About Me

I sing, I play a number of musical instruments badly.  I love to knit; been knitting for 35 years and I’m 42 (thanks, Grammy). I adore Ravelry in so many ways and I love meeting new people. Am thinking of dipping my toe into the knit design pool AND the knit podcast pool.I crochet as well, tho’ not as much as knitting.  I’m famous for having too many irons in the fire.

me in high school - singing in Chorus

I love to laugh and read and learn and teach and talk and eat and garden and drink tea and travel and procrastinate and give gifts and be silly and write and worship God and make the world a better place.  I suck at house work, but that’s OK because I’m not a housewife – I can guarantee you that I have NEVER married a house. I’m a member of  Baha’i Faith – if’n ya don’t know about it, I think you should check it out; it’s verra cool! I love to talk about that too.

I love swapping – I love the challenge of making something for someone I don’t know (and hopefully they will love it)- I love gaining friends all over the place, and of course seeing what they’ve made for me. I’m out of the habit of it now, but I hope to return to it soon. It’s so much fun.


A friend took this picture at Green Acre Baha'i School - I used it for my Senior photo

Grew up way up north; live way down south and love it. Married for 23 years to an engineer; we disagree about many, many things but we still love each other and laugh together. We have 3 chilluns – 2 sons, 22 & 16 and 1 daughter 13. I’m currently homeschooling the youngest; of course I taught all 3 of them to knit I have 2 dogs, Boris & Natasha, and 1 very soft, fluffy cat, Kali.

This picture was completely their own idea. From L to R: the Duke of Curl, No. 1 Son and the Force of Nature. (Christmastime 2006, I think)


I have been on a yarn diet for most of 2011 and surprisingly I have been quite faithful to it. In 2010, my already sizeable stash doubled in size – hence the yarn diet. It’s funny because most of the stash is stuck in the garage (long story – won’t bore you) and still I have plenty to knit with. :o)


Mittens and bag I received in a swap a few years ago.

I’ve worked as a radio announcer/dj/engineer off and on for 25 years. I currently have a weekly radio program that you can listen to online if you wish. It’s every Thursday night from 6:30 – 8 pm (US Central time) on WJAB. I play classic Blues.From 6 to 6:30 is a legal call in show that I usually just engineer, but occasionally co-host, called Common Law; a local lawyer answers legal questions from callers. It sounds dry as dust, but it’s one of my favorite programs I’ve ever worked on because the lawyer is GREAT.

To commemorate our 20th anniversary, I made Studmuffin squeeze into a photo booth with me...

Oh yeah, I have size 11 feet, so sock knitting for myself takes a while….

The current version - taken in New Delhi


  1. I like the things you do, but one thing is not correct. You play those instruments beautifully!!

  2. Girl… today is the day you love your heart.. hold your hands over it with gratitude..Take big deep breaths and picture is healthy and beating to your tune in life. This operations is an incident in your life.. it does not define you.. let go.. if you can… of result.. everything is perfect in the Universe..

    Prayers and healing will be forwarded to you.. Smile, Helen.. something wonderful is being created for the rest of your life. Put your worries in a worry box.. Think about what you are going to do after this operation is over..

    Smile.. dear Helen.. your parents are dear friends of mine.. for many years.. I don’t know how you got to be so much older than I recall..(hm…. we are “older” too..yikes)

    Prayers and warm wishes… Deanie Parsons Correia…

  3. Dear Helen

    Hi there my name is Angeles and I work with the British Council India office. I quite like one picture (Indian Boys laughing). I would like to use this wonderful picture for one of my magazine currently which I am working on. This magazine talks about needs and necessity of English language skills improvement in the rural school. I will be really grateful if you could give me your kind approval for the same.

    Thanks and regards

  4. Hi Helen,

    I just wanted to drop by and thank you for the book recommendation: I’ve requested it from the library and look forward to reading it. Thanks again! 🙂


  5. Dear Helen,

    Thanks for the lovely site. I am wondering if you can tell me where you got that awesome picture of the infant laughing in the mans hand (across his arm). I am the director of a pregnancy center and would love to use that pic in something for a fundraising event. Do you know who owns the rights to it? Thanks for any help. Feel free to email me at my address. Blessings!

  6. love all that yarn. by chance so you have any “my family 5702 white yarn“. i mijudged and need a skein. i hope you get to use all your yarn, your a very busy lady

  7. My new friend! I love reading about you here and seeing your Blog, since I am a newbee in the world of blogging!

  8. Welcome to the blogosphere! I started blogging nearly 13 years ago on LiveJournal and I used to post much more frequently, but since I started writing abook – not so much. When I’ve got some time, which isn’t right now unfortunately I’ll come check out your blog. Hope you’re just dandy healthwise!

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