Not dead; only ill….

I think about posting EVERYDAY – y’all are never far from my thoughts. STOP laughing!

Since Monday, this has been my nose:


Interspersed with these:


I must be feeling better today because I’m actually posting….

I have a few observations:

  1. Puffs tissues are the BEST, right after linen hankies.  If yer gonna go disposable – go Puffs. REALLY. I cannot find my hankies so Puffs it is. I’m not kidding about the roaring faucet of a nose – I had to send Studmuffin out to get more tissues, since I got this cold from the Force of Nature – for which I had to buy 2 boxes of tissues for the previous week during her bout with this.
  2. A tiny cystic zit at the entrance of one nostril increases misery EXPONENTIALLY.
  3. Cats & youngest children (even when they are almost 16) DO NOT CARE that you are sick….AT ALL. EXCEPT as it inconveniences THEM. Dogs, husbands & middle children are much more sympathetic thankfully.

Excuse me for a moment…..

4.  Pinterest is wonderful when you are sick. Just the right amount of attention needed to boat around and obsessively pin things without overtaxing my fevered brain.

5.  When you are diabetic, you need sugar-free cough drops. I wish the sugar-eaters ’round here would REMEMBER THAT.

6.  I’m quite crabby when I have a yucky cold.  I think it’s the eye-watering (and the aforementioned tiny nostril pustule) that irritates me so much.  I wasn’t *nearly* this prickly after open heart surgery…..

Whoops!  ‘Scuse me again….


7. My sewing machine – my trusty Singer 290C – is BROKEN.  The power switch went when I was making a pillowcase.  Fortunately, all that was left was the hem which I did by hand.  I have had her for 25 years and she needs a tune up, so I will take her to the dealer when I’m not explosively sneezing all over everything.

8. A silky charmeuse pillowcase (even when made with incredibly cheap polyester charmeuse with an astonishing ugly & loud geometric print)  is a marvelous luxury that I would like to make for EVERY WOMAN I KNOW.  It is lovely because you can always find a cool spot, it doesn’t make your hair real crazy, AND you don’t wake up with pillow wrinkles on yer face.  Why oh why did I not make one of these YEARS ago?!?!

9. My plan was to sew all through the Olympics, since the kitten is preventing my knitting- mostly.  Ha ha!  said the Universe.

10.  Last weekend, Studmuffin & I took the Force of Nature and one of her minions to Birmingham for Kama-con.  I brought knitting & a list of restaurants that I found online that I could find suitable food in (thanks to the Happy Cow website), that was in our price range, & had received decent reviews on Urbanspoon. We ate *very* well and I still lost weight AND kept my blood glucose numbers within range.  We did a lot of walking too.  The knitting however…..

WAIT!  Excuse me again please!


11.  The knitting didna go so well.  For the Ravellenics ( if you don’t know, read here & here) I am finishing WIP’s (Works In Progress).  So I brought with me my Tricot Grande Vitesse (High Speed Knitting) shawl that was almost done.  It has approximately 800 stitches per row now, so I am HEARTILY SICK OF IT and just want it over & done with already. I got down near the end of my skein, so I measured out what I thought I’d need to bind it off and not have lots of yarn left over.  I did 4/5 of the next row and…”Ha! Ha!” laughs the Universe again!  I was off by a factor of FOUR.  I tinked back that row (VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!) and started the bind off…

12. “HO! Ho!” chortles the Universe once more – I get 7/8 of the thing bound off…and I am short a few yards to finish the bind off.


13.  I have several choices – none of which are appealing to me.  I can:

  • remove the 700 +/- stitch bind off and choose a different bind off that uses less yarn & hope that I’ll have enough.  Did I mention that this is a kind of slippery, hairy, splitty yarn that simply adores falling off my aluminum needles?
  • remove the 700 +/- stitch bind off (grrrrrr), tink back another row of 800 +/- stitches (GRRRRRRRR), then bind off again (@#$^$#^&$*&!!!).
  • buy another skein of the yarn (1 skein has 400 m) if I can find it, then decide if i want to just finish the bind off or do more rows so I won’t have lots of yarn left over.

For the moment, I have chosen to wad the thing up, put it in a tote bag and do nothing.  I probably won’t have a chance to wear it til next winter anyway (I can hear the giggle of the Universe, can’t you?); it’s supposed to be a high of 76 degrees F  (that’s about 24 Celsius) today; we had highs of 25 F (-4 C)  and FIVE INCHES OF SNOW a week ago. And no, I am not taking any bloody pictures of this shawl at the moment, for the very sight of it fills me with loathing.

Excuse me…..


14.  Now that my sewing machine broken, all I want to do is SEW.  OK, ok it is true that I do have 2 other sewing machines – two elderly straight stitch machines ( at least 75 years old and probably more than 100 years old – each; one of which my aunt gave me 2 summers ago and I’ve never used, much less oiled….) and a 30+ year old serger with which i *could* do some sewing….but I don’ wanna…..

15. When the kitten permits, I am working on finishing a pair of socks for the Force of Nature….because I’m a stupid masochist.

16.  I have zero desire to check my blood glucose when I am sick.  Not good, Helen.

Oops, excuse me again…..


17.  I *still* have to do my show tonight.  Poopies.  Probably less talking than usual……

18.  I want to wear something other than jeans & t-shirts everyday, especially the ill-fitting ones I currently own.  If i am going to dress like a grown up (and if I want a paying job), I need to do BETTER.  This is part of the sewing urges, but also I want a change.  I don’t want to sacrifice comfort *completely* but I don’t: wish to look “old”, but certainly do not want to be “mutton dressed as lamb”, nor do I wish to wear the shapeless bags of cloth which passes for most of plus-size fashion. I can sew, GOD knough I have LOTS of fabrics, patterns, & know-how. To that end, I’ve been reading sewing & style blogs.  This post I *thoroughly* enjoyed and thought all y’all might appreciate it:  The Top Ten Cubicle Crimes

19.  The next post WILL HAVE KNITTING PICTURES.  I promise.  God willing, I’ll feel loads better tomorrow.  How are you today?


  1. You have another option for the TGV shawl — bring it to me and I’ll rip out those last two rows and do the bind off. Seems only fair since I’m the one who suckered you into those miles and miles of garter stitch.

  2. This time of year, the pollen, and the rapid weather changes seem to be the right conditions for bringing on the crud. I’m with you on the Puffs–the lotion ones are really great if you need them. I hope you’re feeling well soon, and so are all of your sewing machines! I’m sure you’ll find the right answer for you and your (almost)shawl.

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