New Yarn Acquired….and some fun!

The Toyota needed a new radiator, the water heater is on the fritz and the washing machine is on its last legs…..

….so of course, I’ve bought yarn.  And books.

Because we ain’t got enough of either ’round here, right?  ::::::sadly shaking my head at my continuing folly:::::

OK, enough whingeing – on with the show!+ BTW, I didn’t get all of this TODAY; it’s been a few weeks….


Tosh Merino Light


Frog Tree



Twisted Fiber Art

Self-striping yarn in Kabam!


(The itty bitty skein is a sample of their MCN yarn,Tasty, in the Maple colorway. YUM!)

Dream in Color


Starless Sky

Another sock book! But really, I’ll probably buy anything written by Stephanie van der Linden – even if it’s in German!

I’m not a complete yarn snob!

Yarn Bee (Hobby Lobby)

Walk Away sock yarn

Heel to Toe

Interweave Knits’ Summer 2012 Jane Austen Knits Magazine; I didn’t like the things in the first Jane Austen Knits collection to buy it, but I just had to get this one!!

and Cascade

Alpaca Lace

Thistle – this yarn is an incredible buy!

Sorry about the blur, but you can still see how complex this colorway is. I’m itchin to cast on a shawl!!

May get paired with “Zombie” for a freaky pair of socks for British comedian….

Red Heart

Heart & Sole with Aloe


Or maybe this will go with “Zombie”……..

Pigeon Roof Studios

High Twist sock superwash Merino


Again I love the complexity of this colorway….though the pictures are rather brighter than in person.

Cockleshell up CLOSE!!

These were both on clearance at a store that rhymes with ‘flobby bobby’. They’re being added to the living room scrap afghan project….It needed these colors, I think……

I Love This Yarn

in Summer Happens (green ombre) & Perpetual Sunshine (yellow ombre)


I’ve been thinking about an afghan fer Mom & Pops.  I have 75% of a Klimt-inspired Babette done for them, but Ma wanted more BROWN.  Once I finish that, I can give it to a friend who ADORES yellow, so that’s good…. Then this caught my eye:

OH YEAH! No brown but I could add some right? But Mum didna want wool – even if it was washable, so I’m going with Knit Picks Brava Worsted – a delicious 100% acrylic…YES> ACRYLIC.  Then, after I went thru the color card and made my substitutions for the original yarn, I saw all their browns and everything and decided to order every color they had!

…Except Cream. I meant to order cream…but I forgot. I will order it from them soon enough, but in the meantime….


Sorry for the blur

The column on the left (plus the orange & yellow in the middle) has the color substitutions I came up with for the original.

Last but CERTAINLY not LEAST is this:

I have really been looking forward to this book.    THIS IS A USEFUL BOOK.  I am in LOVE with this book. LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! So much good information, excellent pictures, swatches – the whole enchilada. You NEED this book….

…and I have an EXTRA one to GIVE AWAY!

So here are the deets:

  • Leave a comment on this post telling me what you like about my blog (I need some encouragement. Please be kind :).
  • If you would like to enter more than once, you may comment on any other post I generate between June 21 and July 8, 2012. (If you post more than one comment on any particular post, you’ll still get just one entry for that day)
  • You have until 11 pm, CDT on July 8th, 2012 to enter. International folks are welcome too.
  • If you say nasty things to me or anyone else, you lose your opportunity to enter this give away.
  • I will choose the winner on July 9 using a random number generator and notify via email.

I would love it if you would tell other knitterly types who like to read blogs about the give away. Thanks!


A groovy sock idea & the Amazing Bluto

The fabulous Yarn Harlot has a daily calendar,”Never Not Knitting”, and I receive it via email everyday. Today’s little blurb is:

“You know how you have a bunch of sock yarn and a bunch of sock patterns? Think about taking today to create your own personalized Sock of the Month Club. Choose 12 patterns from your collection that you love, pair them up with 12 yarns from your stash, and toss each set into a zip-top bag. Put all of those bags into a bigger bag (I like a pillowcase so I can’t see what’s inside), and at the beginning of each month, pull a bag at random and start knitting. It’s a fun way to surprise yourself, it helps you stay on track with a plan, and at the end of the year, you’ll have at least 12 new pairs of socks. “

I REALLY like this idea, I am trying to save some money and I very much want to join a sock of the month club (Woolgirl’s is the one….). Instead of 12,  I may just do an every-other-month thing since I don’t want to put any pressure on myself to do a pair a month. I mean, I knit fast enough to do it and deadlines can be quite useful, but I think one pair every other month would be realistic. And since I went through the stash last month, I’ve come to realize I have a LOT of truly gorgeous sock yarn (and I do mean a****LOT*****). I don’t just make socks with it, and I did buy a little more yesterday but that will be for a hat.

TANGENT: Isn’t it gorgeous? The creator of this hat is going to write up a pattern and I’m gonna make it…and maybe a pair of matching mittens.  Here’s her first one:

And the yarn I got for it is this:

Zauberball – fuschia

Waikiwi – from NZ and has a wee bit of possum fiber in it.  How could I refuse?

Cascade Heritage – ivory

I’m not sure if I’ll use the green or the ivory for the background yet…..and this one will be for ME! – END OF TANGENT

I might get to pairing up sock yarn and patterns tomorrow at the earliest. Maybe I’ll come up with some kind of yarn giveaway too. What do you think?

The Amazing Bluto is still with us. I can hardly believe it; his kungfu is STRONG! My dear friend Cathy came over to feed Kali and him everyday while we were gone. I was certain he would not be here when we returned, but I was wrong. He doesn’t do much but sleep, is not eating much, but still doesn’t seem to be in any pain. I wish there was some way for me to convey to him how great I think he is and how much I love him. Right now, I mostly wipe his nose and eye (which he hates) and pat him when I have some time. I’m gonna be an absolute mess when he does go, though I’ll have to keep it together at least a little bit to be a decent example for the kids. I’m forever telling them that, “All living things die,” and that “death is part of life – completely natural”. I do have a terrible time saying goodbye….

We’re back in freezin’ Alabama

Phew! Just about 2 weeks away from home sweet home and what happened? How’d you guys make it SO COLD? Oy! It feels like I never left New England. It’s not supposed to get ABOVE 36 degrees F this week.  Brrrrr! I just don’t like cold weather…at ALL.

Anyway, back to the daily grind and a quick update on the Klimt-y Babette for Mom” I am making progress – I’ve spent many. many, many hours on this beast – but this thing is huge! She might get it by spring… I’m ready to cast on a very badic hat because I need a small project to regain my equilibrium or something.

Happy new year to all and stay warm! Now I’m gonna go have some hot tea……

Some actual photos/weekend wrap up

You might have noticed that lately there have been VERY few pix on the blog…and there is good reason for it:  I put the camera battery charger in a “safe place” and could NOT find it.  Until today of course.  Today was a good day because I also found the other skein of Jawoll Sock yarn I couldn’t find for months and can now finish the second black & white marled socks I started over a year ago and have a pair! Photos near the bottom.

So let’s get some photos happening! (more…)