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So fer those of you that don’t know – I’m going to India in June with the Voices of Baha (you can read more about the trip and the group here). I’ve not done a huge amount of international travel but I certainly have wanted to!

The Baha’i House of Worship in India was opened in 1986, and I’ve wanted to go there ever since; my mother has too, and she is coming with the choir. After the heart surgery last year and now this new thing, I’m not taking my time for granted anymore, plus the opportunity to sing in that place was just too much to pass up!

(click here for more information about the building itself)


One of my favorite things about the ‘net is all of the information you can get about travel – not just well-known travelers’ guides but info from just ordinary folks.  So here’s a list of links, with some of my comments thrown in,  about tips for traveling in India.

1.  India Travel Tips

This is an extensive, personal and impressive group of tips which makes for interesting reading.  The writer took his trip in 1996, so some of the information may not be up-to-the-minute, but I really enjoyed reading the whole shebang.  It also really changed what I was planning to wear on the trip; today I went out to the fabric store and got fabric to make myself several salwar kameez for daily wear*.

2.  Travel Tips for India –

A much briefer list of tips.

3.  Indax – travel

A grouping of all different kinds of advice. Perhaps more useful if you were staying in India for 2 or 3 months, but still very useful.

4.  Online Travel Safety tips for India

I think this is my favorite of the briefer lists.  Really emphasizes the need for a hat in summer! Also has a few basic phrases in Hindi and Tamil.

5.  WikiTravel – India

Very nice overview of the country.  Good advice about changing money, I think.

6.   Rajuindia – Safe Travel tips

Another grouping of many topics.  I especially like this one just ‘cos there’s a little bitty picture of the Lotus Temple in the upper right hand corner. :o)

7.  Journeywomen – women-centered India

As the subtitle on the webpage says:  “A Mixed-Bag of Tips”.  I really liked reading what women had to say about their travels to India. These are various opinions straight from the women themselves.

8.  Spiritual Journeys – travel tips

Another good list I think especially about phone calls and camera fees.

9.  Virtual Tourist – India Packing Lists

Over a hundred tips about what to bring.  I think a lot of the tipsters were in India for 2+ months and so perhaps their advice doesn’t apply…still reading these only made me more excited about this trip AND tipped me off to Travelan.


I will update again in a few weeks; I hope you find these links useful!

-first update – 3/10/10 –


* I will post links in the next update about how to buy ready made, get custom-made or  how you can sew yerself some salwar kameez.


  1. ❤ nearly a decade later this was for me a too-brief journey and mini pilgrimage that remains tops on my list of surreal & transcendently joyous life experiences ❤ of course another mini pilgrimage was singing under Van Gilmer in the Baha'i Chorale 9th Memorial Day w yalls … after which i hold an unforgettable memory of YOU and yr friends singing some ad-lib Baha'i doo wop on the sidewalk, beautifully in harmony & synch. MUCH LOVE & MANY SUPERPOWERED HEALING PRAYERS TO YOU ❤

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