Multi-day Music Challenge (long post)

One of my longest friendships in life is with Tina K. and I love all the stuff she posts on Facebook. She LOVES to go to concerts and she has been to more than probably anyone else I know (pssst – that’s a LOT!!!!!!).

She’s been posting these every day on FB, and since I will forget to do this every day PLUS I’m procrastinating (who wants to do what actually has to get done today?), why not write a blog post about it?

A bit of a warning – my taste is eclectic….. I could do a bunch of these using themes…… favorite songwriters only, foreign language, heavy metal, folk music, the 1970’s…..I’ll save that for another procrastination day.

A song with a color in the title

Absolutely no contest with this one. 2 versions – original and SuperBowl


A song with a number in it

There are so many…..but I simply adore this song and have since I was a kid.

A song that reminds me of summertime

EVERY time I hear this song it immediately brings me back to toolin’ around with my Dad in the truck some summer Saturday and going to this auto shop/garage somewhere in the Plymouth, NH area. Seemed like waiting for Dad took forever. Getting my right arm sunburnt from hanging out the window. 1978 this tune came out – I was 9 or 10 when this nonevent occurred; heard the song on the shop’s radio. I had bright purple Toughskins jeans on……

A song that reminds you of someone you wish to forget

This is hard for me – I’m lucky in that I haven’t too many regrets, plus I forget lots of things now and so a lot of the painful things from the past are very dim in my memory or lost altogether – a great blessing I’d say. Something that happened in my teens, well this song reminds me of a friend who wasn’t. I wish them well.

A Song that needs to be played LOUD

I currently do not own speakers that will play this loud enough. I need to remedy that surely……

A song that makes you want to dance

So so many to choose from!!! This is most certainly a favorite and I cannot be seated when this is played.

A song to drive to


A song about drugs or alcohol

or this one

A song that makes me happy

It has only been a couple of years now that I can actually speak French – Mr. Haley *really* tried; it’s not his fault at all! – and part of the reason that I can speak it now is that I became curious about Celine Dion’s songs in French; I’d never heard any of them. This song, Je Lui Dirais (I Will Tell Him), in particular makes me cry with happiness b/c it’s all about the hope and anticipation one has when one is pregnant for the life about to be born. I remember that feeling so well. It seems to be unique in her discography because it’s done in a sort of Quebecois style – unlike most all of her other songs. I’ll put a translation in English below the video.

(V1) I will tell him that he comes from this country
Where his grandfather was a lumberjack
And that the East also runs in his veins
& that such mixes make very beautiful children
That he is strong and very much alive
I will tell him that he was born of love
That we waited for him fervently
That each night fades in the new day
That he will grow up tall one day but he still has got time
Yes my lord, he still has got time
And that life is calling to him, and that the world will await him
And that earth is so beautiful and the sky so large
That he is beautiful and that I love him, that he’s my life, my joy
That he is one amongst millions of people
But for me he’s a one-of-a-kind
(V2)I will tell him that everything is learned down here
The good, the bad and even happiness
That he never has to lose his eyes of a child
In front of all the ugliness and tragedy
That he has to watch with his heart
I will tell him to be wise and careful
To brush past ice and fire
To get a taste of everything but never to be dependent on anything
That too much can be worse than too little
Oh far worse than too little
(V3)I will tell him the songs and the poems
That there’s no love without trouble
 That happiness is a seed that you sow
That you can’t buy love and health
And that those things are what makes us rich
 I will tell him that one day another woman
Will come and love him and that he will love her
That I will die out of happiness and of tears
But that we will be there along each step
 That that is life and its law
(Last chorus ends a little differently)
And that life is calling to him, and that the world will await him
And that earth is so beautiful and the sky so large
 That he’s handsome, and I love him
 A love beyond mystery
He’s my most beautiful reason for living
My answer to eternity

A song that makes me sad

It is said in my family that we have Iroquois history – all of the elders in my family who might have known any of the stories passed away before I could ask them about it when I got curious about it in my early teens. What a shame. My mom has always said that our family was proud of our Native American heritage unlike others who weren’t back in the day…..If it is true, she would’ve been my great-great-grandmother. But it doesn’t have to be true for me to be angry/sick/sad about the ongoing treatment of indigenous Americans and how apathetic we all seem to be about it. Buffy St. Marie wrote this and I heard it just a few times as a kid. I really got to know it when the Indigo Girls covered it 20+ years ago.

A song I never get tired of

I could listen to this one EVERY DAY and on repeat.

A song from my Preteen years

So I had a huge crush on David Cassidy when the Partridge Family was on TV when I was like FOUR years old. I still have the record albums….. This song, which doesn’t feature his voice funnily enough, I find comes back to me over and over again through the years – I’ll find myself singing it at odd times, when I wasn’t even thinking of it. It’s really kinda weird how it has stayed with me. Still it’s a good tune. The real singers (not the tv show kids) were known as The Love Generation or the Ron Hicklin Singers

A favorite song from the 70s

Gosh there are thousands. Will you be mad if I only can narrow it down to just 4?

This song taught me so much, including how to sing. I sang this tune in the shower every time for probably 10 years during th 80’s…..I’m certain my neighbors got terribly tired of that.

My Dad would hear something and get all excited about it. Go make the drive to Greenlaw’s in Laconia to buy it or to special order it. He used to play this FULL BLAST at night when we were trying to go to sleep (those were the drinking years). I hated it then and it isn’t a practice I recommend, but hey – at least it was terrific music.

My first favorite band. I got this album for my 9th birthday. Thanks Mom. I will always have a soft spot for these guys.

A song I would want played at my wedding

I’ve been married just about 30 years now, we didn’t really have music or a reception, but I love this one and so does Studmuffin, so this is where it goes on the list I guess.

A song covered by another artist

This whole album is covers – and I adore it. I had begun listening to reggae before this, but this album made me go in search of the original artists and the world opened up to me. My favorite on this record is “Please Don’t Make Me Cry”.

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