10 Albums I Can Listen to Over and Over Without Getting Sick Of Them

In no particular order, TODAY they are:

  1. Kiko – Los Lobos (1992)
  2. Love Yourself: Answer – BTS (2018)
  3. Off the Wall – Michael Jackson (1979)
  4. Part Lies Part Heart Part Truth Part Garbage 1981-2011 – REM (2011)
  5. Underneath – David Wilcox (1999)
  6. Blind Man’s Zoo – 10,000 Maniacs (1989)
  7. Songs in the Key of Life – Stevie Wonder (1976)
  8. Putumayo Presents: Asian Groove – various artists (2007)
  9. The Complete Okeh Sessions – Big Maybelle (1994)
  10. Blessed – Soweto Gospel Choir (2005)

Honorable Mentions –

  • The Very Best of Aretha Franklin
  • A Road Worth Walking Down – Greg Greenway
  • Legend – Bob Marley and the Wailers
  • Hair – Original Broadway Musical soundtrack
  • Outrun the Sky – Lalah Hathaway AND the Song Lives On -Joe Sample & Lalah Hathaway
  • Northwest Passage – Stan Rogers
  • Nightmoves – Kurt Elling
  • J.D. Crowe and the New South (self titled)
  • Zenyatta Mondatta – The Police
  • Life as A House soundtrack – Mark Isham
  • Newman’s Own: Salsa Songs
  • Angel in the House – The Story
  • Putumayo Presents: South Pacific
  • So – Peter Gabriel
  • Pulse: A STOMP Odyssey – various artists
  • anything at all by Bill Withers

I realize that I could write at LEAST a paragraph about each one of these albums….and you have a life, so I won’t do it today. I may decide to string this Ten for Tuesday list out over a bunch of weeks by perhaps writing about 2 or 3 of these on ensuing Tuesdays…..and I *know* I’ve left out so many artists and albums that I consider essential. Heck, there’s not even a single Beatles album in the top ten or the honorable mentions list and that just cannot be right, can it? no Prince, no Elvis Costello, no Sam Cooke, no Cheap Trick, no Shawn Colvin, no Temptations, no Queen Latifah, no David Bowie, no Freddie King, no Robyn, no Missy Elliot, no Donny Hathaway, no Carole King, no Cure, no Memphis Slim, no Joe Jackson, no Eva Cassidy, no Rolling Stones, no Luther Vandross, no Whitney, no Disney, neither James Taylor nor Sandy Denny…..so so so many are missing, it’s criminal.

I’m not really sure. Why are you reading this? I hope it’s in some way entertaining……

Suffice it to say that I have listened to each one of these albums listed above at LEAST 20 times and some of them many more times than that – to the point that I know every, beat, every word, every note on the silly things. Yes, I have spent ridiculous amount of time listening to music, and there were lots of times I only listened and did nothing else. So there. A lot of these are available on Spotify – not all of them unfortunately – so I guess I’ll make a playlist to share with you.

Too bad the Asian Groove album is not available…I’ve listened to that one countless times…..

And the Honorable Mentions get a Spotify playlist too –

I’m sad that Greg Greenway’s “A Road Worth Walking Down”, “Newman’s Own: Salsa Songs” and “Putumayo Presents: South Pacific” aren’t available on Spotify. Check those out if you ever can.

If you feel like commenting, I’d love to know if any of these are favorites of yours, or what your list would have on it….Love your comments!!!

Ten fer Tuesday – 10 things to make yer life better


  1. laugh & be silly      721510105_b314546e17_mkids_laughing


Are you smiling yet?


Really, if you aren’t smiling yet, you need to go do something silly immediately!! A few more for you “hard cases”…


2.   sing/make music/hear live music

Making music is a human birthright and do not let “performance anxiety” get in the way of that.  Listening to recorded music is wonderful…but it won’t make your life better in the way that making music does. Yer not performing at Carnegie Hall, so silence yer inner critic and make some music EVERYDAY.  And then make a date to go out and HEAR some live music; there’s just something about that energy that is good for the soul.

3.  STOP watching the news

Yup, you really can and still be a well-informed individual.  You can read the news and you’ll get more out of it I reckon.  I dare you to stop watching tv/online video news for a week completely and read all of your news from say the BBC. You’ll be well-informed, have more time, plus your life will be better.
4. get enough sleep

There are 3 things you can do to improve your health:  eat right, exercise and get enough rest.  The most recent studies show that of these 3 things, getting enough sleep is THE most important.  Now go take a nap.

Time for a smile break:

5.  work for a cause that is greater than yourself

Do I have to explain this? Really? Oh gosh…

In a nutshell:  as far as the Universe is concerned, yer a small being.  A noble and important being, but a small, short-lived being nevertheless. Even the tiniest cockroach can do almost everything that you can do: eat, sleep, make noise, defecate, procreate and so on.  But that cockroach cannot deviate one iota from its instincts – it is a prisoner of its own nature if you will.  Human beings are the only animal that CAN, and since you can, you SHOULD.

6.  exude love

Ever have a bad day, and then get treated with love and kindness from a stranger?  It was fabulous, wasn’t it?  Don’t you wanna do that for others?  Nuff said.

7. practice gratitude

When you practice gratitude, it’s a particularly wonderful way to live in the moment and yet rise above one’s daily concerns.  Be grateful for that hot shower, that cup of tea, that unencumbered breath, even that next heartbeat.  People that need a heart transplant and cannot get one would be VERY grateful for your heartbeat.



8. learn to knit/garden/do something with your hands
go ahead do it.  get a little dirty….






9. read really good books
10. get excited about the mystery of the future

There are wonderful things in store for each one of us!




So…is yer life better yet?

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