This lengthy blog pause has been brought to you by…..

….a whole bunch of things – let’s call it a life tsunami..perhaps tsunami is too big, the wrong scale for what’s been happening, but I’ve been really SWAMPED and overwhelmed.the-wave

I’ve been missing y’all though. So even though my darling readers (both of you) really deserve an extensive update, I’ve not got it in me.  Still, going with the idea that something is better than nothing here’s what I can give tonight: BULLETS.

  • My mobility from the end of February to early August was next to nothing – lots of pain & very hard to get around at all. That, coupled with increasing incontinence (I know – TMI!- but hey….), made gardening this season a joke – even with 2 beautiful keyhole gardens. That’s why no gardening speak on de blog. Sorry ’bout that. I hope to talk some about the garden in the next month, including the story of what happens If You Ask an Engineer to Design a Bean Trellis….
  • Modern medicine to the rescue -I got a steroid shot in the right ankle & another pill to take (vastly decreasing the incontinence(!) at the end of July and therefore was able to go on the first One Human Family Workshop Choir Harvest Tour – the first one in 9 years by my count. The ankle is still going pretty good and I no longer have to carry a towel and a spare set of clothes with everywhere I go…..


  • Sang way too many low notes on tour ( I spent a good deal of time singing BASS – can you say ‘stoopid’? – & then talked my face off til 2 and 3 and nearly 4 am most nights…so the voice was TOAST when I got back home.  Then I got summer bronchitis….still coughing up nasty stuff 3 weeks after the course of antibiotics and do not have my high notes back yet…..
  • Celebrated TWENTY YEARS of NOT SMOKING on Labor Day weekend. Thank you God so much.
  • I’m still knitting on my Shaelyn shawl…which I’m thinking I will give to a dear friend instead of it being for me.  I had to tink back about 8 or 9 rows because of some really stoopid mistakes, but all is well and if I really knit on it every day I’ll have the knitting done in 5 to 7 days.
  • I’m most of the way thru the foot of a sock in a retina searingly bright neon sock yarn ( I just realized I have not even put a project page in Ravelry for this yet….aack!) and gonna try out the Fish Lips Kiss Heel on this pair.
  • I’m on a hat kick…again.  I’ve made 8 hats since January – here’s a few:      .. . . …. I’ve got one on the needles right now in lovely squishy Brioche stitch and gonna make AT LEAST 5 more pretty soon.  More & better pictures will happen…at some point. STOP LAUGHING!
  • Number One Son is supposed to move from NYC to Northern Virginia soon.  I hope all goes well.
  • The Duke of Curl was supposed to start college this fall as a computer science major, but decided at the absolute very last minute NOT to take on the $10,000 debt( and not allow us to take it on either) that would’ve been necessary for that to happen.  SO he will start at community college in January and is currently looking for work and generally being a sweet fella to be around.
  • The Force of Nature is focused on going into the Coast Guard after graduation from HS in a couple of years – more specifically the Coast Guard Academy and has been visibly doing HOMEWORK and has started running for actual exercise 3 days a week; she informed me today that she is on the A/B honor roll.  We are beginning to think some kind of alien abduction/ switcheroo kind of thing took place while we were in the bathroom probably…..
  • Studmuffin is still sticking with most of my dietary changes and so has lost about 25 pounds.  He has also discovered a deep and voracious love for grapes. Eating about 5 lbs. per week with little help from the rest of us.  I’m not complaining – just a bit amused.
  • The last 3 weekends I was off doing singing things – that’s an unusually high ratio even for me. I will write about 2 of the weekends for sure and soon.
  • The pets are endlessly amusing and every one of them sheds a bunch.  I am sick and TIRED of hair control….. Still, they continue to be charming. Currently, the are two cats surrounding the keyboard, the younger one keeps tryna lick my fingers and then licks the older cat’s head…..weird.
  • My potential career as a 911 dispatcher was cut short by my inability to type 35 wpm (I got 34 wpm) ::::sigh:::::  Need to find some employment – orthodontics aren’t cheap and neither is college tuition.  Plus, we need a new roof and well, you get the idea.
  • Work on the book is ongoing but slow. I am determined to get a first draft completed by the end of December!!!  Of 2014!!!
  • I’ve been flirting with sewing clothing again.  I’ve bought fabric and patterns at least….very little sewing has occurred.
  • Been practicing the piano most days for a good bit of time ( guess what? If you practice, you get better! who knew?)and have the opportunity to do a couple of house concerts too. We’ll see…….
  • I have been horrified at the killing of unarmed black people by the police for some time – I really became aware of Driving While Black about 20-25 years ago and started learning a lot from there on in. This summer has been truly remarkable (and mostly not in a good way) for the 1) wealth of information about white police officers killing/tasering black people with impunity, 2) the staggering naivete/ignorance/apathy of most white people about how different life is for black people in the US especially when it comes to law enforcement, and yes, I am gonna write about it here too.      albert einstein                                 I’ve been sharing a lot on Facebook about it and some people close to me really do not like it but I cannot be silent about it!  Even on my knitting blog. I encourage absolutely every person on the planet to investigate what is happening for themselves – do not take “the media’s” word, do not take the police’s word, do not take my word for it – learn about it for yourself. The truth will set us all free and then justice can take place and then unity will appear.

So much for brevity.  How’s by you?

Surprising Mother and #300

Today is my mother’s birthday. I couldn’t think of what to give her – a perennial problem I must say – but I knew I would be in North Carolina over the weekend with the Force of Nature. Since this week is fall break from school, I decided it would be fun to surprise her and show up at her house for her birthday, and so we did! PLUS my younger brother and his wife (they’re newlyweds) sent her flowers; a very classy arrangement it is too. She was tickled!

Back to Silicon Holler tomorrow. Miss my lurvely doggos and “el gato fluffito” as well as the other units of the family. I don’t mean to get yer hopes up….but this *could* be the week that I begin writing about India. 🙂

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Just so you know – this is my 300th post since I started blogging on WordPress.  I’m going to give a present to Sarah, because she’s the Most Frequent Commenter (by far)! Yay for Sarah! Yay!

Some old writing II

If the last post wasn’t enough for you, well it’s yer lucky day, ‘cos here’s more.

(By the way, I’m pretty sure there was another letter in between the first one and this one and it’s probably in a file …someplace.  Rest assured: it’s a lot like this one)


December (undated – either 1995 or 1996)

Season’s Greetings to everyone.  Yet another letter containing more useless information about…us. (more…)

Some old writing

I’ve been looking for the stories my mother wrote down and, though I KNOW I didn’t throw any out, I cannot find them.  This has been a rather depressing foray into how poor my paper management skills actually are and combined with my ever-dwindling memory, it all proves to be a winning combination of keeping piles of unimportant papers while being completely unable to find what I want to find.

I love how my mother writes and I especially love it when she’s writing about her growing up in rural New Hampshire.  It’s really a way of life that no longer exists, which is too bad because it was a good way of life.  Pray that I shall be able to locate the “safe place” I put them in.

As a consolation prize, I will start posting the Oney year end letters (which don’t happen every year…or even most years) and are mainly written by Bill.  I remember writing out over a hundred Christmas cards one year and thought there just HAD to be a better way, but I didn’t want to do a “brag” letter…  I asked Bill to give it a whirl one night, and after about half an hour’s writing, he showed me what he’d come up with; I fell off the couch laughing!  Here is the final form of that letter; many thanks to my sister-in-law Barbara Fletcher, who saved every one and sent them back to me! I hope you enjoy.


December 1994

Hello – person on our “A” list, who is receiving this very personal, individualized letter. (more…)

Back in town and behind again

Didja miss me?  I’ve been in “Wild, wonderful West Virginia” for a week visiting my husband’s family ans spending piles o’ money.  We also have a NEW digital camera (hear the angel choir sing a heavenly ‘AAAH!”) so I will have pictures of the new stash enhancements veddy soon. Of course, there’s piles of yard work that needs to be done and I need to get curriculum together for school, so I’m way behind again.  Stay Tuned……

Some family photos

I have read that one thing that makes a good blog is to post pictures and tell stuff about yerself, especially if it’s funny. I don’t think I write really funny; my husband does write really funny but he won’t write anything here unfortunately. This post was inspired by my brother, Max. He’s brilliant and funny and posts lots of silly pictures on his MySpace page, so I thought that y’all might like to meet him. (more…)