Crime against yarn

It’s been a long while….not to say that there haven’t been numerous yarn crimes committed; I’ve just gotten away from detailing them.

But…I just couldn’t let this one pass by. Lion Brand Free patterns is the source for many yarn crimes – and they continue to disappoint/live up to their rep. And of course one is always walking on the very edge of the cliff with pom-poms for people older than 7 or 8….

“Yes! I want to spend my money and time on making something that will inspire laughter in others as I walk down the street, wearing it. Oooooh please, can I?”


Still, on some level I am pleased that several people actually got paid for this – the designer, the test knitter, the tech editor, the website flunky, the model, the photographer and the stylist (really? pink dotted hose?  at first I thought the model had some kind of skin condition).  

I mean if all of these people have jobs related to this dreck, the economy must not be as bad off as I imagined.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona duit agus mise. Anois dul itheann 
roinnt prátaí agus cabáiste.*

May you live as long as you want....

* Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and yours. Now go eat some potatoes and cabbage.

Scraping the bottom of the clip art barrel….

While I was wasting my time/honing my skills/avoiding housework this afternoon with the nearly-incapacitatingly-addictive “Bejeweled Blitz” game on Facebook: one minute of seeking to match brightly colored objects as fast a you can – it’s only a minute so why not play again? And Again? And then 3 hours later…..

But oh yeah!  on Facebook, in case you do NOT know, there are small ads along the far left or far right hand side of the screen. This one caught my eye:

I mean….how is this picture appropriate for the headline of the AD? Is the guy supposed to be a college student? What’s with the facial hair? Is this yer average scholarship recipient? Or maybe he’s the guy who wrote the AD and wanted a little recognition of his similarity to George Carlin 40 years ago? Or maybe of his hirsute-y goodness? The mind boggles….I would of course love to see your ideas for captions et al, dear readers (all 5.4 of you!).

Back to Blitzing….I wanna make 200,000. To heck with real life. :o)