5 Days Left!!!!

“For what?”  I hear you thinking.  I’m so glad you asked!!

2002 Harvest Tour - Wilmette, IL

2002 Harvest Tour – Wilmette, IL

One Human Family is going on tour in the beginning of August for the first time since 2005, & this tour marks the first time that OHF is using online “crowdsourcing” to help defray the costs of the tour and we have 5 DAYS LEFT in our campaign. Always the leadership has tried to keep the costs of the tour as low as possible to encourage as many people to participate in that transformative experience called the Harvest Tour. To keep costs low, the organization has often chosen to go into debt; this time it is different and you can help make this difference.

More and more, we see people the world over struggling to overcome all kinds of difficulties brought about by longstanding prejudices & hatreds, lack of communication, understanding & education, often without the basic knowledge that we are ONE HUMAN FAMILY.  The OHF organization since its beginning 16 years ago has always been about making those connections, overcoming those barriers, ever increasing and strengthening the bonds of fellowship, friendship, love and understanding everywhere we go.  We do it with workshops, with travel, sometimes even a little “cussin’, fightin’ & carryin’ on” – but mostly with conversation, with laughter, and most definitely with music in praise of God.

See us in action in British Columbia!

The Harvest Tour changed my life and has changed the lives of many others. Tour is a transformational experience for the communities and people we touch during our travels and for all those who go on the journey. Friends, this is not easy work ; it isn’t just a vacation, or a fun-filled trip. This is sustained & persistent building of unity, building community – working to bring about God’s Kingdom on earth. To accomplish this, I ask your help.

I ask for your prayers most certainly – this work cannot be done without sustained spiritual support! On top of the prayers, I’m asking you to please seriously consider contributing financially to our Indiegogo fundraising campaign and SOON!


Any amount would be welcome – even a dollar will help! So far, we have raised 20% of our goal online and another 4% thru checks in the mail. Indiegogo makes it easy to contribute online and they have strong anti-theft protections on their website.  Since some folks would prefer not to contribute online, you can send a check to:

One Human Family Workshops
4 N. Berrymeadow Lane
Durham, NC 27703

(please make your check payable to:  One Human Family Workshops)

Along with your contribution, you can get various perks, such as an OHF tour t-shirt or a private Skype concert.  I hope you’ll go and check out what’s on offer.  At the very least, I hope you will go to the website (http://igg.me/at/OHFChoirTour/x/7973277) and watch the video Dilsey & Cara made (I think it’s really sweet).  I’m especially hoping that those OHFies who could not come and sing on the tour this time will participate in the fundraiser & help OHF reach its goal. Spread the campaign around to other folks who know of your participation in OHF and enlist their help too.

We can do this together. In fact, we can ONLY do this together!

Many thanks to everyone reading this far along and especially to those who have already contributed.





Can’t resist sharing another video! From 2000 in Nashville, TN


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