NaKniSweMo Blog entry #1

Studmuffin and I managed to to spend four hours cleaning the garage yesterday…..which was about 4 to 6 hours short of getting it actually clean. You can, however, walk through most of it without fearing for your life, and one can find the wrapping paper stash without much trepidation. One of the particularly interesting finds during phase one of this cleaning was a desiccated skeleton of a small animal, which we think was a rat. It had been there a LONG time….ummm… I’m not sure what to say about this…’cept I doubt that Martha Stewart has had this particular event in her garage cleaning experience….I plead the Fifth.

A couple more things about phase one:

– the garage did not get any bigger
– we have too many books
– my children are lazy
– I have enough sock yarn
– I should be prevented from buying any more yarn at all.

I’ve come up with the list of all the stuff I’m making for Christmas, and I had to buy duplicates of yarn I know I own already so I could get started because I could not find anything in the stash. Some helpful people who live with me here had knocked things over and moved stuff around, then piled other stuff of top of my mostly beautifully sorted stash that it was impossible to find anything. Since we only got to the leading edge of the stash area during phase one, I have not yet found last year’s project from NaKniSweMo so even though we are more than a week into November, I’ve not done thing one on a sweater in my possession (except for swatching for Tracey’s sweater, which I don’t plan on getting done for another 10 – 12 months).

So far my NaKniSweMo is FAIL.


Happy birthday to No. 1 son – 22 years old today. Hooray!