This blog pause has been brought to you by…..

Rather dramatic WEATHER! Or haven’t you heard…? It was the Force of Nature’s 13th birthday, and she was NOT happy! A rather inauspicious beginning, but we’ve tried to make up for it.

Anyway, we sustained no damage and no injuries but some extended power outages, so we de-camped to my parents’ place in southwestern Virginia; even the doggies came with us! They were so good riding in the van for soooo long – the children weren’t NEARLY so good….

Anyway, we’re back, school is open again, the power is on and we are grateful. Now, here are some links for you:

Now this Sunday is MOTHER’S Day. Be nice to her if she’s living; say prayer for her if she’s not.

It’s not easy being a mom….heck say a prayer for her if she’s alive, and then, if yer inclined, say one for me!

Happy Mother’s Day a few days early.

Really good news

Have you ever complained about all the bad news that seems so omnipresent these days?  I certainly have, and so I wanted to share some really good news.

A lady’s aunt & uncle needed a fairly large amount of money to purchase a wheelchair for the uncle – their health insurance didn’t cover a substantial amount of it.  So the lady decided to hold a raffle for her entire yarn stash to help defray the costs somewhat.

Go here to read what happened

Knitting lost & FOUND

My knitting bag has been found by the hotel!  They are sending it back to me!  YAY!  It’s so nice to have good news to report. :o)

Technically, it isn’t Thursday, it’s Friday morning, but I will count a few blessings nevertheless.  The first one is above!

2. My gardenia bush is blooming hugely.

I just love the smell of gardenias, jasmine, honeysuckle, etc.  Even though I have been on a grapefruit scent kick for a little over a year, the jasmine-y scents are still my all time favorite.  Since we moved into this house almost ten years ago, I have planted 3 or 4 gardenia bushes all of which died and not from lack of care.  I finally planted one near the back door two years ago where it receives a little extra heat at night because of the western facing brick wall that receives a lot of afternoon sun, plus it’s very close to the outdoor spigot so it gets plenty of water.  Last year, there were exactly ZERO blooms on it but I was happy it wasn’t dead.  This spring, it got *quite* a bit taller and there’s probably 30 blooms on it right now.  It smells heavenly.

3.  There will be no children at my house next week.

Our two younger children are off to Boy Scout & Girl Scout camp, and our oldest is off to New York/New Jersey to see his girlfriend and God willing find a job.

Overall, I really like my kids.  But I will be happy to have a vacation from all of them.  I might actually get some recording and graphics done….or maybe I’ll just knit.  Then on Thursday I’m off to NC to see friends and sing!

4.  Star Wars

Yup, I’m a fan.  I go through phases with it; the last one was probably in 2005 maybe.  I had to get everything on DVD – I still had some VHS tapes which still work, but they don’t have all the added content.  Then I tried to get all of the Jedi Quest and Jedi Apprentice books by Jude Watson; they were written for 4-6 graders, but they are quite imaginative and I like them better than a lot of the novels in the Expanded Universe for adults.  Once I am thru the phase, I don’t think about it for years at a time.
Yesterday, I was feeling rather punk so I watched Episode III with the commentary finally.  Louisa had had the movie on early in the morning and I got sucked into it.  THEN I go onto the Star Wars website for the first time in a few years and I find that a CG animated movie about the Clone Wars is coming out in August.  Yay!  It will be a real shoot em flick I know -not my favorite thing, but we will get to see Anakin’s Padawan – Ashoka Tano and that is cool.  I know I’m in the thick of the obsession because I had a Star Wars dream last night……

I do wish that Episode VI wasn’t such a weak film……..

5.  Megan Whalen Turner

I was starting a new book with Louisa last night and I found “The King of Attolia”.  Ye gods, I had forgotten how much I loved these books!  If you haven’t read “The Thief”, “The Queen of Attolia” and “The King of Attolia” – get thee to a bookstore!  They are probably in the Young Adult section but don’t let that deter you.  This is excellent fiction.  I only wish she wrote faster.

6.  My Noro striped scarf

This thing is WAY fun to knit.  It’s so much fun, I’m actually considering frogging the whole thing and putting the skeins in a different order just to see how the color combinations change.  Is that sick or what?  It’s now close to six feet long and I’m nearing the end of the yarn…what to do?  I’m definitely gonna make several of these over the next year-I just have to save up the $ to do it.  Next time, I won’t mix Silk Garden with Kureyon, but who knew?

7.  The weather.

We’ve been having a streak of simply gorgeous days – low humidity, highs in mid to high 80’s. It’s delicious!  AND I have not planted any vegetables – I haven’t even planted the starts that I bought so most of them are dead now – so I’ve nothing to take care of……..  :o)

8.  My walking partner, Michelle

For a few weeks now  Michelle, my former neighbor, and I have been meeting at 5:45 am to walk. I don’t pay any attention to how far we go, but I know it’s close to 2 miles.  What’s great about this is I adore Michelle and I hardly ever got to see her before this, even tho we only lived two doors away from each other, and the fact that I don’t wanna be the one on the phone at 5:30 am copping out because I just doan wanna get up is making sure that I’m getting some nice exercise on a regular basis.  She’s more fit than I am, so I appreciate how she will adapt to my shortcomings on an as needed basis just cos she’s nice.  And she’s funny. Hoo boy, I gotta get up soon…..

9.  My friends

I have really, REALLY terrific friends. There are no words to describe just how great and how dear they are to me…..  I’ve no idea why they let me hang out with them, and I hope one day to be worthy of them.  ::::cue violins:::::