A Word to the Wise:

NEVER schedule a meeting with husband and the marriage therapist on the day of one’s anniversary unless one is COMPLETELY certain that the husband will say nothing about one’s shortcomings.

Oh and MOST definitely try to reschedule said meeting if one’s own musical hero’s funeral is being broadcast live and one is wearing out the hanky, sobbing away.

How dumb can I be? Well……perhaps I shouldn’t invite comment upon that subject until I’m feeling a little more positive. Let’s just say it was a new low in the anniversary department – and that’s even before I burned dinner that night.

Fortunately, we will weather this storm too and not immediately seek out lawyers and such. Twenty-one frrrrreekin’ years. Oy.

Some photos….

While in West Viginia, we went to a small amusemnt park called Valley Worlds of Fun.  It’s become kind of a regular stop on our WV soirees.  Since it was just after our 20th wedding anniversary, I inveigleld my husband into getting some pictures taken of the two of us – in a photo booth!

Here they are:

We didn’tfit very well into the booth, butit was fun and I like the pictures.  :o)