Happy Naw-Ruz!

I have updated, added photos and new content (especially about teaching!) to “Yahoo! I’m a Baha’i!” as part of my gift and service celebration of Naw-Ruz. So read it again if you have a few minutes please. I would love more feedback!

And now: Here’s a lovely video for you! Please ignore the ads that sometimes come up – I’ve not got any control over those unfortunately. There’s another one here-guaranteed to make you smile:

Yahoo!! I’m a Baha’i!!

“Yahoo! I’m a Bahá’í!” : Staying Motivated

Soooooo….The world getting you down? Don’t feel that spiritual spark? Too much duty & steadfastness, and not enough victory? Are you beginning to think, “Why bother?”   Well, here’s some things I do, and they might help you!

Read The Writings Every Day

Immerse yourselves in the Ocean of My words, that ye may unravel its secrets, and
discover all the pearls of wisdom that lie hid in its depths.
– Proclamation of Bahá’u’lláh, pgs. 118-119


I find it is important which Writings you pick to read. Pick something that you find uplifting if you are discouraged, such as something about the victory of the Cause ( the compilation “Be Thou Assured” is one of my favorites; “Victory Promises” is another ); perhaps you shouldn’t read about all the things one should be doing. When you are feeling more “muscular”, read all the “shoulds” then. (more…)

Something really important REALLY!

I meant to put this up last Wednesday & forgot. Sorry!  I am tryna spread out my posts and be more consistent.  STOP LAUGHING! I hope to do the weekend wrap-up tomorrow. :o)

I know some folks who read here don’t like the serious posts and I try to limit them – really I do. There are really serious things going on that sometimes I feel I absolutely MUST say something or I will BURST!!



A digression – Project Runway’s 10th season – #long!

I believe I have said before that I don’t watch much tv.  It’s true – I don’t, but it isn’t because I don’t love tv or that I have some high falutin’ moral opposition or feeling against it – ‘cos I don’t. I have learned so much & seen so many things, heck that’s how I learned to READ.  I *do* feel it is a huge time waster, the commercials are often racist, sexist, materialist, ageist and create desire for stuff I don’t need anyhow, the news ain’t really news, it’s noisy, it tends to make me passive and even more sedentary & I decided in 1997 that if I was gonna do music, have a good family life, read books and be a Baha’i the way I think I should, something was gonna have to give! That was even before I got online….

I love PBS. It’s my FAVORITE thing to watch. Still, most of those things on PBS – they make you think. Deep thought kind of thinking and I do plenty of that already (just ask my family…..). Now reality tv – that’s what I call low-brow entertainment and when I wanna turn off my brain – which still goes about 300 mph most of the time – that’s where I go.  I love Netflix & Hulu; you can watch stuff with few or no commercials, and often you can watch stuff all in a row whenever it’s convenient. What could be better?

It can’t be just any old reality show either.  I don’t really have clear criteria; I just know it when I see it.  So I got hooked on Project Accessory last summer and so I’ve been watching the 10th season of Project Runway.

**********SPOILER AHEAD***********

The final episode of that cycle was aired this past week, and I was surfing around trying find out a bit more about the winner. I read a recap/review by Mondo that I enjoyed and I decided to respond in the comments section….which turned into a fairly long essay.  I thought you might enjoy reading it, so here it is, with some photos added.

Read Mondo Guerra’s Recap here

(He *did* say to tell him how we really feel in the comments….)



Chicago sojourn & “Soon” is a relative term….

……I guess “soon” in comparison to geologic times. Truly I am collecting many photos of various crimes against yarn for your horror/enjoyment or whatever. MY problem is my calendar; it has ganged up on me somehow (I think they must mate/reproduce in the corner when we’re away or asleep). For the last six weeks I’ve been extraORDINARily busy; I feel like my calendar took me outside the joint and worked me over until I’m barely breathing!

Still, I have a new keyboard and that definitely helps.

AND if you happen to be anywhere near Chicago this Memorial Day weekend, you should absolutely come and hear this concert:

A skein of Wollmeise to anyone who can spot me in the above picture!*

I hope to take just a little time whilst in Chicago to visit a yarn store……..maybe.   Oh yeah and I’ll be doing a groovy thing in June in Nashville on June 2nd. Stay tuned.

Yarn crimes….SOON.


*That’s a joke, y’all. No Wollmeise giveaways here.  :o)

Coming soon….

YARN CRIMES! They’ve been building up for a while now…. your patience will be rewarded. :o)     Now I’m tired/sleepy and my sinuses are bothering me big time – neither of which contribute to comedy, so waiting is in order.

-I get to go to breakfast in the morning with one of my dearest friends, so that’s lovely.

-I’ve ordered all of  tomato starts for the garden – all grown organically and within a 2.5 hr. drive from here; 15 different varieties in all, I planted 32 pots of various things this week (including 2 giant pumpkins for the front yard), plus I fixed the hose the right way this time so now can properly water the cosmos & zinnia seed/seedlings in the front. More gardening happening this weekend…..

-No.1 Son got a part-time job yesterday. Thank you Lord.

-Oh YEAH!  Today is the third anniversary of my mitral valve heart surgery.  The wonderful old organ is bonging away just like it should, I remember to take my meds 99% of the time and life is good. Yep, I need to take more exercise and lose a whole lot of my excess “insulation” but I am grateful for ev’ry breath. All the glory be to God!

-The yarn came in to finish the baby blanket for Blythe and I can go to Pensacola to give it to her!  Here’s the link to the conference:

And there are 7 of us from New Jubilee who will be attending, so we will sing (i.e. take over) during one of the devotions. I am very glad!

-Bobby Aazami, who was so effin’ hilarious at the last conference, won’t be in attendance this time because he just got MARRIED!  I am so happy for him – I could really explode into fireworks and rainbows. Here’s a link to his & Fiona’s most beautiful day:

A secret project…shhhhhh

Yup, I’m finishing a project….Hey! Stop laughing! I do *occasionally* finish things. I cannot put up pictures just yet for 2 reasons:

1) the recipient reads my blog every once in a while, and

2) there are no batteries in the camera and I’m still having trouble taking a good picture withe my stupid smartphone.

This almost-completed project is NOT actual knitting, it’s more knitting – related or perhaps might even be called an accessory or a peripheral. The thing is: I’m HUGELY proud of how well it has turned out, especially when one considers my nearly total lack of talent and experience in this other craft. What’s groovy is that I should be done with it AND hope to have given it away by Friday, so then I can show you all!

NOW I have a question for you, my wonderful readers:  I work in radio and I have thought many, many times about doing a podcast over the last six years, and I’m really feeling the pull now.  The content will be different than the blog, though certainly just as eclectic, and my plan is to continue blogging while beginning the podcast.  I have plenty of equipment, tho’ fabulous sound quality won’t be my highest priority right at first.  HERE’S THE QUESTION(S): Would you want a podcast from me?  Are there too many knitting related podcasts out there already?

I listen to a lot of podcasts – I love them.  But there are many times I am listening and I think to myself, “I could do better….”  In fact, for a short time a year ago, I was in discussions with a big media firm from Chicago and the National Baha’i Center about doing a weekly Baha’i podcast which sounded scary but exciting.  The biggest challenge was figuring out how to do it really, really well with no budget and no time….so it didn’t happen.  I feel kind of ready to do something on my own (not representing the Baha’is of North America!  Too much responsibility for me….).  I’m thinking I could get together something decent/worth listening to once a month.  I think once a month is sustainable…..There’s a podcaster who produces really really good shows but she’s erratic in the last year and a half and that bugs me, especially since one time after a several month podcasting pause, she complained that she wasn’t receiving nearly as many comments as she used to…well, DUH! I *almost wrote* a nasty comment on her website about that – but I didn’t.  I swore off her podcast after that, but her shows are SO good that whenever she puts a new one up, I listen.*  Perhaps unfortunately, I’m not aiming for that kind of excellence. If I do this, my podcast will be like me: eclectic, opinionated and silly.  If the sainted Elizabeth Zimmerman hadn’t used “The Opinionated Knitter” as a book title, it would be my podcast title. And I will sing on the thing.

So gentle readers, here’s a chance for you to have yer say: should I or shouldn’t I?  Put it all in the comments.

By the way, I will have actual photos of my knitting in de blog by Friday (barring a natural disaster). I promise.

I love you.  :o)


* I’m not dumb enough to put the name of that podcast into this post, but I’ll give you a hint: she refers to her audience as “knit-sibs”.

Guest post – the “Ring Cycle”

I havna been very good about posting lately and me mum sent me a nice little story. I’ve done a wee bit ‘o editing and enjoy!

OPENING DISCLAIMER: Since I am at heart a woman of character and practicality – not unlike my mother, her mother and her mother before her: those who wore cotton house dresses, orthopaedic-looking shoes and hair in a bun, I am quite content with mostly comfortable, occasionally stylish clothes. Although I, by some measure, have surpassed the “prematurely aged” look they maintained, I’ve always seen it as a little superficial when women around me would gush over what they expected in the way of glitzy and expensive gifts.
“The RING Cycle” by my mother Elaine

I cannot now remember which “old woman” in my family left me the ring with three, rather large fire opals* set up high on their elegant prongs. I think it was Great Aunt Nan from Middlebury, Vermont. I was in high school at the time, impressed with this special gift and somewhat mystified as to how I had been chosen for this particular honor. It was accompanied by a note with instructions: Elaine is to wear it, not put it into a box to save it or hide it away.

So, I wore it all the time and really liked it. Because of its high setting, it kept bumping into things; if one of the stones came out, and that happened several times,I would glue it back in. One time when I was in New York City, an hour of sweaty uncertainty, manipulating the tip of a wire coat hanger down a sink drain, brought it out of harm’s way.
*The opal is my birthstone, (October); a fire opal is multi-faceted, sparkles iridescently and used to be mined primarily in Mexico.

Plymouth, NH, 1966-67: My husband and I moved with our baby boy, from a second-story apartment on Merrill St. (cold and drafty), to a larger, ground-level one on Highland St. (warmer). Since my opal ring kept coming in contact with moving furniture and stuff, I gave it to Dale for safe-keeping that day.

After trips back and forth in somebody’s truck, we came to rest with our furniture and started getting settled. I asked Dale for the ring. His hand dove into his pants pocket and he suddenly started checking all his pockets, emptying out change, keys, everything. He undressed and shook off all his clothes. The ring was not there! A horrible look came over his face, he felt terrible and boy, was I angry! How could he have been so careless?

He back-tracked several times from Highland St. to Merrill St., talked with “Pippi Longstocking” our former landlady, asking her if she had seen it and please, to keep an eye out for it. He thoroughly searched our old apartment: no sight of it anywhere. We searched the new place. No luck. He wore a hang-dog look on his face while I made quite a few barbed and sarcastic remarks about his judgment, his observation skills and a whole lot of other things!

I earnestly prayed that the lingering anger and disappointment would just leave me. Reading the Baha’i Scriptures one day, these words fairly leapt off the page:

“Thou dost wish for gold and I desire thy freedom from it.  Thou thinkest thyself rich in its possession, and I recognize thy wealth in thy sanctity therefrom…Should prosperity befall thee, rejoice not and should abasement come upon thee, grieve not, for both shall pass away and be no more. — Baha’u’llah”.

Then it was talking about forgiving instantly and completely.  Of course, I had read all these words before. But this time was different. The anger and sadness left me and never came back.  I told my husband I completely forgave him and to simply forget about it, not dwell upon it.  This is not to say that I don’t have to continue reading sound spiritual advice and keep struggling every day to put it into practice – I do.

A few years later, my Father-in-law, “Bumpa” bought me quite an expensive opal ring. But since I’m not really a “ring person”, and always seemed to have my hands in dishwater, gardening soil or changing diapers, I gently asked him if he would mind if I declined. We were also having issues at the time with “Bumpa” wanting to buy us everything, and to pay most of our bills.  Some have said, “Well, that’s the kind of problem I want to have!” But, really they don’t. And I knew that Dale still felt badly about the ring and couldn’t possibly afford to buy one like that. So “Bumpa” took it back and gave me some clothes instead.
black fire opal en cabochon

Roanoke, Va., February 14, 2011: Many years have passed; Valentine’s Days have come and gone.  It isn’t really an important day for us, but we always utter the perfunctory greeting. Sometimes we’ll give each other something, sometimes not. Usually a card suffices.

I must admit that, over the years, Dale has shown more consideration in this than I: he would get me a tube of oil paint or a little plant, something he knew I wanted. One time I gave my husband one of those free cards, a glossy picture with red roses, that comes from the American Heart Association -that was kinda cheap.  On another occasion, I was in a local supermarket, spotted the $19.99 special on a dozen red roses and got them for him as an impulse purchase. He was very surprised and pleased, said no one had every given him roses like that!

This Monday, my husband handed me a little embossed ivory box along with an assortment of chocolates, his eyes alight with anticipation. I opened the box and inside, hanging from a white gold chain was a lovely fire opal pendant. I burst into tears and haven’t taken it off since.

opal cabochon

Busy not thyself with this world, for with fire We test the gold, and with gold We test Our servants.
— Baha’u’llah

India photos finally!

I managed to:
– find the camera
– download the pics from said camera to the ‘puter
– put them on Facebook.
That’s as far as I’m gonna get today. I’m tryna get ready for the holiday and the travelling and so on.

Even if you aren’t on Facebook, you can still see the pictures by going here.

I ***will*** write more( stop laughing!). I just wanted to get this bit done BEFORE 2011. Looking at these pictures, I remember the HOT!!!!

Something you may NOT be interested in….

….so why am I bothering to post this? Well, ‘cos I’m working like crazy to get ready for India (see my India page for deets) and also cos I’ve not been blogging much at all lately and I wanna share it with y’all.


You might follow the link from this picture 'cos I like what this blogger says about her.


I was asked to speak last February at the Nashville Baha’i Center about Justice. Ordinarily I am asked to sing, not talk. I *was* also singing as a part of the program, but I did prepare a talk. Here it is, and I’d love to read your feedback on it (even if the feedback is, “Don’t post any more of your talks!”).


When Tracy and Karen sent me an email and asked me if I would speak about justice today – my immediate reaction was a great big NO.  After all, I was already doing the singing with Adrienne and like most folks I’ve got a lot on my plate.  Plus it’s Black History Month and I’m white so who wants to listen to me?  I mean isn’t there anyone else….? Aren’t I already doing enough?

After thinking on it a bit, I realized those reasons are exactly why I needed to say yes and talk to you today about justice. So here are my thoughts.

On Christmas day, 1938, the great-grandson of Baha’u’llah, the Guardian of the Baha’i Faith, Shoghi Effendi, wrote a lengthy letter to the Baha’is of North America.  It is called “The Advent of Divine Justice.” If you have not read it, just going by the title you might think that it is all about how God is going to smite the unjust and right the wrongs of the world – to bring about that divine justice by swings of His mighty sword.  But this book length letter is not about that. Rather it is a specific outline of how we, as individuals, as members of a community, members of institutions, are to behave in every situation – every day with  as he says, “undeviating justice.”  This book is a fervent exhortation to us to grasp and use every possible opportunity and situation to become instruments of God’s divine justice and as such to teach the Cause of God. It is no mistake that the book is titled “The Advent of Divine Justice”  I encourage you to read it.


A rather good & brief article.

If you’ve been reading here for a few minutes, you’ll know that I’m a Baha’i.

The nine pointed star is one of the symbols of the Baha’i Faith.

I’m not a good one, but I do try. And tryna explain what that is in a few quick sentences is something that I struggle with all the time. I mean – think about it; what if you had to explain all of Christianity to someone who had never heard of Jesus Christ? What do you say first? History? Laws? Tenets? What it means to you? How your community worships? Miracles? Relationship to all the other religions? How you became one? I’m just giving you a taste of what I think about when somebody asks me….. :O)

So here’s a brief article about the Baha’i Faith which gives a pretty good overview of who we are and what we believe. I hope you’ll read it since this Faith not only means so much to me but it has saved my life and sanity time & time again; but it won’t hurt my feelings if’n you don’t. I share it with all y’all because I think you might gain something from it 🙂

On Faith: Baha’i Faith could be the world’s next message

Today is a holiday / happy day / holy day for me and 6 MILLION others

It was on this day in 1817 that Mirza Husayn Ali was born.  Later on, He became known by the Arabic title “The Glory of the Lord” or more commonly, “The Glory of God”:  Baha’u’llah.

Why am I telling you this?

‘Cos as an Interwebs kinda-person, I’m guessing you have:

  • natural curiosity
  • an interest and love of learning

So in the interest of spreading information, I’m giving you a spoonful of education.  It won’t hurt a bit. 🙂

So, yeah. There’s about 6 million Baha’is all over the planet and you’ve never heard of us…or maybe just barely.  Well, stories about people who are into unity and happiness, praying, doing good deeds, world peace, justice, teaching children’s classes and so on don’t sell newspapers.  But that is how it is everywhere.  I mean, only approximately 10% of the world’s Muslims are from the Middle East, and a tiny fraction of those (the  crackpot brigade as I call them) are doing terrible things, but you wouldn’t know that from the news, wouldya?  You don’t hardly ever hear about the 99.9% of Muslims who are regular, decent people…..but I digress a bit.

Here’s a few links that tell more about today:

I didn’t go to the local Baha’i community celebration last night; Studmuffin is not a Baha’i and asked that we stay home, so we did. My dear friend, Ellen, invited me to her home in Tennessee (just north of Florence, Alabama) today and I was planning to go there, but the Duke of Curl is sick toda,  so no go. Still, as a holy day, no work and no school so YAY!

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the Baha’i Scriptures:

The best way to thank God is to love each other.

and a song, written by another Baha’i (Matthew Levine), with a nice video.

Have a sweet day!



A memory of Dan

In 2000 and again in 2003, the Regional Baha’i Council of the Southern States sponsored a big conference in Nashville, TN. I was lucky enough – not only to participate, but to sing – at both conferences. They were both big conferences, but the second one was HUGE!!

At the 2003 conference, I was singing with the One Human Family Workshop Choir during devotions. It began with all of us on stage but in darkness. Then the wonderful Laura Love Ware’s voice came out of the darkness over the PA, reading a very powerful quote about Baha’u’llah’s imprisonment in the Black Pit (Siyah-Chal) in Teheran. After this, the lights very slowly came up and we started singing a wonderfully Carribean-flavored song, “Holy Spirit”…….

Here we are rehearsing the song at the sound check the night before:


So anyway, right after we were done, we knew we had to get off the stage very quickly and sit in the seats in the front rows that had been reserved for us so the next part of devotions could take place, which was Dan Seals singing “Proclaim the Greatest Name”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I first heard that song so far back I don’t even remember when it was. It is very well known amongst Baha’is especially, but I didn’t know it was one of Dan’s songs until the late 1990’s. So I was sitting maybe fifteen feet away from him as he was singing this song, and almost immediately just all 5000 of us in attendance start singing along with him, especially loudly on the chorus:

“Baha’u’llah! Baha’u’llah! Help us all proclaim the Greatest Name!
Baha’u’llah! Baha’u’llah! Help us all proclaim the Greatest Name!”

On the second chorus, I was so close to him I could see the tears coming to his eyes and he stopped singing for a moment. I instantly understood that he was moved by all of us singing his song and Baha’u’llah’s name and his gratitude to be a part of it all, ‘cos that was the kind of guy he was. I felt and still feel honored to have been a part of that moment and to catch a tiny glimpse of what it meant to him.

This is not a picture from that event, but it is very similar to how he looked that day:


And here’s a picture from when Dan (on the right) and his brother Jimmy (formerly of Seals & Crofts) performed on the Grand Ole Opry about 4 years ago:


I’ll be singing in the choir at his funeral tomorrow. Sure wish there was no reason for a funeral…

More music for Ayyam-i-Ha!

Well, Ayyam-i-Ha was officially over at sunset yesterday (March 1) but I had promised to post more music for y’all and since I got distracted by my life this weekend and didn’t post anything, I decided to go ahead anywayand give y’all some more!

Are you surprised by any of the folks on this list? On this list everyone is a Baha’i *except* the Procussions, but the featured vocalist is Tara Ellis and she *is* a Baha’i. And I am not completely certain that Buffy Sainte-Marie is *officially* a Baha’i, but she has performed at a number of Baha’i conferences over the years, is listed on Wikipedia as an adherent and there is video someplace of her accurate explanation of the Baha’i belief in Progressive revelation…so she if she isn’t officially a Baha’i, she’s one at heart and that’s what counts. :o)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “More music for Ayyam-i-Ha!“, posted with vodpod

A very merry echocardiogram to you

So, as I recently reported, I am wheezing and coughing worse and worse. In fact , on Friday it was SO awful while I was driving to Atlanta for the conference I was starting to get rather worried! I went to the doctor today and I had some chest x-rays (all clear) and will have a CAT scan and an echocardiogram tomorrow. Earlier this year, it was determined that I have a leaky mitral valve (aka a heart murmur), so this is to make sure that it has not gotten worse and causing all this wheezing and shortness of breath. I’ll keep y’all posted.

We had a wonderful time at the conference; my mother flew down to Atl from Virginia and we stayed together. One Human Family sang and that was really good. The Supreme administrative body of the Baha’i Faith, the Universal House of Justice, has called for 41 of these conferences around the world to occur during November 2008 – March 2009. The purpose of these conferences are to celebrate the wonderful things that have been happening in the Baha’i Faith and to encourage us to redouble our efforts as the condition of the world deteriorates. It was an amazing experience! I brought my camera and then forgot to take pictures most of the time (I have the cord again….but now have misplaced the camera. I *must* find a permanent location for this stuff.

….to be continued……..

A very cool video

A young man of my acquaintance, Devon Gundry, has set to music a wonderful piece of Baha’i Scripture:

“Armed with the power of Thy name nothing can ever hurt me, and with Thy love in my heart all the world’s afflictions can in no wise alarm me.”

(Baha’u’llah, Prayers and Meditations by Baha’u’llah, p. 208)

On top of that, he has filmed a TERRIFIC and powerful video and I think y’all should take a look.

Devon Gundry – “Armed” from Justin Baldoni on Vimeo.

My husband called…..

….to tell me he has to spend an extra day in California… Joy.  I’m still awake because I cannot sleep-too much coughing and wheezing.  Last night I finally gave up about 4 am and came out into the living room to sleep sitting upright in the “round chair”.

My round chair looks almost exactly like this one.  However, this one isn’t repaired with a length of bright blue rope….

I have fallen asleep in that chair a number of times before; it’s just a little hard on my neck. Right now, Boris is in it, and I haven’t the heart to kick him out of it.

I am on the mend, though.  Today, I was actually able to take a shower, put gas in the van and take the dogs (very briefly) across the street., though I did cancel rehearsal which I *hate* to do.    I haven’t taken much in the way of cold medicines in the last 24 hours and my nose has stopped dripping incessantly. Is this the flu?  I haven’t been this ill in a good long while.  Perhaps tomorrow I can homeschool Ian again……

In the meantime, I’ve been catching up on paperwork, mending, and a few long-overdue swaps.  I want to have everything done by the time of the Wings to the Spirit conference (beginning of May).  It’s gonna be so terrific!!  I’ve got to finish reading “Mirror of the Divine” by Ludwig Tuman before then.  It’s a wonderful book; there’s so much for my brain to tease apart and ponder on that I’m going slowly.

Since my “brain event” happened almost 3 years ago, the way I learn is really, really different than before. I know there are folks out there who think that it’s just age, or too much stress or lack of focus, but I assure you it is not.  There is a marked difference in how I thought and learned before and now.  I guess the best analogy I can come up with is losing one’s virginity – there’s a very distinct before and after. Unfortunately, (or it could be fortunately ) no one else is inside my head so I do not have any kind of objective corroboration of the changes.  It is much harder for me to learn new things – like 10 times as hard as it was before, and my concentration is fragile at best.  So trying to truly absorb this book is much more of an effort than in previous times.  This makes me sad because I am not doing nearly as much “serious reading” as I have done in the past, and at some point I want to go back to college.  I have had to stop buying heavy duty Baha’i books because I am not reading the ones I have already, but my intellectual curiosity remains high so I keep trying.  I’m not complaining, it’s more that I’m explaining.

I was boating about the Internet and I found the blog and flickr site of one of the people I met while on pilgrimage.  On Sholeh’s blog, she has some really wonderful pictures, plus links to some truly wonderful sites.

Tired of reading what passes for news these days? Too depressing? Try this site:

Oh well, off to bed.  I hope I sleep.

40 years ago….

…Martin Luther King was murdered. On April 4th, 1968, my mother was pregnant with me. That day and for days thereafter, cities burned as grief and anger flowed from the people, though not most of Boston because of James Brown and his concert at the Boston Garden on the 5th, and not Indianapolis, partially because Bobby Kennedy spoke.

I’ve been thinking for days about what I could say here that might be worthwhile. I do want to say a few things:

My email is working again part deux

Ok, I can *download* my email….but I cannot send any. Pooh!

I’m really, really far behind now!  I hope to get a bunch on stuff done by tomorrow, and I may be able to post briefly on Saturday (while at the ‘rents’s house) but other than that I will be gone for nine days here:

Pretty cool, huh? You can click on the picture for more information about what I’ll be doing there.

The short story is that I am a Baha’i.  It’s something that I am  joyfully, cheerfully passionate about and it has given so much meaning to my life – I cannot even tell you.  :o)

One of the things Baha’is do, if they can possibly afford it, is to go on pilgrimage to the Shrines (located in northern Israel).  I am one very lucky girl, because I got to go 11 years ago and I get to go *again*.  I cannot for the life of me think of what I ever did to deserve the blessing of going once, much less going a second time.

I promise to gush on and on about it when I return.