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David Wilcox in Huntsville – brief version/Cliff Notes

Where:  Straight to Ale Brewery / Folk Mission 

When:  Friday, October 11th, 2013

Who: singer/songwriter/storyteller David Wilcox (and MOST unexpectedly – me)
WilcoxNewPhoto ( I don’t have a promotional photo so I’ll use this one from 2010 in Lucknow, India)

What:  David Wilcox (DW) was partway thru the second set and started playing one of my FAVORITE songs that he does – “The Kid”.  He forgot the words to the second verse.  Being the shrinking violet I am NOT, I called out the next lyrics.  Several others did too, and after a moment, DW said, “Would the woman who first shouted out the lyrics come up & sing this for me?”  I got up on the stage with DW.  I told him that I could only sing harmony with him.  I *IMMEDIATELY* forgot all the lyrics – I was almost no help in remembering; rather more laughing & crying at the same time.  However, he was kind & gracious and I sang some harmony, & we got through the song.

Several people took videos & pictures; they promised to send them to me – I will post them when & if they arrive.

This is the song in another time & place by different players:

Friday insanity

Today I’m off to Knoxville – I have a gig….that I’m not ready for. Well, I am and I’m not. Also, I’m working on two other projects – a house concert series that we will be hosting, and this new choir thing, but more on that later. Then there’s the websites, and all the Christmas knitting (got 3 hats, 2 scarves and 5 pairs of slippers to go!)….and I STILL don’t have the pictures from India downloaded from the camera to the ‘puter yet. Plus I’ve started swapping again – and I’m behind on those too.

Pray for me! Or if yer not inclined in that direction, send some happy thoughts out into the universe for me. Thanks. It *really*helps.

New websites:
(this might not come up til tomorrow)
(I’ve gotta completely redo this…once we pick the new name for the choir)
(house concert thing – lemme know if’n you’d like to come and attend)