It’s my birthday and….

….it’s really, really cold! The weather wonks say it’s 26 degrees outside but it feels like 15. And this is ALABAMA.  We had snow last night and this morning…and they didn’t even cancel school and there was milk and bread in the stores. Very weird.

But the gromping is mostly over. I am glad to be having another birthday! And I got some very lovely yarn in the mail today (for those in the know – my first ever skein of Wollmeise). Feast yer eyes:


Versacht(med) - very hard to get a hold of.....


And Robby Hecht is gonna be our first ever house concert artist!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so very excited about this. Go check out the house concert website.

Now I gotta go finish some swaps n stuff.

Surprising Mother and #300

Today is my mother’s birthday. I couldn’t think of what to give her – a perennial problem I must say – but I knew I would be in North Carolina over the weekend with the Force of Nature. Since this week is fall break from school, I decided it would be fun to surprise her and show up at her house for her birthday, and so we did! PLUS my younger brother and his wife (they’re newlyweds) sent her flowers; a very classy arrangement it is too. She was tickled!

Back to Silicon Holler tomorrow. Miss my lurvely doggos and “el gato fluffito” as well as the other units of the family. I don’t mean to get yer hopes up….but this *could* be the week that I begin writing about India. 🙂

free glitter text and family website at

Just so you know – this is my 300th post since I started blogging on WordPress.  I’m going to give a present to Sarah, because she’s the Most Frequent Commenter (by far)! Yay for Sarah! Yay!

A Secret Pal 13 package

As I said in the previous post, my fabulous secret pal sent me a wonderful package last Friday which made me squee with delight!!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Here’s all the loot:


I didn’t have much time (or much light – it being a foggy, dark, rainy day), so the pix aren’t all that great.

And the individual stuff (all of which was wrapped in white tissue paper with gold ribbon):

dscn1078_015 Organic Cider mulling spices in tea bag form – OH YEAH!  I didn’t even know these existed! I’m going to try them tonight (I can’t drink caffeine after 5 pm so I substitute oher hot drinks).


A wonderfully colorful stripey skein of Meilenweit –  I’ve never hadany before!  I will be cast something on with this tonight.  AND….


A lavender sachet – yay!  AND>>>


A beautiful skein of SOCKS THAT ROCK!!  I’ve only ever fondled this stuff before – never owned any!  I had to do a little dance when I unwrapped this!

I took these pictures, but then I just knew there had been something else….  I started looking around.  I am SO easily distracteded these days that it was hours before I re-discovered the other wonderful present my SP had sent me:


The 2009 Knitting calendar!  I had just been looking at this online…….

Girl you definitely know my tastes!

Plus she’s already emailed me about colorways for Noro Silk Garden….I may have to adopt her once I find out who she is!


The fun never stops- today a shipment came from Sundara Yarn.  I’m in her Seasons Yarn club  in the Winter subgroup.  I do so adore her yarns; not only are the amounts generous, the fiber is top-notch and the colors are amazing!  I think if/when I sign up again, I’ll do the Summer subgroup next.  So far I have received 1000 yds. silk laceweight, 2 different colorways of sock yarn and today I received this:


The fiber is so wonderfully soft with a sheen to it; it’s 500 yards of fingering weight Silky Merino in the colorway ‘The Life Aquatic”.  It’s beautiful, but I think I’m gonna trade it for the Spring color way “Sugar Plum” which I’m more likely to knit.  There’s a lot of trading that goes on in the Sundara groups on Ravelry;  this is my first trade and I hope it goes well (I’m pretty sure it will).

Tomorrow, I’m off to the Dr. to find out the results of all the testing done last week.  I’ll let ya know….

It’s been a great birthday!

I’ve absolutely got to….

….cast on for some socks or something very soon!  I’m making mittens for some friends, and I’ve always got the Noro scarf, but I need something with more ooomph to it…like maybe a lace scarf or something.

So yesterday (my 40th birthday)  I scored some 400 yds of laceweight cashmere for my secret pal…but it was entirely the wrong color:

dscn1067_004My pal likes darker colors, but the  helpful knitfiends, er employees at Yarn Expressions encouraged me to dye it, so I did.dscn1070_007dscn1071_008dscn1072_009I  used 1 package each of red and black hoping to get a very dark red or maroon….

What i got was:


It’s a little bit redder than this.  It isn’t quite what I wanted, but it’s OK.  My pal is allergic to wool, and I think I’ll make her something lovely….maybe even something lacy and beaded with it (Like maybe Ice Queen).  Since it was the last day of the Yarn Expressions’ big winter sale, it was a bargain even adding in the cost of the dye.

dscn1082_019 For my birthday, my darling friend Meg took me to lunch on Thursday and that was wonderful; my dear friend Bethany sent me a gift certificate to Knit Picks (YAY!!!); we had our usual once a month Game night with friends on Friday night – Thursday was my wonderful friend Niki’s birthday as well so we celebrated at Game Night by wearing crazy hats (my camera wasn’t working, but I’ll get pix from someone else), for which I made Red Velvet cupcakes (which are really *reallY* delicious and disappearing….).  I got many  emails and phone calls from friends (thank you everyone) and my brother Max even called me and we had an actual conversation (which is probably one of the best gifts I’ve EVER gotten)  and then I took myself to see “Twilight” for a second time all by myself (and I had just enough change to buy a bag of Raisinets)  which was WAY fun.  I think I will take Ian to see it with me next week……

Then last night, I went onto Ravelry and I sent a happy birthday message to every single Raveler who shares my birthday.  I thought there would only be a few; there were well over two hundred!  More than half of them wrote back too;  I just LOVE us fiber folks.

Plus I’ve been taking my “hated” medicine for over a week, but even tho’ I don’t like the side effects, I CAN BREATHE and because I can breathe, I can sleep.  I am very, very blessed.

AND on top of ALL of THAT: Friday, I  received a wonderful super fantabulous package from my “upstream”  secret pal but that deserves a whole post of its own with pictures…which I will write tomorrow.  :o)