Something really important REALLY!

I meant to put this up last Wednesday & forgot. Sorry!  I am tryna spread out my posts and be more consistent.  STOP LAUGHING! I hope to do the weekend wrap-up tomorrow. :o)

I know some folks who read here don’t like the serious posts and I try to limit them – really I do. There are really serious things going on that sometimes I feel I absolutely MUST say something or I will BURST!!



I found one!

lady_with_binoculars_card-p137162167504321023envwi_400Remember the last post? Where I said I hoped to type in some of the “old” letters? As I was looking for something else, I found the last one that Studmuffin & I wrote together and it’s already on the ‘puter. It’s from Winter 2004/2005 so I wasn’t exactly right about it being ten years since the last one….. However I do think it’s pretty funny and most of the names have been changed…because that’s how I roll. Fun to see some of the differences over the years….


Happy post-holiday greetings.

(NOTICE to the ACLU: There will be no mention of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, New Year’s or Festivus at all in this letter beyond that which you’ve already read.).  I guess it’s still OK to say “Happy Groundhog Day”, so-

“Happy Groundhog Day!”

We hope that this letter finds you happy and healthy, or at least on an even keel with your nose above water enough so that this letter doesn’t push you over the brink of despair at the pointlessness of existence that this letter all too painfully illuminates.  On to the follies…..


Belated AND unfinished! What more can you ask for?

So, um, yeah!  It’s January 29th, so:

Years ago, my husband (with a little bit of help from me) wrote some Christmas/New Year’s letters that were, quite frankly, hilarious. They came about in response to the “shiny & glowing” letters we receive from various people during the holidays – we knew we weren’t accomplishing very much! – and also because I was getting tired of writing the same things again & again in more than a hundred Christmas cards.

One of my sisters-in-law kept them all and gave them back to me a few years ago; I’ve hoped to post them here but I’m such a s-l-o-w typist that hasn’t yet happened. It could happen….

The last funny letter came out right around ten years ago as email became widespread for North Americans – no more spending $ to print and mail them to everyone – and the letters stopped.  I cannot really explain why they stopped since I don’t really understand it myself – it’s really a Studmuffin thing and I’ll leave it like that.

This year I wanted to do one so I started started writing one during the last 2 weeks of December and didn’t finish it. SURPRISE!  I know you’re shocked….Oh, I had hoped to finish it with Studmuffin’s help but no dice. He straight up REFUSED to have anything to do with it (which is really too bad because he’s WAY funnier than I am).  Still, I think what I have so far is somewhat amusing and since y’all are being so patient with me while my writing mojo has been almost completely devoured by “the book” I thought y’all deserved to read it.  Also ‘cos I want to trash the sticky note reminder about the silly thing since we’re already at the end of January 2013.  Kill two birds, eh? I hope you like.


Mele Kaliki makaa everybody! And Hyvää Uutta Vuotta!

The end of the Mayan calendar proved to be such a non-event on December 20th, that we thought it was time to start some NEW doomsday rumors – HEY Y’ALL The WORLD is ENDING!  How do I know? The reappearance of the helenkosings family letter.  Are you frightened?  Stocking up on canned goods yet?  Just checking…. (more…)

A few thoughts about guns

So much has been written & said about the Sandy Hook school killings that I was not sure I should say anything. As the days have gone on, I have not heard or read anything that reflects what I keep thinking about, so I’m sharing it here.

I’ve read in several publications that me & my fellow citizens of the U.S. of A. own 90 guns for  every 100 of us. If this is true, figure there’s about 350,000,000 people here, there are about 315,000,000 guns out there ALREADY. Even if we decided to stop selling all guns tomorrow, that’s still PLENTY of guns to shoot every person in the 50 states.

Yes, we NEED a much saner set of laws concerning guns & gun ownership and I am glad that something may get done towards this by the gutless wonders we call politicians (I know that’s really harsh……), but LET’S NOT KID OURSELVES: gun control legislation is NOT gonna make the epidemic of gun violence go away. Because this is a complex problem; it isn’t ONE thing, it’s many things. Things like: using violence as entertainment in tv, movies, video games, the media glorification of violent crime, the seemingly insatiable appetite we have for celebrity & fame, the widespread alienation of young men of all races & classes, to name just a few of those things. Truly, if we’re looking for an easy answer – let’s just lock up all white men from ages 14 to 50, ‘cos those are the people who do these killings (with few exceptions).

Or we could try blaming all the unarmed people around. I mean if any of the Sandy Hook teachers or kids had been packing some heat, perhaps so many wouldn’t have died this time. That’s pretty much how we treat rape here – as if it is the women’s problem and we train all the females how to avoid it and blame the victims…..for being out too late, wearing the wrong thing, being in the wrong place….using terms like “legitimate rape” and so on. Perhaps not…

I know some truly wonderful people who are gun owners – mostly hunters.  And these folks are SERIOUS about safety. Some of them belong to the NRA and I have had some passionate discussions on occasion about the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. Here is my question:

When does someone’s Constitutional right to keep and bear arms end, and everyone’s Constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness begin? Before or after the massacre? Or the drive-by? Or the ex-boyfriend/lover/husband who cannot let go?

Because there are thousands & thousands of people who have been deprived of their rights by being deprived of their lives. How many more will pay with their lifeblood? How many families will grieve over those murdered using the damn-near ubiquitous tools of terror that you can buy at K-Mart?

I’m so sad about these deaths. Not just these but all of those killed by senseless gun violence. My heart is sore. But I have to ask:

 Who’s next? Who gets to be the next innocent victim of someone’s right to have a firearm, to watch violent movies & television, endlessly play first person shooter video games?  Let’s talk about freedom; shouldn’t freedom include freedom from as well as freedom to?

I don’t know. I’m just asking.

A digression – Project Runway’s 10th season – #long!

I believe I have said before that I don’t watch much tv.  It’s true – I don’t, but it isn’t because I don’t love tv or that I have some high falutin’ moral opposition or feeling against it – ‘cos I don’t. I have learned so much & seen so many things, heck that’s how I learned to READ.  I *do* feel it is a huge time waster, the commercials are often racist, sexist, materialist, ageist and create desire for stuff I don’t need anyhow, the news ain’t really news, it’s noisy, it tends to make me passive and even more sedentary & I decided in 1997 that if I was gonna do music, have a good family life, read books and be a Baha’i the way I think I should, something was gonna have to give! That was even before I got online….

I love PBS. It’s my FAVORITE thing to watch. Still, most of those things on PBS – they make you think. Deep thought kind of thinking and I do plenty of that already (just ask my family…..). Now reality tv – that’s what I call low-brow entertainment and when I wanna turn off my brain – which still goes about 300 mph most of the time – that’s where I go.  I love Netflix & Hulu; you can watch stuff with few or no commercials, and often you can watch stuff all in a row whenever it’s convenient. What could be better?

It can’t be just any old reality show either.  I don’t really have clear criteria; I just know it when I see it.  So I got hooked on Project Accessory last summer and so I’ve been watching the 10th season of Project Runway.

**********SPOILER AHEAD***********

The final episode of that cycle was aired this past week, and I was surfing around trying find out a bit more about the winner. I read a recap/review by Mondo that I enjoyed and I decided to respond in the comments section….which turned into a fairly long essay.  I thought you might enjoy reading it, so here it is, with some photos added.

Read Mondo Guerra’s Recap here

(He *did* say to tell him how we really feel in the comments….)



Oh wow! A new post!


  1. The force or energy or momentum with which a body moves.
  2. The force that makes something happen or happen more quickly: “the crisis provided the impetus for change”.
impulse – momentum – incentive – stimulus – impulsion

Sorry I’ve been AWOL.  I’m writing a book (about music & singing) and that has been taking up all of my impetus to write. Knitting *is* taking place – I need to take pictures of a bunch of things in progress & finished and yarn……..plus I have writing ideas for here backing up from the last few months. Heck I haven’t even written about Whitney Houston’s death or Etta James’….I won’t hardly even mention India….

OH NO!  I’ve gotblogstipation!  nyuk nyuk nyuk. But one lucky thing about that is the CURE:

MORE FIBER!  Yay!!!!! Hmmmmm….let’s see who’s having a sale online?……

I’m part of a local KAL for the Color Affection shawl by Veera Välimäki. I was supposed to cast on on Wednesday, October 18th, but I still haven’t cast on yet; I didn’t have the right size needle.  I went to the LYS today and got the right one…..and 2 magazines and 2 skeins of yarn for another project. So much for my yarn diet…… Hopefully cast on will happen tomorrow. It’s just that the weather’s so nice & I’m tryna finish 2 other things and I still need to do the podcast…well, you get the idea. There WILL be pictures……and yarn crimes…..and a new giveaway…..did I mention I’m writing music for a CD to go with the book?

Madame Crazypants – that’s me!

I have another post ready that is a major digression into a reality tv show. I’ll publish that in a day or two.  Happy knitting!

Fried motherboard: not a good recipe for blogging!

Yup. My almost ten-year old ‘puter bit the dust awhile back so there hasn’t been any blogging…..or podcasting.  ::::sigh:::::: It could be worse. I have an external hard drive that I tried to be regular in backing up the ‘puter on, so most things were not lost.

So now a quick update for you:

  • I now have a new computer!  Yay!
  • I also have a new printer and IT WORKS!!!  I’ve not had a working printer in over a yearand I have missed it a LOT.
  • I am writing a book about musicking
  • my notes for the book didn’t get saved to the external hard drive, plus the notes that were hand written – I threw out. I mean they were on the computer, right?
  • So writing is going more slowly than I’d hoped it would.
  • I scored 2 skeins of Wollmeise twin sock yarn last month
  • I just happened to go on their site to look around, like I do about every six months or so
  • I saw they had some yarn in stock, so I ordered a skein of Taube and the sale went through
  • So I thought, maybe I could try for another (Kornblume)….?
  • That sale went through too!
  • They arrived today!
  • I now have 4 skeins altogether. What to do????? The grey matter nearly swoons with all the possibilities!
  • I bought a LOT of yarn over the summer.  I mean I bought so so much yarn that I’m going on a 2 YEAR yarn diet…but not just yet.
  • I went to Patternworks & Keepsake Quilting in person this summer; I hope to blog about that soon
  • Knitting is happening!  Am about 75% done with the big birthday blanket for my folks. Should be complete by the 15th.
  • I’m being very good and almost completely working just on the blanket
  • It was supposed to be an afghan, but it’s bigger than that now.
  • My knit group will start a Color Affection shawl KAL midmonth – that will seem like a small project after the birthday blanket
  • I planned to knit a vest for the Force of Nature, but the yarn I wanted at the price I wanted is not available now, so I am rethinking…..
  • I have a new camera as well, so picture quality should improve as I learn how to use it.
  • Oh Sweet Sally Melville!!! It’s OCTOBER already.  How did that happen so quick?

They look like babies, don’t they? How is it possible that this album came out THIRTY-ONE YEARS AGO?

Oh well, I’ve missed you folks. How are you?  I have at least 2 give-aways coming up and soon ….off to bed now old girl.

This blog pause brought to you by……


  • overwhelm…..I was just remembering the movie “Parenthood” when the Dad character (Steve Martin) spits back at the Mom character (Mary Steenburgen):     “My whole life is ‘have to’!”        I’m not quite at that point, but there’s WAY too much “have to” and not nearly enough “Oh! Let’s do! That’ll be fun!” right now. Still having my difficulties with authority: “shouldn’t haf ta/don’ wanna/ain’tgonna” seems to be my initial reaction to most everything, which is TOO STUPID for WORDS. I’m so sick of myself.
  • sinus mosh pit – both the Duke of Curl & the Force of Nature have gotten this quasi-serious summer hacking cough.  I don’t have the cough – I’ve got a low grade fever, wacky sleeping/messed up dreams (they’re not even fun/psychedelic/scary. I mean-why bother?) and the ongoing sinus headache which feels like a bunch of yobbos in Doc Martens boshing around in there. No point in taking pain meds cos they don’t work for this. Throw in several random hot flashes & you might understand why I’m still in my pajamas (or pyjamas-whichever spelling you like).
  • arthritic hands – this cold is bothering MY HANDS. Yup so very little knitting or piano playing going on. Poopies.
  • TOMATOES! -the influx hath begun, and I am some happy about it but mostly feel like:


So how are you?

I promise photos of yarny goodness in a few days.  Off to Nashville for Sat & Sun, which should blast me out of my mehness.

A Quickie

My ‘puter isn’t running very smoothly today, & I have an annoying head cold so I have even less patience than usual.  And now the cat wants my attention and is shedding buckets full of her fine fluffy fur.  Yay.

I had planned to write a proper post about my newest socks but since the Universe is conspiring against me today,  I’ll post a few pics (crappy phone pictures no less) of my latest yarn acquisition.

Lovely merino/cashmere/nylon sock yarn

Same skein, different view

Same skein, different view. I especially love that wine colored bit....

Post rescued: Draggin’, what’s going on and severe blog neglect

I recovered the post I was writing when the “CRASH! BANG!” happened.  It isn’t complete but I wanted you to have it anyway ‘cos I love you.

How are you?  I know; it’s been like for-evah!  Too busy, too busy and crazy-busy is what’s been happening with me.  And some other stuff too.  Since the husband & the chilluns are not here this evening (happens too rarely), I can share.  Here’s some in bullet point form:

  • I could really use a new computer keyboard. This one keeps on messing up and messing up. It’s hard enough to find time to write; even harder to find time to edit stoopid mistakes.
  • Automobile follies.  We keep our cars until they cannot be fixed. My fabulous Toyo is 15 years old and DH’s Saturn is 12 years old so they need some babying and there’s no $ to do it with….mainly because…
  • No. 1 Son has flunked out of college for the 3rd time AND his Dear Fiancee got royally screwed over by her new employer and so now does not have a job – so we are feeding them & paying their rent.  It could be worse…..but whatever cash there was after bills and such is now going to them.
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race season #4 has begun!  They are so funny and wonderful – FASCINATIN’! Several seriously wonderful queens….but I think Sharon Needles is my top fave.

SO the pictures haven’t materialized….

…and I’m sorry. I haven’t even taken them yet. Grrr. I’m really trying HARD to get things done and some days it’s like swimming thru cold molasses…. I haven’t heard from too many of you about the podcast idea in the last post; I guess that post was so long y’all didn’t make it that far….

One thing I have accomplished is updating the “About Me” page…with high school pictures and everything.  Check it out! I will add to it again in a while…maybe after I write about India……..:::::mumble grumble mumble mumble::::

A secret project…shhhhhh

Yup, I’m finishing a project….Hey! Stop laughing! I do *occasionally* finish things. I cannot put up pictures just yet for 2 reasons:

1) the recipient reads my blog every once in a while, and

2) there are no batteries in the camera and I’m still having trouble taking a good picture withe my stupid smartphone.

This almost-completed project is NOT actual knitting, it’s more knitting – related or perhaps might even be called an accessory or a peripheral. The thing is: I’m HUGELY proud of how well it has turned out, especially when one considers my nearly total lack of talent and experience in this other craft. What’s groovy is that I should be done with it AND hope to have given it away by Friday, so then I can show you all!

NOW I have a question for you, my wonderful readers:  I work in radio and I have thought many, many times about doing a podcast over the last six years, and I’m really feeling the pull now.  The content will be different than the blog, though certainly just as eclectic, and my plan is to continue blogging while beginning the podcast.  I have plenty of equipment, tho’ fabulous sound quality won’t be my highest priority right at first.  HERE’S THE QUESTION(S): Would you want a podcast from me?  Are there too many knitting related podcasts out there already?

I listen to a lot of podcasts – I love them.  But there are many times I am listening and I think to myself, “I could do better….”  In fact, for a short time a year ago, I was in discussions with a big media firm from Chicago and the National Baha’i Center about doing a weekly Baha’i podcast which sounded scary but exciting.  The biggest challenge was figuring out how to do it really, really well with no budget and no time….so it didn’t happen.  I feel kind of ready to do something on my own (not representing the Baha’is of North America!  Too much responsibility for me….).  I’m thinking I could get together something decent/worth listening to once a month.  I think once a month is sustainable…..There’s a podcaster who produces really really good shows but she’s erratic in the last year and a half and that bugs me, especially since one time after a several month podcasting pause, she complained that she wasn’t receiving nearly as many comments as she used to…well, DUH! I *almost wrote* a nasty comment on her website about that – but I didn’t.  I swore off her podcast after that, but her shows are SO good that whenever she puts a new one up, I listen.*  Perhaps unfortunately, I’m not aiming for that kind of excellence. If I do this, my podcast will be like me: eclectic, opinionated and silly.  If the sainted Elizabeth Zimmerman hadn’t used “The Opinionated Knitter” as a book title, it would be my podcast title. And I will sing on the thing.

So gentle readers, here’s a chance for you to have yer say: should I or shouldn’t I?  Put it all in the comments.

By the way, I will have actual photos of my knitting in de blog by Friday (barring a natural disaster). I promise.

I love you.  :o)


* I’m not dumb enough to put the name of that podcast into this post, but I’ll give you a hint: she refers to her audience as “knit-sibs”.

A few things to say……

I’ve not been posting ‘cos I’ve been feeling very negative about a number of things and I really didn’t want to put MORE negative energy out into the Universe by writing about it.  Yes, I *know* the title has “whinge-ing” in it, but I usually think of whinge-ing as something funny at least around the edges.  For brevity’s sake, let me say that it’s been hell





and no I probably won’t say anything more about it…..unless there are further developments that make it impossible to ignore on de blog.  We are all healthy and life is moving on.

Some random bits to chew on:

  • I really need to be making more music. I need a GIG – like to sing backup for someone really good.  Kim Pacheco, do you copy?
  • I need to be knitting something luxurious, beautiful or challenging.  Preferably all three.
  • It’s thundering outside which is all the justification I need for not doing any laundry today or tomorrow.
  • My friend, Becky, the Deco Lady, died just before I got back from NH.  I didn’t get to go to the funeral and I’m feeling really sad about it. We were gardening friends amongst other things. I didn’t get to see her very often, but I loved her.
  • I have painful blisters on the balls of both of my feet. A side effect of exercise with flip-flops.
  • I want to be really, really funny when I write – like the Yarn Harlot or Franklin Habit.  That isn’t likely I suppose. Maybe I don’t want to be as funny as they are ; I kinda like the way I write and God knows I’ve not any more time to devote to it. Maybe I just want lots of people to read what I write……an icky thought. Eeeewwww.
  • There is so much to be done around here – inside and outside “the Manse OhNay”- that I get overwhelmed just thinking about it. I’m not even talking about the hot mess that is the garage…….
  • I must figure out how to take good pictures of the knitting with the camera phone very soon. Like tomorrow.
  • My cat wants me to go to bed.  No she cannot talk, but I know what this series of behaviors means all too well.  Strangely enough, my husband does some of the same things – for the same reason.
  • I want to finish this baby blanket.  It’s gone on so long I don’t even like it anymore.
There’s much more thunder & lightning and now actual RAIN that I feel I should get off the ‘puter.  THAT one was very CLOSE!  Good night. Stay dry. :o)

Not politcal…just FURIOUS!

A government shutdown? Really? Isn’t the government supposed to GOVERN? I don’t care what party yer affliliated with – yer ALL at fault!

At the very least, how in the H-E-double-hockeysticks do we have the hubris to ask our troops to fight in 3 armed conflicts for FREE? War doesn’t stop for furloughs…..

I think I’d better go lie down and think about something else.
WHAT a bunch of YAHOOS!

Hey! I know! Let’s go to Washington and give them all serious WEDGIES!

Even WordPress has to be funny…..

The dashboard stats show this blog getting 10 times the number of hits than usual.

I guess it’s funny. I’m at a low point (seriously in need of sunshine – weatherman says tomorrow) and am not laughing at anything.   I didn’t get the things I needed to do today done at ALL.  I’ve even had 3 cups of hot chocolate and I’m still grumpy. Guess I need to go on youtube and look at videos of jumping baby goats and laughing babies to try to crawl out of my funk.


Thank goodness April 1st is almost OVER.

I’ve made a mistake….

…because tonight I started looking at fabric. I’m easing back into sewing again and OH MY GOODNESS!

The fabrics right now are really my kind of thing – PAISLEY? Can anybody say “paisley”? So, I went and ordered a bunch of fabric. OK a bunch is maybe too big a descriptive word, but really I only ordered enough for a couple of tops and a skirt as well as 2 handbags – for presents mostly.

Now unlike a few knitting blogs I know (and used to love) I will NOT be showing only sewing stuff and neglect my knitting. But I will tell you, it’s gonna be really REALLY hard not to go and buy a whole lot of fabric from now until fashion changes again….. I also got some material to cover a few pillows – it was on sale so that doesn’t really count, does it? Then of course we cannot count the 42 5″x5″ squares of Morris reprints (think Arts & Crafts movement) that came in a pack for under $9…….. I guess I’d better get the effing taxes done so we can pay for all o’ this.

On the knitting front, I am struggling with my shawl. I finally got the cast on correct but then cannot seem to get the pattern right. It’s isn’t a difficult pattern really, except I can’t seem to get it right. I’ve ripped that sucker back at LEAST four times to the eyelet edging and then it takes about 6 rows to see if we are where we are supposed to be. With 333 stitches per row, I’ve knit so much I’m starting to have a little bit of Carpal tunnel pain plus some new irritation in my upper back! So I’ve put it down for a moment and am now doing some “stupid knitting”*: I’ve cast on a few “domino” squares in some inexpensive wool and acrylic to FINALLY make covers for our 2 sturdy yet shabby ottomans in our living room.

After yet another coffee table bit the dust because the helpful people I live with repeatedly sat on it (no, they weren’t supposed to, and YES, they knew that), I thought well, let’s go find something more robust that they CAN sit on. I found a couple of squat, square and sturdy black vinyl covered ottomans – they looked rather good once in place. Unfortunately, within just a few months, Studmuffin had put a hot iron soleplate down on one and melted it. Then over time, the children’s occasional willful misuse and my (now-deceased) elderly cat Bluto digging his claws into them to haul his fat fluffy bottom up onto the things several times a day, the black vinyl has gotten more and more tired looking. They’re still really sturdy, so I decided a YEAR ago to cover them. Hey, I’ve had Bejeweled Blitz on facebook to play, alright? Let’s not rush into things.

I promise I’ll work more on the shawl after my brain relaxes a bit. I’m also supposed to cast on a pair of socks today (Feb. 1) for a KAL or knit-a-long for you newbs, but I just don’t think I can do it tonight.

*”stupid knitting” is what I call knitting I can do without paying much attention to it or having to constantly refer back to a pattern, like while watching the tv or riding in the car at night.


I cannot believe what I’m seeing last night and today – snow. Eight inches PLUS. This is too much winter for me!

This is WAY too much like where I grew up weatherwise; the big difference is that Alabama only has approximately 2 snow plows for entire state. Since it’s gonna be right at or below freezing all week, the snow will stay for several days……

Yes, it is pretty but……I hope this isn’t a harbinger of how winters will be in the coming years. Poopies.

I’m supposed to be….

…knitting a shawl – I mean after all *I* was the one who suggested the KAL right? Have I cast on? NO! Though I did go out and BUY more laceweight yesterday…… I don’t think that counts however.

So what am I knitting instead? The hat for my brother-in-law? No!

The slippers for my twin nephews? No!

The slippers for my dear friend that I promised her 18 months ago? No!

Completing the 3 swaps I have left over – email ones that are super easy?

Finishing any one of way too many unfinished projects?
No way. That would be too sensible.

I am knitting mittens for myself. Out of a pattern that is really fun to knit out of fairly inexpensive yarn in a colorway I only kind of like. I’ve actually frogged the first attempt (didn’t like that colorway knitted up) and started over. True, I do need new woolen mittens; I’ve mislaid my fabulous purple ones gained in a mitten swap and the store bought ones aren’t cutting it. But this pattern isn’t even the one I wanted to make mittens for myself out of. It’s lovely – Tallulah’s Hearts for you Ravelers – but I was gonna do something much harder (Latvian? Estonian? Finnish? My own design?) with some truly amazing yarn…… Does this make any sense?

Well, only if you know that I have a rebellious nature at my core. I’m tryna keep to Studmuffin’s and my New Year’s resolution to get fit this year, which includes dieting/lifestyle change. I’m doing pretty well so far BUT – I’m hearing a whole lot of “I don’ wanna!!” in my head about other things…like knitting this shawl.

It’s TOO STUPID because I really REALLY wanna knit the Damask Shawl – it’s so gorgeous. Look:

and here:

Who am I hurting with my behavior? ME! Urrgggh. I get so sick of myself sometimes.
I think it’s kind of like not reading the novel you signed up for in class even tho’ the due date for the exam is looming, and spending all your time reading romance novels instead.

On another tack, I look forward to the hot flashes when the weather’s like it is in winter.

Happy 2011.

Way behind and “gromping”

So what else is new? I’m way behind where I oughta be on SO many levels – I think I’ma just have to dive in and work – and not worry about “catching up” because I don’t think I actually can.

I’m so insane at this point I started swapping again on swapbot, and I’ve missed those deadlines too.

She looks just how I feel today.

The Knoxville gig was lovely – I have some wonderful friends there too that I got to stay with and have a divine visit with. I’m so fortunate!

Which is why it’s so ridiculous that I’m feeling so distressed today.

A week ago, I had a misunderstanding with someone that I thought we were working out, and it has now escalated into a big, fat hairy deal.

So I’m stomping around and grumping, saying “Everything is poo!” I’ve coined a new word for this: “gromping”.

Still life is good, and I know I’ll be out of my funk soon. Thanks for all the prayers!

I have MORE grumpy pictures: