Buon appetito! – A Food Vignette

beautiful foodOver Mother’s Day weekend, Studmuffin made Angel hair pasta and sauce. It was yummy but he made a HUGE amount of pasta -far more than we could or should eat, so he suggested I make a baked pasta casserole of some type. The last few days have been quite warm – almost ‘normally’ warm, which we are unused to because it has been such a cold spring…….I had no desire to heat up the house by baking something in the oven when it’s 90 degrees F (32 degrees C)!


So yesterday was Monday and I spent some time messing about with the garden and running some errands, and it turned out to be a good deal cooler, so before I went to teach the Monday children’s class, I made a baked spaghetti casserole using elements from various recipes I saw on the Web – ground beef, onion, green pepper, 3 kinds of cheese, cream of mushroom soup, hot sauce, etc..

I got to eat some before I went to class, thought it good and I felt happy that Studmuffin would have some food ready to eat once he got home from work, which is not usually the case on Mondays.

buon appetito



Several hours later when I returned, I went into our bedroom where he usually is at this time of night (he’s an early to bed, early to rise sort), and I noticed he had a peculiar look on his face and a bowl on the nightstand with a few obvious remains from the casserole.


I asked, “Did you like it?”

He said, very seriously, “You must never make this again.”

I was confused. “Why?”

He said, “It was so good. I ate WAY too much. Please! Never make this again. I ate half the pan…..it’s like crack for Italians!*”

I looked and, friends and neighbors, he nearly did eat half of the pan. Not just any pan, this is a roasting pan – a turkey roasting pan; it is BIG.


Now this is a game of bingo I could definitely get involved in!

We’ve been together for 28 years and I do most of the cooking; never have I had this reaction from him for anything I’ve ever made. Poor man – it tastes even better today.



Yeah….I’m probably gonna make it again. 🙂




*My mother-in-law’s maiden name was Parmesano, and that part of the family is from Sicily.



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