Cold and snowing.

Again. I lost the last pair of mittens I made – now I’ve really gotta cast on for more – I keep borrowing a pair of Studmuffin’s gloves. Too ridiculous. The usual average daily high temperature in February is 55 degrees.
It’s about 25 degrees, but the weatherfella says it FEELS like 18. I always wanna ask, “To whom?”

NaKniSweMo & an actual finished object

Yup – It started today and I totally forgot about it. National Knit A Sweater Month began and I didn’t even think about it. Of course SARAH did, ‘cos she’s awesome.

This is not my garage nor my picture...but it is very much like my garage!ht

I haven’t even unearthed last year’s attempt from the junk heap that is my garage. Our garage has never been this messy before, but then again we’ve never re-done a room before (have I mentioned that we’ve been doing the Duke of Curl’s room….since AUGUST?!).  I cannot say that we have started this endeavor auspiciously…perhaps we will improve. It’s so bad out there in the garage/storage/ fabric & yarn stash that:

1) to complete the Force of Nature’s Halloween costume via sewing machine I had to put up a table in the living room and import said machine from out there,


2) I, who have a rather obnoxiously large stash of fingering weight yarn, have been buying black fingering weight yarn to make some family Christmas gifts because I’m a little afraid to rummage in the pile o’ stuff at the moment.

This coming weekend, if it does not rain, we must attack the garage…or rather, set it to rights (not do it physical harm). I say this with no small amount of trepidation, because there is a rather good chance that Studmuffin will have a much better appreciation for the size of the yarn stash and how it has grown. He’s off in California for the week, and he did take with him his practice swatch to work on at night. Hopefully, all will go really well with his knitting and he’ll not be threatened by the stash but maybe even EMBRACE its luxuriant abundance……

I do have a finished object to share with you, but it is very late and I’ve already put it on Ravelry AND another blog, so I’ll have you click on over there. Click on ze picture below to see the mittens.

embroidered mittens for a little girl

I’m not worthy!

Tonight at our sit’n’knit, Sarah gave me a package saying something about how it was my book and it ended up at her house.  I was a little bit confused because I’ve not ever been to her house……but I was delighted with the tissue paper it was wrapped in: she had stamped classic Alice in Wonderland illustrations all over it.  “I have a swap partner who will love to have something wrapped in that, ” was my first thought.

I unwrapped the book and

Holy COW!!!

I couldn’t believe it!  This was inside:

It’s the book – Mostly Mittens by Charlene Schurch.  This book is out of print and I have been lusting after it for years.  I’d pretty much given up ever seeing a copy of it, much less owning one.

This is a princely gift.

I’m shocked, delighted, amazed………………………

Here are some pictures of mittens people have made out of this book:

What fun!  It gives me an excuse to find a very merry unbirthday gift for Sarah.  Yay!  Of course I could make mittens for her….but she can knit rings around me anyday of the week with one hand tied behind her back.  I could design something for her….I’ll have to get thinking about it. I love to give gifts, and I even have a little $ at the moment, so it’s a double present.

Thank you a million times over, Sarah!

Rules are made to be broken, n’est-ce pas?

So, ok, took Bill to the airport – he’s off to Los Angeles for a week or two ( I won’t know til about Thursday), and – like the fool that I am – went to Hancock Fabrics and…….

………………….bought yarn.

It’s true – it’s for an afghan for the family couch. The last one I made – a single, giant crocheted granny square- has has bits cut out of it by several helpful children who live here. SO I retired it until I can fix the cut bits and I’ll either give it to Will at college or to Goodwill. Plus it didn’t match my couch. Although it is the LARGEST project I had ever done knit or crochet-wise, it was getting to the point where I didn’t like the sight of the thing….not a good place to be in with one’s own fiber creations. So I’ve been thinking about a new afghan….

Then, Lion Brand yarn has the temerity to send me this rather beautifully photographed spring catalog of patterns and yarn. I guess they are really tryna step up their game….and it’s working. I found an afghan pattern I liked! Wow. Didn’t see that coming.

Today, we were on the Hancock Fabric side of town and I vaguely remembered two things: someone said they were having a sale, and they sell Lion Yarn. So again like the fool I be I went to check it out.

Turns out, all their knitting stuff is on sale for 30% off thru Thursday (I know I won’t be over here again *that* soon….) and….I found another one of those Lion catalogs someone had left behind. It was for Fall/Winter, so as I opened it up I told myself if the afghan wasn’t in there, I wasn’t supposed to have it.

It was there. Shoot.

So I went and got a cart and got….more yarn. It’s for the family, right?

Started the afghan today – a fun “stupid” knit: dead easy on ginormous needles. This is the pattern: Glowing Colors afghan
(you may have to register to see the pattern). Even the kids think it looks and feels good. We’ll see how it goes……

I do feel a little bit bad for breaking my resolution (heck we’re just HALFWAY thru January), but 30% off is 30% off and so blah blah.

I did also get the yarn to make my Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap 4 bag for my partner. I’m gonna make a felted tote for her – more fun stupid knitting, and also 30% off in all the right colors too. Yippee! I’m almost relieved about that. Since this is a secret swap, I cannot tell you what my Hogwarts name is, but I can tell you that I am in Gryffindor. If you like to knit socks, and are into Harry Potter and silly fun- you definitely need to sign up for the next one!

Hope to put up some current FO and WiP pics very soon. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the final pics of the blocked Bird in Hand mittens.

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Some finished things……

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Mittens for a swap -unblocked at the time of photo

This pic is blurry – I promise once they are blocked I will take better pix.

made with Crystal Palace Taos, black GGH washable merino and black Mission Falls (the Mission Falls is a heavier yarn, so that’s up above the thumb on both mittens. Pattern is Bird in Hand by Kate Gilbert.
And 3 pair for the Soaring Eagles project

Also used Sivia Harding’s mitten pattern mostly. The blue green variegated pair in the middle is an all-rib mitten; I like to do that when I am unsure of sizing.