sock yarn

I broke my diet on vacation – my yarn diet!


A Study in Yarn Weight. 🙂

Tis’ true, tho’ I broke it some before then too if I’m honest. More about that at the end of this post.  While we were on the famdamily vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where just up the road last century Orville & Wilbur took that first flight, I decided to check out the local yarn scene.

The OBX – somewhere near Kill Devil Hills

I knew this was a dangerous idea to entertain, but heck!  Yer supposed to break yer diet whilst on vacation, right?  I reckon that’s almost required, innit? I looked in the trusty phone book and found Knitting Addiction and I am so glad I did!

Actual yarn photos follow…


Fried motherboard: not a good recipe for blogging!

Yup. My almost ten-year old ‘puter bit the dust awhile back so there hasn’t been any blogging…..or podcasting.  ::::sigh:::::: It could be worse. I have an external hard drive that I tried to be regular in backing up the ‘puter on, so most things were not lost.

So now a quick update for you:

  • I now have a new computer!  Yay!
  • I also have a new printer and IT WORKS!!!  I’ve not had a working printer in over a yearand I have missed it a LOT.
  • I am writing a book about musicking
  • my notes for the book didn’t get saved to the external hard drive, plus the notes that were hand written – I threw out. I mean they were on the computer, right?
  • So writing is going more slowly than I’d hoped it would.
  • I scored 2 skeins of Wollmeise twin sock yarn last month
  • I just happened to go on their site to look around, like I do about every six months or so
  • I saw they had some yarn in stock, so I ordered a skein of Taube and the sale went through
  • So I thought, maybe I could try for another (Kornblume)….?
  • That sale went through too!
  • They arrived today!
  • I now have 4 skeins altogether. What to do????? The grey matter nearly swoons with all the possibilities!
  • I bought a LOT of yarn over the summer.  I mean I bought so so much yarn that I’m going on a 2 YEAR yarn diet…but not just yet.
  • I went to Patternworks & Keepsake Quilting in person this summer; I hope to blog about that soon
  • Knitting is happening!  Am about 75% done with the big birthday blanket for my folks. Should be complete by the 15th.
  • I’m being very good and almost completely working just on the blanket
  • It was supposed to be an afghan, but it’s bigger than that now.
  • My knit group will start a Color Affection shawl KAL midmonth – that will seem like a small project after the birthday blanket
  • I planned to knit a vest for the Force of Nature, but the yarn I wanted at the price I wanted is not available now, so I am rethinking…..
  • I have a new camera as well, so picture quality should improve as I learn how to use it.
  • Oh Sweet Sally Melville!!! It’s OCTOBER already.  How did that happen so quick?

They look like babies, don’t they? How is it possible that this album came out THIRTY-ONE YEARS AGO?

Oh well, I’ve missed you folks. How are you?  I have at least 2 give-aways coming up and soon ….off to bed now old girl.