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Blog Hunt: “Gone ‘swap-happy’

I’m in a “blog hunt” swap. This kind of swap is a way of getting more folks to read yer blog and to send them some cool links (on specific topics) to check out. Here are my links:

Health issues: India Together-Women’s Health I find this site fascinating for many reasons. For instance: did you know that 10% of Indian girls drop out of school when they begin to menstruate, partially because of certain traditional attitudes but also because of the lack/cost of sanitary napkins?

Women’s health issues, I believe, are vitally important to improving health worldwide, not only because we are half of the population but because we are the ones who provide the most health care. I also like this site because the focus is less on looking young and dieting and more about “meatier” issues (like how lots of poor women restrict their food and liquid intake during the day because there is no toilet available to them).

Children: Exploratorium- 10 cool sites This portal is aimed at kids, but I think it’s cool for everyone! Heavy on the science/geek out factor.

Food: The Pioneer Woman Cooks Her pictures are wonderful, great recipes and she’s funny. What else is there?

Free Stuff: 22 things you can get for free I like this little article. Only a couple of things seem like filler to me, and he does mention my favorite free thing of all time : Freecycle.

Spiritual issues: The Baha’i Faith What do Rainn Wilson, Alain Locke, Khalil Greene, Carole Lombard and Dizzy Gillespie have in common? A new understanding of unity, humanity and religion, and a path to peace for the world. I could not resist sharing something that has brought me *so* much joy (and to about 6 million others….).

My blog hunt comrades:

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-from Cleveland, Ohio

Tami Knits

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-from South Africa


I “love” swaps – truly I do. I love making (or shopping for) something for someone else. Today, I went looking for two pairs of nice earrings for a swap; I went to TJ Maxx and Marshalls, but hit the jackpot at SteinMart. I got two pairs of earrings that originally cost $15 per pair, and I got them both for under $7…..and they’re rather good looking to boot.

I’ve always enjoyed gift giving and this just takes it to a whole ‘nutha level! Plus I’m ‘meeting’ people online that I would never have met otherwise. Every swap partner I’ve had, giving to or receiving from, I start reading their blog and pretty soon, I consider them a friend. And so far, everyone has sent me pretty good stuff!

If you’d like to see where I find most of the swaps I’m in, you can check out:

Swap Bot