square foot gardening

Ze garden so far

Time for an update!  Thanks to the Force of Nature for all the pictures taken just a few minutes ago.


looking West to East, roses in the foreground – I wished I’d gotten some pics of them 3 weeks ago when they looked AWESOME.


. 6_10_13blabeled

The bed closest to the gate (bed 1)

. 6_10_13labeled

Other end of bed 1.

I’ve had serious slug challenges – replanted beans, peas & cukes 3 times……


Another view of bed 1 – this was our original garden bed.


Keyhole garden view 1  Yes, the tomato is *taller* than the corn!  I planted dwarf corn so I wouldn’t have to climb a ladder to harvest it.  Next year though, I’ll plant full size corn in the keyhole!  I may make a corn & cucumber only KG……


Keyhole garden view 2 (to the left of view 1)


Keyhole garden view 3 (to the right of view 1)


I think Studmuffin thought this wasn’t gonna work at all.  Perhaps next year, I’ll combine 2 cages to make a bigger tower…or maybe some kind of KG….

Bed 2 (no picture) has just a few volunteer garlic plants – sweet potato slips should get planted this week along with companion tomato plants.  Bed 3 (no picture) is planted with cukes, canteloupes & a couple of watermelons.  I still need to plant some pumpkins…..

I love organic gardening.  And I love GARRETT JUICE.  I think it has made a big difference.  I need to spray some tonight as I was gone this past weekend. There will be more pictures (hopefully this week) of the front gardens soon.  How’s your garden growing?