Thanks for yer patience.

I promise to start blogging all about the trip to India next week. Many pictures are available on Facebook – just look for the Voices of Baha and you’ll find hundreds.

Still am under the weather a bit plus we’re redoing one of the kids’ rooms, and it was our wedding anniversary this week.I did knit on the the plane a good deal – another Noro scarf, and there *will* be pictures! Got a new printer to replace the “new” printer that now does not work and costs far more to fix than to replace. Arggggh! But I still haven’t installed the printer so that’s why no pictures of mine as yet.

If you like elephant jokes, please surf on over to Franklin Habit’s most recent blog post – there’s a few in the comments that I’d never heard and I thought I knew them all!  In fact, his blog is wonderful to read at any time, even if you don’t like elephant jokes or knitting.
The Panopticon

Have a great weekend.

Actual knitting content

There’s a good bit of knitting going on…especially during this wacky sleepless phase I’m going through – falling asleep at 8:15 pm, waking up at 1:30 am and staying awake.  Ugh.  So here are a few pictures of what’s doing:

The cabled tam from Vogue Knitting’s 2008 Holiday issue for my best friend, Tangela.

I’m modding it by making it even bigger – more increases and bigger needles.  Yarn is Cascade 220 heather in some shade of brown (can’t remember what it’s called).  First picture is more color accurate. Second picture is me messing around with my new-ish camera and all those settings I’m not really sure how to use….

Sonya’s Bling-a-licious mittens in Rowan Cashsoft DK.  I will be embroidering or duplicate stitching white polka dots all over these.  They’ll be very “woo woo” when complete.

Noro Silk Garden Stripe Scarf number 3.  The yellow doesn’t glow quite as much in real life….

And lastly, in the WIP department, this sad thing:

What is it?  It is yet ANOTHER swatch in alpaca laceweight for a test knit for Mme. Landry.  It is to be a hoodie in my size (read: enormous).  I’ve been through the seven circles of Hell swatching this mofo (that’s right, I said it) and am beginning to wonder if this is the right project for me. Just sayin’….


Major kudos to Franklin Habit for the mention on The Panopticon. I wonder if I can put “Vice President of Propaganda” on my resume? If you like, you can see my rather average mug in the picture collage – I’m on the bottom – extreme left. Franklin is a real gentleman, delightful and funny, and if you don’t go buy his book I’ma have a fit – I promise!

I did forget to tell him of the added bonus that came with his Dwarven Battle Bonnet – the pet hair that is a part of everything I knit.

The Amazing Bluto (amazing because of his inexplicable longevity) recently found a new perch here at Chez Oney:

That’s a Superman travel pillow that some wonderful kid that lives around here left on the floor.  Bluto loves anything like this to drape his fur puddleness onto.

This is what passes for action photgraphy in this phase of the Big B’s life.  And just so you can get an idea of size:

That little purple thing is a 6 inch ruler (15 cm).  Yeah, Bluto’s a fattie and he sheds like mad, along with the 2 black & white dogs, Boris & Natasha.  So Franklin, don’t be surprised if’n you find some black and white fur in yer hat.

Some actual photos/weekend wrap up

You might have noticed that lately there have been VERY few pix on the blog…and there is good reason for it:  I put the camera battery charger in a “safe place” and could NOT find it.  Until today of course.  Today was a good day because I also found the other skein of Jawoll Sock yarn I couldn’t find for months and can now finish the second black & white marled socks I started over a year ago and have a pair! Photos near the bottom.

So let’s get some photos happening! (more…)

Various musings

The daughter woke us up about 20 minutes after 4 this morning because of a nightmare.  She was in tears and had dreamed that I’d put the dogs to “sleep”  just to be mean.  I promised her that I would never do such a thing – the only reason I would ever put an animal to death would be to remove suffering if I could not do it any other way.

She hasn’t woken us up like this in a long, long time and, tho’ I wish nightmares on NO ONE, it was a sweet taste of her childhood.  She’s 10 and our youngest and tho’ I’m not terribly nostalgic, it’s very nice to be able to soothe some small person.  As they get bigger, the problems get bigger and more complex and sometimes a hug and kiss isn’t anywhere near enough….if they’ll allow you to do even that.

And now…a gratuitous Boris the dog picture:

I’ve begun walking again with my partner, Michelle – thanks be to God.  My asthma has hit an all-time high (or low I guess you might say) and I haven’t slept well for several weeks because every time I lay down, my lungs start to bubble and wheeze.  I’m fine if I’m upright…..which makes it hard to sleep.  I’ve been to Dr. and I may be making a trip to the sleep clinic to help things out….fine by me.  So after the daughter woke us up, I just stayed up and then went walking at 5 am.  The stars were very beautiful and clear and there was just a silver of a crescent moon in the eastern sky…just beautiful.

Once I got back, the daughter was still awake so we spent some really nice time together this morning.  I went looking for a specific yarn online, and she was really getting into it; she has expensive taste just like her mother does.  There were so many she wanted….it gives me some good ideas for gifts for her in the coming months.  I told her I wasn’t gonna buy any *really* nice yarn for her until she completed another project.

After a good long while of drooling over yarn pr0n, she went over to the couch to lie down for a while.  I thought she was going to snooze for a little while, but pretty soon she asked me, “How do we start the heel?”  She was working on her sock!  I guess seeing all that yummy yarn online inspired her… Hmmm I’ll have to remember that. 

So now she’s working on her first heel flap….I’m really happy about that. She’s such an intense person (where oh where could she have gotten THAT from I wonder….) and knitting can be wonderfully relaxing – I’m so glad that she’s into it.  She’s also signed up for the last photo shoot of Frankin Habit’s 1000 knitters project happening at Yarn Expressions in October.  She’s very photogenic and I think it would be very cool for her to take part.

I’m looking forward to meeting Mr. Habit as well.  I adore his blog: The Panopticon.  He was talking about how he’s bored with all of his winter hats, so I was thinking of making him one – hats being rather a specialty of mine.  He lives in Chicago and has no hair so hats are very necessary.  So tell me: should I make him something really lovely and useful that he’ll use all the time?   OR should I make something outrageous that will make him laugh?  I just got this pattern and I’m seriously tempted to make it for him……

Post yer vote in the comments section!


Some us local folks are going to do a Shetland Triangle KAL (Knit A Long)  starting in mid-September.  I had started it a few times this summer but was not happy with what I was doing.  I have 4 skeins of Malabrigo Silky Merino for this project; unfortunately 3 skeins are of one colorway (Indiecita) and the last is of another much brighter colorway (Caribueno).  The two colorways are complimentary, generally speaking, but all the various ways I tried to combine the two colorways just looked wrong.  SO this morning I bit the bullet and ordered 3 skeins of the Caribueno and it should be here in time for the KAL.  Some of the other knitters in the KAL, like Sarah and Laura, are much faster knitters than I am….maybe we slower knitters should all gang up on them and make them knit two Shetland Triangles to our single ones.  I bet if we ponied up the cash to buy the yarn, they’d probably do it without much complaining…..  Maybe if we gave the money for the yarn and they knit the shawls, we could give them to charity or something.


Boobs, Injuries & Dr. Pepper is one of my favorite blogs to read – that woman is seriously funny!  Not for the children’s eyes I’m afraid, but very funny!  Right now though, she’s doing something seriously cool and wonderful.  To get the whole story, you have to start reading her posts beginning with this one, and then go forward from there.  Here’s the quick n’ dirty:  Her 3rd grader got her GameBoy stolen plus Mom had to borrow some of the $ she’d been saving for a Nintendo DS to buy milk for the family.  Then, one of the blogs’ faithful reader’s decided to ship a Nintendo DS as a gift.  The third grader decided to give it away to some other child who really needed one, so Mom asked on her blog for people to nominate children in need.  There was such a response that really Mom wished she had 10 Nintendo DSes to give away….and then her faithful readership started sending her $ so that she could give 10.  Now, several thousand $ has been raised and something like 50 Nintendo DSes are going out to kids who could really use a boost; you can read some of the nominating emails on the blog.   Friends and neighbors, THIS is GOOD NEWS.  A win-win-win situation for everybody.  If you’d like to donate and feel like a million bucks, go here; you’ll find the “Donate” button on the left hand side…


Starting a new thing this week: Ten on Tuesday. Inspired (again) by Sarah (she has no idea how highly I think of her!)

So even tho’ it’s Thursday, here my Tuesday 10:

10 things I didn’t like about school

  1. classes after lunch (I would be so sleepy I could not concentrate)
  2. Frank D. – he teased me mercilessly until he graduated a couple of years ahead of me.  I don’t know why; I never did anything at all to him ever.
  3. bells
  4. bells
  5. bells
  6. 3 minutes bewteen classes – not enough time to go to the bathroom
  7. Almost the entire Math department – everybody (except for Mr. Palmeri) was friggin’ incompetent.  I took the minimum required to graduate – 2 years of Algebra, but I didn’t know what a variable really was til I took Computer Programming my senior year.  Ugh.
  8. How stupid all the girls would act around the boys as we all got older and boys became more important
  9. Mr. Richer (English teacher) such a @#$^^&%*&^(*&(*&)_(_)(&(*^&*%&^$. A lousy teacher too.
  10. How every time we got a decent teacher, some of the ignorant folks in my town would run them out on a rail.
So there ya go.