How I love the Weekly World News….


I just realized that they have a website:

Some of the headlines this evening:





If your life is feeling too serious or heavy, cruise on over – yer bound to feel better after reading some of that….stuff.  I think my favorite part of the website is their subheading: The World’s Only Reliable News

Cracks me up.  :o)

So, ok, yeah, I promised a post by  last Thursday…but that was BEFORE.  “Before what?” you ask.  Well, take your pick:

A: Michael Jackson died

B: I fell on the treadmill at cardiac rehab


C: It got *so* hot that, in the words of one of the kids’ friends:  “My face is melting off.”

It’s probably a rather complex interaction of the above three factors contributing to my lack of motivation to sit in front of the ‘puter and write.  Since I brought them up, I suppose I oughta comment on all three.  I will, but first a picture:


Homeschool Kid (clutching green pillow) went off to Boy Scout camp this morning for a week of mosquitoes, whipporwills calling all night long, tent w/o air conditioning and parent-free time.  It’s his 3rd year and he likes it.  We’re happy he likes to go. REALLY happy.  Unfortunately, the Force of Nature *quit* Girl Scouts a few months ago (“too girly and boring”, i.e. not enough camping, whittling and Greco-Roman wrestling)  and is *not* off to camp this week…though she’ll be off to the West Virginia Grandmother’s place for two weeks later in the summer.  As you can see, the camera battery charger has NOT magically re-appeared, so I’m “stuck” with the camera phone still.

So back to the comments: I’ll go in chronological order and begin with “C”.

It should come as NO surprise to anyone that it is HOT and MUGGY in Alabama in the summertime, because it is like that EVERY summer and I love it.  However, we have had, starting in May or was it April? – over 40 days of daily rain which then turned to high temperatures and NO rain.


As previously reported, our AC died and we went 3 weeks without AC, using only fans, but it started getting up to 99 degrees, plus add in the fact that we no longer have the three maple trees that used to shade the house, so it’s been WICKED HOT which means I’m only good for sitting in front of the fan eating popsicles spraying myself with icewater.


About a week and a half ago, we bought 4 AC window units that have made the interior of Chez Oney much more bearable, but I still am not generally wanting to sit in front of the ‘puter to write….because all I would write about is how HOT it is and how my garden is faring in the heat (fairly well right now, thanks for asking).

Fortunately, this afternoon a slightly cooler front has blown in. YAY! Maybe all the cucumber plants won’t die now.

As for “B”; this week marked the past halfway point for cardiac rehab, and I’ve been feeling pretty good about it.  I think of this fella every time I go, though (especially what he says at 1:42).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I was feeling good that I hadn’t yet fallen on the treadmill.  Pride goeth before a fall, and on Monday, I fell when I tripped over my own ginormous feet.  There were lots of folks around to see it too- an added bonus.  And the nurses were really concerned – it took a lot of explaining, with additional confirmation from Studmuffin, that I really AM a klutz and I wasn’t dizzy, and I didn’t blackout or have a stroke, etc. I scraped a good bit of skin off my left knee/leg, but it was my right hip that has had the most sustained pain since then.  So I’ve been pretty sore, especially depending on my activity level.  Really, I’m fine overall and it did not stop me from going back to rehab on Wednesday or Friday, but I am still feeling it.

Lastly, here’s “A”:  MJ died.

I’ve been a huge fan of his artistry over the years and I learned of his death just before I went on the air Thursday night*.  I *am* sad that he’s gone….but I’m glad his suffering is over; the Michael Jackson that I loved and admired so greatly has been “gone” for a looong time.

As another local dj said Friday morning, since he was about 5 years old, Michael Jackson never had a normal day in his life.  Even Elvis Presley, who got rather weird and died before he was 50, had a fairly regular upbringing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now: fame is NOT good for people. If you’ve not had any, trust me: for most of us, it does NOT enhance our character at all.  So that has been rather depressing and has not made me wanna write a whole bunch.  I feel very bad for his parents, siblings and his children.

Of course I have to share a few of my favorite songs of his…these are ONLY a FEW.


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I’ll post something a little happier perhaps tomorrow. Nighty-nite,y’all


*  I host a weekly radio program, “Blues Classics” on WJAB, 90.9 FM, Thursday nights from 6:30 pm to 8 pm (Central Time).  You can listen on the Interwebs here:

The Guitar Man is gone

Jerry Reed, one of my favorite voices from my childhood, passed away yesterday at the age of 71.  Probably just a month ago, I got a cd of his greatest hits and the husband asked if he was still living and I said yes.  My kids all know who he is; “Smokey and the Bandit” is available on DVD y’all.  He was such a good songwriter and guitar player.  He released his latest album, a live one, in 2005.

Guitar Man

Rest easy, Jerry.  You  and Chet can get back to pickin’ together.


Ten for Tuesday

10 People I’d Love to Meet

This is very hard for me!  So many many choices…I’m gonna limit it to the famous and still living-in no particular order.

  1. Lalah Hathaway
  2. Stevie Wonder
  3. Lindsey Davis
  4. Sheri S. Tepper
  5. Tamora Pierce
  6. Sting
  7. Fred Hammond
  8. Herbie Hancock
  9. India Arie
  10. Prince