One step forward and two steps back…..

Lovely sunny day today….With the sun, funk was OVER so I got up, did some laundry, various other housework-y things and then…..ATTACKED MY CLOSET. I’d decided that I just could NOT put it off any more.

Got rid of 5/6 of my “hanging up” clothes and about 11 or 12 pairs of shoes. Even made some inroads into the ratty old t-shirt collection. I plan also to go thru all my earrings (I collect them) and weed out the ones I don’t wear.

Now I have some idea what I’d like to add to my wardrobe; the sewing itch is getting fierce so – the backsliding has now BEGUN! I went to a fabric store and bought a BIG ole PILE of fabric (I mean SERIOUS yardage and pretty good stuff) and a NUMBER of patterns (on sale for 99 cents each – a bargain!); went to the “StuffMart” and got a little more fabric and a few new t shirts- it all matches pretty much colorwise. I got rid of so many things – it’s looking pretty bare in the closet and I’ve definitely been feeling the need for wardrobe updating;I’m tired of feeling grumpy-frumpy. I’ve been reading this other blog a lot the last week or so and that gave me a push in the right direction. Man, there were way too many things in that closet that were 5 to 10 years old. Off to Goodwill they go!
THEN this evening I was boating around Ravelry as I love to do, I had an idea for a cardigan I would really like to knit.

A “real woman” in her cardi

Another normal person in Noro


Cardigans are a real need in my wardrobe, but I was sure that the yarn was gonna cost about $175 -200 (it’s sock yarn and I’m a big girl) – even though it isn’t the absolute best in quality/feel(i.e. it isn’t cashmere….), the colors will be great, machine washable and it should last a long, long time.

I was feeling happy to wait a good while before investing in all the yarn – might’ve even gone so far as to save up for it even. Then I happened to remember the name of an online yarn place that has incredible sales. I went on over there and found the exact yarns I wanted for under $1.75 a skein. I took it as a sign that I should absolutely move forward and get this yarn.

Oh well. I’ll be in plenty o’ trouble for the fabric I got anyway* so I might as well sin BOLDLY.

I’m also gonna get back to my fitness quest – I MUST!! Here’s some thing I want to begin: 200 Sit-ups I like the idea that I could accomplish that goal in 6 weeks – seems doable even for me. Might turn things to 2 steps FORWARD and only one step back.


I hope to get the camera out tomorrow and take some knit pictures so there may be actual finished objects to look at & read about here before Monday.  Enjoy Sunday!

*Studmuffin has been gone for almost this whole time that I and the kids have had the crud – which I am sure has muchly increased the misery quotient of it all and probably prolonged the illnesses by a week or two. First, there was a planned work trip for 5 days (while I had a houseguest), he was then home for 6 days and then unexpectedly had to be gone these last 2 & 1/2 weeks and won’t be back before Wednesday at the earliest. He feels really bad about being gone (and also because there hasn’t been a set date for his return home), and so his guilt may just about save my hide this time.