Miss November


That’s a misleading title to this post. It really should be Miss(ed) November. I have been trying to at least write once every 2 weeks; I find myself on November 30th not having written anything here all month! Though I definitely have been writing….


November is NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month and I have been trying to use this month to finish the first draft of my book by TODAY.


Nope. Haven’t finished the first draft yet. POOPIES!!!!  But I’m closer than I was the last time I posted.  Along with writing, I’m re-reading a number of the books that started me down this path 15+ years ago…..

pinupread.(I hope you don’t mind – I think pinups are lovely as an artform.)




…and finding new things to read that give me a greater understanding of this topic and takes me in new directions.  FOCUS is a problem I’m realizing…..

Typewriter Erotica (1)writing girl

I’ve bitten off a huge bite of a subject!  But I absolutely MUST get it done and SOON!!!! No pressure……


Along the way, I’m writing music too, and hopefully getting ready to do some recording in January.


And am practicing the piano like a fiend….I’ve set myself a very high goal for next summer.


So much so that I’m having shoulder problems and I’ve been seeing a chiropractor! So I’m staying busy.



Some knitting is taking place as well, but very few photos! But it’s mostly writing, collating my scribblings (3 notebooks nearly full now), and typing everything up.


Hopefully, I’ll be writing more here soon!