NaKniSweMo Blog entry #1

Studmuffin and I managed to to spend four hours cleaning the garage yesterday…..which was about 4 to 6 hours short of getting it actually clean. You can, however, walk through most of it without fearing for your life, and one can find the wrapping paper stash without much trepidation. One of the particularly interesting finds during phase one of this cleaning was a desiccated skeleton of a small animal, which we think was a rat. It had been there a LONG time….ummm… I’m not sure what to say about this…’cept I doubt that Martha Stewart has had this particular event in her garage cleaning experience….I plead the Fifth.

A couple more things about phase one:

– the garage did not get any bigger
– we have too many books
– my children are lazy
– I have enough sock yarn
– I should be prevented from buying any more yarn at all.

I’ve come up with the list of all the stuff I’m making for Christmas, and I had to buy duplicates of yarn I know I own already so I could get started because I could not find anything in the stash. Some helpful people who live with me here had knocked things over and moved stuff around, then piled other stuff of top of my mostly beautifully sorted stash that it was impossible to find anything. Since we only got to the leading edge of the stash area during phase one, I have not yet found last year’s project from NaKniSweMo so even though we are more than a week into November, I’ve not done thing one on a sweater in my possession (except for swatching for Tracey’s sweater, which I don’t plan on getting done for another 10 – 12 months).

So far my NaKniSweMo is FAIL.


Happy birthday to No. 1 son – 22 years old today. Hooray!

NaKniSWeMo #4

***If yer in the group on Ravelry, you pretty much already know what I’m gonna say.  :o)***

SO I’ve been knitting and knitting; 50 rows a day is rather too ambitious I realize, not only timewise but in how much serious knitting my hands can handle without too much protest.  I’ve been averaging more like 10 to 15 rows a day.

Sorry this is so blurry

I think the stitch definition is good here, though the color isn't very true to life.

Another knitting obstacle

At least Kali appreciates good yarn!

I’m probably not gonna make the 11/30 deadline, but I’m pleased with my progress anyway.  Now where’s the Advil?

NaKniSweMo Post #2

After knitting nearly 2/3 of the  sleeve I cast on, I made several realizations:

  • I had read the chart wrong so the cuff, although pretty, was not correct.  I decided to push on – I could always do the second cuff the same way and call it a “design feature”.
  • The sleeve on the larger (#9US) was gonna be ENORMOUS.  I decided to push on anyway – the fit will be ” extra – generous”; only if I run out of yarn would I re-knit it.
  • My LYS had size 7US Addi Lace needles in stock ( they do not usually stock them) that would greatly facilitate the knitting of this cardigan, thereby avoiding 1) waiting for the needles to arrive & 2) paying shipping costs.

I decided to FROG the sleeve and start over.  I knew I had to do it; this would fix the cuff problem and would make everything easier.  The Addi Lace needles have nice POINTY tips that would make the twisted stitches much easier for me to do, and the size7US would make the cardigan bigger but not enormous as the 9’s were threatening to do ……still it was depressing and I lost my knitting mojo for a couple of days.

HOWEVER, with the Addi Lace needles in hand, I cast on for BOTH sleeves (a la Magic Loop) and am now merrily chugging along.  I’d meant to knit both of the sleeves at the same time from the very beginning – though flat &  not in the round as true Magic Loopers would do; I guess I forgot all about that in the frenzy of casting on the first time.

I’d figured that I needed to do 50 rows a day to get this thing done – that was BEFORE frogging and I realize that I counted the sleeves separately, so now I don’t really know how many I need to do each day……but if I get 50 rows done a day, that’ll be just great.  The hands are pleasantly sore at the moment, and tho’ I might not have this sucker done by Dec. 1, it won’t be too far off of that date.

I should have some pictures by next time.  Keep yer fingers crossed!

NaKniSweMo Post #1

The "victim"


( I wrote most of this last week… there have been problems, frogging, re-casting on and progress; hopefully another NaKniSweMo post to follow soon!)

Learn all about NaKniSweMo

Basically, you knit a 50,000 stitch sweater in the month of November.  I decided to do it this year because:

  • I need goals/deadlines to accomplish things
  • I’ve never made a sweater for myself
  • I’ve never made a cardigan
  • I’ve only done a tiny bit of Austrian Twisted Stitch before
  • yarn is from NH; so am I

I’ve had this yarn marinating in the stash for at least 2 years.  In a couple of other stashed wool yarns, I’ve noticed moth damage lately, so it’s definitely time.  I’ve been looking for the right pattern for this yarn for a long time, then I ran across a gorgeous pattern by Candace Eisner Strick (who is a genius & a favorite knit designer of mine).  It tuens out, she wrote this pattern FOR this yarn. SQUEE!

Because of the moth damage, winding the 9 hanks into yarn cakes took darn near  forever.  I will say this yarn spit-splices beautifully and that has mitigated the moth damage.

I knit the swatch on the suggested needles and came really close to gauge but didn’t like the fabric.

swatch on US6 needle


  • adding 1 extra garter stitch to “valleys” plus I need it bigger, more wearing ease
  • instead of stockinette only past the cuffs on the sleeves, decided to do a subtle seed stitch – every 6 rows every 5 stitches a purl make it more interesting.  I saw it on another sweater someplace on Ravelry

So far I’m really liking the fabric I’m making on the bigger needles and it’s not so hard on the hands to stitch.  The yarn is such a lovely color – the pictures I’ve given you so far are just not right!  The yarn does have cashmere in it but so far I really cannot feel it – I’m hoping it softens up a lot during blocking.  Lots of  vegetative matter/little burr bits in the yarn;  I’m deciding to treat them as a sign of the sheep from whence the yarn came and the artesans who spun it and so on.

Wish me well!