I broke my diet on vacation – my yarn diet!


A Study in Yarn Weight. 🙂

Tis’ true, tho’ I broke it some before then too if I’m honest. More about that at the end of this post.  While we were on the famdamily vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where just up the road last century Orville & Wilbur took that first flight, I decided to check out the local yarn scene.

The OBX – somewhere near Kill Devil Hills

I knew this was a dangerous idea to entertain, but heck!  Yer supposed to break yer diet whilst on vacation, right?  I reckon that’s almost required, innit? I looked in the trusty phone book and found Knitting Addiction and I am so glad I did!

Actual yarn photos follow…

I brought Studmuffin because I was feeling diabetically weird* that day and so I didn’t think I should drive. Also, I hoped that his presence might limit the financial damage that could occur should this be a good** yarn store. (By the way, I borrowed§ all of these photos from the Knitting Addiction website & Facebook pages).

The lovely outside

PURPLE doors?  I love this place already!  I hobble in and I am struck by the enormous space – it’s so airy & light.  To the left of the door, is an upholstered sitting area in lime green & navy (two thumbs up!) and then I met….

Purrrl the cat

I’ve been missing my cats a little and who do I find on the back of one chair but a delightful furry creature – who has the sense to realize that I am worthy & ready to worship her, and so I do for a little while.  I later learn from Jeanne, the store owner & chief acolyte, that Purrl is older and can be discerning; the word she used was “grumpy”.  I assured her that no grumpiness had taken place & I was already in love.

There is yarn all around the perimeter of the store; in the middle of the store there is a giant wooden staircase that leads to the second floor, which is a kind of loft seating area for classes and such.  I didn’t make it up there as I had overused my wonky ankle playing mini-golf 2 nights before and so was in “hobble mode”, plus I don’t think there was more yarn up there, but I couldn’t swear to it.

From before they moved in. I wanted you to see how BIG it is. Now right under the logo, is the checkout.

There was local yarn, there was Spud & Chloë( a yarn I’ve been wanting to try), there were gorgeous arty yarns, there were books & needles & notions & project bags – everything you could want, including a lovely space for little kids to play tucked away under the staircase. I immediately wanted three of everything… to go!

The interior looking down from the loft.

The interior looking down from the loft.

After I got used to the yarn fumes§§, I began to decide which yarns I could realistically take home with me or give to others as gifts. I had been talking to my sis-in-law about knitting & crocheting & she and my bestest friend like the same kind of green colors – I was gonna meet my bestie on the way home to AL for dinner, so I got them both a few skeins of yarn & project bags & some other things.

I haven’t even told you the COOLEST part yet:



Yes they DO.  They call it a yarn truck & they take it all around the OBX and farther inland, because there just aren’t that many yarn shops around. Don’t believe me?  Here’s a photo:

How terrific is THAT?!?!?  This way, more folks can see & touch yarn (and start to inhale the yarn fumes) & talk to actual knitters and buy.  I think it’s a wonderful idea. On the day I visited the shop, the truck was in the parking lot out front.   The schedule of where & when the yarn truck will be is on the website.


If you are ANYWHERE near Kitty Hawk or the Outer Banks or North Carolina or where the yarn truck is visiting, you OWE it to yerself to go. Great yarn, great locale & the the owner is lovely, very hard-working & deserves your yarn dollars (you can buy online as well). Truly, it is one of my top 3 yarn stores EVER (more on the other two and soon). I mean it.  Even if you aren’t into yarn but are friendly with someone who is, go with them – Make an outing of it!!  There’s a lovely bookshop 2 doors down and, tho’ I didn’t look/can’t remember, there’s probably coffee someplace very nearby. Drop everything and go!! Keep our local yarn stores open y’all.

For me, I got The Rhinebeck Sweater book & some yarn.  I know yer shocked to hear it…… I gave away more than I kept & that’s good.  My bestie was thrilled. Unfortunately, it did NOT help very much that Studmuffin was with me – it only slowed me a smidgen.:::sigh::: What went home with me:


I wish you could just touch these!


Spud & Chloë – worsted weight (Sweater)in Aqua


Spud & Chloë fingering weight (Fine) in black


Sea Star Handpaints Bare Foot (fingering wt.) in “Wet” – locally dyed. Still learning to use the tablette camera…

It was exceedingly difficult to choose from all the local stuff – it was truly beautiful beautiful beautiful.  Sea Star Handpaints are dyed by Brittany – one name, kinda like “Cher” – and you can learn more about her “yarn snobbery” here. My skein (and the black Spud and Chloë) is probably gonna be some gorgeous colorwork mittens for a dear friend.


As for my earlier transgressions, I realized that as of June 2014, I had been on my yarn diet faithfully for EIGHTEEN MONTHS.  That’s quite an accomplishment for me. So I started to slip; I bought some sock yarn on sale that I really REALLY wanted;  I’d been planning that “slip” for awhile… So I got:

One skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock

One skein of Regia Fluormania color sock yarn

It was on a great sale too! Since then, there was a serious breach of yarn diet protocol yesterday in Nashville, but I’ll save that for another post.

My wonderful fiber friends told me that “sock yarn doesn’t count”.  I have a big container in my bedroom that says Oh yes it does, and and even larger container – some might even say enormous – in the garage that says sho nuff it counts baby, but I love my friends for saying so.  Don’t you just LOVE knitters?


*diabetically weird: when I’ve eaten right & tested my blood sugar and all is well that way, but I’m still lightheaded or woozy somehow

**good:as in stocking wonderful & diverse yarns, well-lit & organized, friendly staff, knitted samples – either swatches or garments, with space for patrons to sit and knit.

§borrowed in this instance means I didn’t take the photos & I didn’t ask for permission either, but it sounds way nicer than stealing doncha think?

§§yarn fumes: mysterious vapors given off by yarn – especially those of the beautifully hand dyed, cashmere, alpaca, yak & silk varieties – that overwhelms the good sense of the susceptible, and makes them forget all of the yarn back home in the stash, & believe impossibilities, such as it would much better to buy more yarn than to pay the mortgage.