Happy Hallowe’en….sort of…..

So I love Hallowe’en; I know yer shocked.  I love it SO much that I’m one of the few who still bother to put in the apostrophe in it, which believe you me, SpellCheck simply loathes. Anyway, this is the first year in more than 20 that I haven’t had a kid dressing up to go Trick or Treat-ing. All my progeny are too old! But there were still a few preparations to be done:

  • last night I did my annual Hallowe’en Blues show on WJAB.  During this football season, the first 1/2 hour of my show is now a sports talk show. I know it is of limited duration; I’m really missing that 1/2 hour & never so much as last night.


  • since we live across the street from a school, some years we’ve had a tremendous number of costumed children to give candy to.  Also this year Hallowe’en falls on a Friday and the weather wasn’t supposed to be awful, so I stocked up.  We always had crap candy when I was growing up (not really the ‘rents fault – money was really tight), so I pride myself on having the good stuff and plenty of it.

Some of the candy

  • This afternoon, the Force of Nature & I procured the pumpkins to be eviscerated: 2 very large ones and 1 quite small one, as well as several cans of chili.  The FoN informed me earlier that chili is traditional for Hallowe’en.  It is?!?  When did that happen?!? Traditional for WHOM?!?  I know for certain the Druids were not chowing down on chili whilst carving their turnips for Samhain – a distinct lack of peppers of any kind being a problem.
  • Putting together an appropriate Spotify playlist for the evening festivities.  Not only will there be pumpkin torture & sacrifice, the handing out of candy and the devourment of canned chili, but also Studmuffin has been gone all week and the house is in a major state of disarray. And if I don’t clean the fridge soon, we’re all gonna die for real.  He’s to arrive about 11 pm – so convenient, ja? So there must be music to assist the drudgery.
  • I’d planned to put the turquoise blue streaks into my hair today, so that was supposed to happen. It did not.

I realized after listening to a weather report that there’s gonna be a hard freeze tonight, so I needed to harvest all the green tomatoes out of the garden.  Then it starts to rain AND the temperature starts to DROP.  So whilst harvesting what’s left of a very poor gardening season, I got thoroughly chilled. The pumpkin salon was outside on the covered patio so I was kinda dreading going out there to carve…..

And then power went out for about an hour starting at 5:30 pm. DAMMIT.  That, along with the rain & temperature (a chilly & windy 40°F/6°C)  means that almost no kids will come by and I’ve got SO MUCH CANDY….. What a disappointment. Poopies.


I have so much candy I do not have a bowl big enough for it all. This container is an ENORMOUS styrofoam cooler I usually keep in the back of the van.

Since I am now a diabetic, I cannot even eat the leftovers. It’s now getting on towards 9 pm and we have had not one Trick or Treater. NOT ONE!  I’m gonna seal up all this candy in some seriously non-biodegradeable plastic & tape and save it for next year.


The Force of Nature’s little pumpkin about 6 inches/15 cm tall. Theme: The Last Airbender Sitting in the birdbath

The FoN carved hers, & I did mine; the Duke of Curl has not.  Once I’m done with this blathering, I think I’ll carve his too.  Anything to avoid cleaning……


My pumpkin. This sucker weighed nearly 20 lbs./9 kg! The eyes flash red because of 2 groovy little contraptions I picked up yesterday at the drug store. Unfortunately, this face isn’t nearly as sinister as I ‘d wanted it to be.

Still, it isn’t a complete wash: J.K. Rowling released a new story today.