Actual knitted things

Hell-o! Bet you thought the blog was dead, huh? Well, she won’t actually die….tho’ there has been a famine of posts the last FIVE years or so….

Happy blog-i-versary to me- I think it’s 13 years now (11 on WordPress) but I am just too lazy to go look.

On to the knitting!

Socks for the Force o’ Nature-

Twisty Replacement socks

Completed Nov 2017 (more info on Ravelry here)

Force o’Nature really appreciated these during the summer job which required regular inventory of a commercial fridge. Wool socks keep you warm!  So this led to these –

Lou’s Envy

Completed December 2018  Love this pattern – will be making some for me in this pattern SOON.

More info on Ravelry of course.

SO while I was looking for something else, I found the original socks I’d made for the FoN – which needed darning because MOTHS! AND all my darning supplies, so the FoN got both pairs for Christmas.

Moderne Cable Socks

These were completed back in 2014. This was why I made the Twisty replacement socks – first I knit one of the brown ones, then completed the second, then couldn’t find the safe place I’d put the first one. Months passed, then I found them both, gave them to the FoN in June – who said they didn’t want them til winter. Put them away then couldn’t find them AGAIN. Many months passed. Found them but then one had serious moth damage so I needed to darn them but then couldn’t find the remaining matching yarn. More than a year goes by, I suggest I make the FoN different ones – detente achieved.   Finally found everything, darned them and gave them. Phew!  project page on Ravelry here.

Grinchy Green Almondine

Completed December 2018  These are for me. LOVE LOVE LOVE them and they have 10% cashmere in the yarn blend. Luxury! Ravelry project page

A lot of this sock knitting has to do with the fact that I am a complete convert to the Fish Lips Kiss Heel.  I find it makes it easy to make socks that FIT pretty much perfectly. Found out last summer that my sock knitting sister-in-law (she’s far more productive than I am!)  also uses this heel. I recommend it.

Next up – a cowl for a dear brotherfriend-

Mistake Rib Cowl

This has been done for AGES. Finally it is blocked and photographed. Hope to get in the mail this week.

Ravelry project page

And another pair of socks for Studmuffin!

Pour Mon Mari

I’ve never made him socks before. Completed last week! (Jan 2019) And they fit.  They are not IRL as purple as this pic, much more dark green (he loves greeen).  All blocked and photo’ed and gifted. Project page on Ravelry here

Started knitting another pair for me out of a black and magenta Zauberball.  I’ve tried this yarn in 2 other patterns and have not liked the sock I was making and frogged it both times. I am using this pattern Fidelio and although I’m not getting the “rhythm” of the pattern easily, I think I like the socks I’m making, so perhaps the third time’s the charm.

Duke of Curl is up for a new hat, Bought more yarn, will post another time. Need to make something for my momma…..


How are you? Happy 2019!