Oh wow! A new post!


  1. The force or energy or momentum with which a body moves.
  2. The force that makes something happen or happen more quickly: “the crisis provided the impetus for change”.
impulse – momentum – incentive – stimulus – impulsion

Sorry I’ve been AWOL.  I’m writing a book (about music & singing) and that has been taking up all of my impetus to write. Knitting *is* taking place – I need to take pictures of a bunch of things in progress & finished and yarn…… I have writing ideas for here backing up from the last few months. Heck I haven’t even written about Whitney Houston’s death or Etta James’….I won’t hardly even mention India….

OH NO!  I’ve gotblogstipation!  nyuk nyuk nyuk. But one lucky thing about that is the CURE:

MORE FIBER!  Yay!!!!! Hmmmmm….let’s see who’s having a sale online?……

I’m part of a local KAL for the Color Affection shawl by Veera Välimäki. I was supposed to cast on on Wednesday, October 18th, but I still haven’t cast on yet; I didn’t have the right size needle.  I went to the LYS today and got the right one…..and 2 magazines and 2 skeins of yarn for another project. So much for my yarn diet…… Hopefully cast on will happen tomorrow. It’s just that the weather’s so nice & I’m tryna finish 2 other things and I still need to do the podcast…well, you get the idea. There WILL be pictures……and yarn crimes…..and a new giveaway…..did I mention I’m writing music for a CD to go with the book?

Madame Crazypants – that’s me!

I have another post ready that is a major digression into a reality tv show. I’ll publish that in a day or two.  Happy knitting!

Cold and snowing.

Again. I lost the last pair of mittens I made – now I’ve really gotta cast on for more – I keep borrowing a pair of Studmuffin’s gloves. Too ridiculous. The usual average daily high temperature in February is 55 degrees.
It’s about 25 degrees, but the weatherfella says it FEELS like 18. I always wanna ask, “To whom?”

Sweaters on the horizon and teaching knitting.

Yup, NaKniSweMo is on the radar, and I’ve decided to finish a couple of sweaters I’ve started, especially last year’s NaKniSweMo project.

Sweaters seem to be my obsession this year.  I haven’t even detailed for you yet how I plan to create a pattern from a  machine-knitted and sewn together sweater I own (got it at Old Nanvy online about 3 years ago for ten bucks and and have  worn it and worn it and…well you get the idea)  and knit it for not one but 2 of my friends, as well as  take excellent notes so I might actually publish said pattern, so that probably means making a “first-draft” sweater and so on.  Swatching is already taking place……

In the last seven days, I have purchased 2 very different yarns in “sweater amounts” for me. For those of you know don’t know – I am very large, so buying enough yarn to make a sweater for myself is rather an investment. In DK weight yarn, that’s about 2700 yards of yarn, and I like really GOOD yarn.

The first purchase I justified because I had a store credit for more than half of the cost, and this other one is because I got the yarn on sale for 20% off plus free shipping…on 100% baby alpaca! I so love knitting with alpaca – it’s almost as wonderful as knitting with cashmere but less expensive. Here’s the yarns I got and what I hope to do with them:

Jil Eaton Cottontail in Marine

I don’t really like knitting with cotton – it’s quite hard on my hands, I find. However, I love Jil Eaton’s stuff and this yarn has a cable construction that I’m hoping will “give” a bit.  I’m planning for this yarn to be a shortsleeve pullover with a nice lace detail that isn’t too revealing.  Swatching will tell the tale, as usual.

The other yarn I got is:

Lion Brand (LB Collection) Baby Alpaca in Fawn

This is gonna be a cardigan of some kind.  I have several ideas floating around in my head…. I haven’t touched/felt up/molested this yarn yet, but the price is SO good right now ($4.60 a skein?) and it is UNDYED!  I get really excited about undyed alpaca yarn.  I love that this yarn is coming from the fleece in the color of the animal…well, ok I do realize that the alpaca fleeces come from a number of different animals and that, unlike some amazing undyed alpaca yarn  I got off from Etsy a while back which came with the name and a picture of the actual alpaca the fiber came from,  it’s not actually the color of an individual alpaca, but STILL.  I love it. Head over to Lion Brand yarns and get some of their LB Collection yarns (20% off for the next few days) and get free shipping for the next few days with the code: fall4yarn

It’ll do you good.


I mentioned teaching in the headline – and yes, this coming weekend, I will be teaching my husband to knit.  This last weekend, Studmuffin & I were discussing some things, including where we are going this Christmas – to visit his family.  He started talking about sending a note around to all said family, telling them that we wouldn’t be giving gifts to everyone….I told him NO!  I’ve already started a list, and we’re gonna give knitted things – scarves, hats & mittens – and goodness knows, we’ve got the yarn!  He said that he could help…he’d learned to knit in the past….I said I’d be happy to teach him how to again.  I’m certain he learned English style from his mother -she’s a southpaw and so is he – but I’m gonna teach him Continental style.

I’m a little bit excited about teaching him – I think he’ll get into it and really enjoy it. Goodness knows the man could use a little de-stressing, and he’s told me one of his favorite things in life is when he and I work as a team (yup, he’s really terrific that way).

Now years ago, I was making cross-stitch samplers to commemorate various births in the family. At one point, I had a job and he didn’t, and as he was watching lots of tv, he started doing the cross-stitch.  He got really good at it and eventually did the last few almost entirely.  I’m thinking that he might enjoy knitting even more than cross-stitch because of  its structural properties….

I think I’ll have him make a hat in the round to begin with. I’ll let you know how it goes…….


P.S.  I still haven’t completely forgotten about India, or the feature post for the gorgeous cashmere shawl that Sarah gave me…..


Thanks for yer patience.

I promise to start blogging all about the trip to India next week. Many pictures are available on Facebook – just look for the Voices of Baha and you’ll find hundreds.

Still am under the weather a bit plus we’re redoing one of the kids’ rooms, and it was our wedding anniversary this week.I did knit on the the plane a good deal – another Noro scarf, and there *will* be pictures! Got a new printer to replace the “new” printer that now does not work and costs far more to fix than to replace. Arggggh! But I still haven’t installed the printer so that’s why no pictures of mine as yet.

If you like elephant jokes, please surf on over to Franklin Habit’s most recent blog post – there’s a few in the comments that I’d never heard and I thought I knew them all!  In fact, his blog is wonderful to read at any time, even if you don’t like elephant jokes or knitting.
The Panopticon

Have a great weekend.

Loads of stuff to blog about….

…unfortunately I’ve been knitting so much my hands hurt, so ix-nay on the yping-tay. And I have a cold. And so does the Force of Nature AND the Duke of Curl. And Bluto the cat has a sinus infection and something gunky going on with his eye…. I know: too much information.

Hopefully, we’ll all improve in a hurry and I’ll be back to writing SOON!


Meanwhile, you’ll find some absolutely hideous ( and NSFW I might add) handcrafts at

SP 12 Questions catch up

With all the Ravelympics knitting and the beginning of school, I have gotten WAY behind in answering the weekly Secret Pal questions, so I’ll take a few minutes to get back up to speed.

Secret Pal 12 Question #6

What is your favorite type of project to take along on holiday/vacation?

If you’d like to share a story…Tell us about a time that you packed too much knitting or were stranded without knitting.

Hmmmm, I like to take several small projects like hats, socks, mittens and maybe some finishing work that I’ve been putting off. I haven’t ever been stranded without knitting; if I didn’t have a project, I would go find a local yarn store and acquire one.

Secret Pal 12 Question #7

What is (are) your favorite place(s) to knit? and What supplies (besides yarn & needles) make the setting perfect for knitting?

One of my favorite places to knit is waiting rooms. It seems that I spend way too much time in waiting rooms for appointments and I really do not want to read People magazine or any of the way stupid publications that are supposed to be for women….. Of course I love to knit in bed and when I combine knitting and listening to a good audiobook – life could not be better!!

Secret Pal 12 Question #8

What is your favorite supper for a hot summer evening?

Watermelon. I’ll buy a big seedless watermelon and take 10-15 minutes to cut it into chunks and then we’ll all sit around and eat it out of a big rectangular casserole dish. If somebody else wants more than that, they can have a PB&J or cheese sandwich or something….but I just eat watermelon. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Secret Pal 12 Question #9

In many communities, “the fair” is a great place to visit and spend time with your family. It’s also where many have entered one product or another (jams, cakes, even knitting)…

Have you ever entered your knitting (or anything else) in the fair?Would you ever consider it?

I used to love to go the the Plymouth State Fair in New Hampshire where I grew up. The location was really beautiful and the buildings were old but not rickety. I saw my first (and only) demolition derby there, and of course there were horse pulls and tractor pulls, and fried dough and carnival rides. I remember seeing the sewing awards and jams and jellies, but I have no memory of knitted things.

I’ve been to the state fair here in Huntsville, but I found it kind of unpleasant. It’s held at the old airport so it’s incredibly hot (all that sun reflected back from the black asphalt) and no shade anyplace. The buildings are 1960’s/70’s era and so lack any kind of attractiveness except for their air conditioning. Ugh.

I would enter my knitting into something like that but it has never occurred to me to do so. I think it might’ve been more important before the Internet, especially as a platform for displaying knitting excellence. Now with the Web and Ravelry especially, there’s a world wide knitting community that is very encouraging and inspiring.

Secret Pal 12 Question #10

Which Olympic event would best describe your knitting/knitting style?

This is a tough question – perhaps the decathalon because I have so many different projects going at any one time! Or perhaps one of the distance events – I just hang in there until I get it done. My dear friend Meg has said to me often that knitting isn’t a race and that’s been very helpful advice, especially when I’m considering attempting some kind of large project. Perhaps the most relevant kind of analogy with my knitting and the Olympics for me is the ongoing training aspect and the commitment to excellence.