Robby Hecht

It’s my birthday and….

….it’s really, really cold! The weather wonks say it’s 26 degrees outside but it feels like 15. And this is ALABAMA.  We had snow last night and this morning…and they didn’t even cancel school and there was milk and bread in the stores. Very weird.

But the gromping is mostly over. I am glad to be having another birthday! And I got some very lovely yarn in the mail today (for those in the know – my first ever skein of Wollmeise). Feast yer eyes:


Versacht(med) - very hard to get a hold of.....


And Robby Hecht is gonna be our first ever house concert artist!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so very excited about this. Go check out the house concert website.

Now I gotta go finish some swaps n stuff.