Oh wow! A new post!


  1. The force or energy or momentum with which a body moves.
  2. The force that makes something happen or happen more quickly: “the crisis provided the impetus for change”.
impulse – momentum – incentive – stimulus – impulsion

Sorry I’ve been AWOL.  I’m writing a book (about music & singing) and that has been taking up all of my impetus to write. Knitting *is* taking place – I need to take pictures of a bunch of things in progress & finished and yarn……..plus I have writing ideas for here backing up from the last few months. Heck I haven’t even written about Whitney Houston’s death or Etta James’….I won’t hardly even mention India….

OH NO!  I’ve gotblogstipation!  nyuk nyuk nyuk. But one lucky thing about that is the CURE:

MORE FIBER!  Yay!!!!! Hmmmmm….let’s see who’s having a sale online?……

I’m part of a local KAL for the Color Affection shawl by Veera Välimäki. I was supposed to cast on on Wednesday, October 18th, but I still haven’t cast on yet; I didn’t have the right size needle.  I went to the LYS today and got the right one…..and 2 magazines and 2 skeins of yarn for another project. So much for my yarn diet…… Hopefully cast on will happen tomorrow. It’s just that the weather’s so nice & I’m tryna finish 2 other things and I still need to do the podcast…well, you get the idea. There WILL be pictures……and yarn crimes…..and a new giveaway…..did I mention I’m writing music for a CD to go with the book?

Madame Crazypants – that’s me!

I have another post ready that is a major digression into a reality tv show. I’ll publish that in a day or two.  Happy knitting!

A Spirited Knitting mini-podcast is online now

Several of you have asked, “What happened?”  I’ve put up a mini-podcast (it’s about 5 minutes long) and I’ll get back to full length episodes in September.

For those you who have never listened to podcasts and don’t really get what they are, let me reassure you that you DO NOT have to have an iPod, smartphone, mp3 player or anything to listen to them – it’s as easy as playing a video on YouTube except it’s audio. Go here:

Spirited Knitting

and click on the little triangle icon. There ya go!

Episode #2 is live!

I still pon’t have show notes together but it’s been a crazy few days. You can still listen to the podcast…Studmuffin even listened to it and LAUGHED out loud a few times.

I gotta go to bed.  Notes up tomorrow…..



Show notes are up!   Go here>

Optimus Prime COMETH!

My daughter, the Force of Nature, has been working FEVERishly for the last 2 months on her Halloween costume.  This is her last year of homeschooling and she has taken full advantage (and perhaps a bit more) of her more relaxed school schedule to create this:

Out in front of home base.

She did it ALL, the duct tape, the spray paint, the hot glue, even the wiring for the 8 little blue LEDs on her visor. You can see them better in this blurry photo:

Inside the workshop (aka the living room)

I’m very proud of her, and she was quite the celebrity at the Mall on Halloween. She didn’t get much in the way of candy and her lower back was quite sore all day yesterday, but how can that compare to the adulation of the crowd and dozens of photo ops?……Ahhhhhh, one more of the last bits of childhood for my youngest child is passing maybe.  Still, I think it’s a good thing. She is FULL of WIN.


In other news, the recording is done for my first podcast! All I gotta do is the editing and uploading – hopefully done by the weekend. I’m getting a bit excited about it.   Stay tuned – “same Bat Time – same Bat channel” as they used to say.