Don’t scoff at my poultice, please.

No, my poultice did not look like these – WAY uglier.


I’m a little bit allergic to fire ants and yesterday I got 6 bites on my left hand, 3 on the same finger. Man, that finger hurts & it’s pretty swollen…but better today since I soaked the hand in hydrogen peroxide & after I put a poultice on the bites.

Yes, that’s right – a poultice. Studmuffin, who did NOT grow up in the country, makes fun of my poultices and herbal things. He is a bad man.



  1. A mix of turmeric, tea tree oil and aloe vera gel mixed into a paste. I packed it onto the bites and held it on with band-aids. Took it off about 8 hours later when it started to itch. Result: swelling down about 30% and redness gone about the same amount. Today, I should be able to use my hand far more normally as the swelling & redness is even more reduced. Thanks for asking!

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