Mitten Swap Package ARRIVES!!

I’ve participated in 4 other mitten swaps and in two of them, I never received any mittens.  It happens….but it does bum you out some, especially since I make FABULOUS mittens (usually a custom design) for my “swapees”.  Kara from South Dakota, I am working on finishing yours BIG TIME!

ernie facepalm

You see, I had an extraordinary (and embarrassing!) gauge accident….which I’ll blog about later. Ahem.

I used to do LOADS of swapping several years ago, but like some of my enthusiasms, it burned brightly for a time and then it passed. I have made some wonderful friends online through swapping, and getting goodies in the mail is terrific!!! I did try to do a cowl one last year through Ravelry, but my partner & I never actually bonded unfortunately.  In the end, I never sent her anything and she never sent me anything.  Oh well!

So this swap was hosted in the Ravelry Mitten Exchange group and my “swapper” was Vicki from Montana. The theme was “Partner’s Choice”, so I asked Vicki to share some of Montana with me as I have never been there.  I’d love to go;  the re-make of “Flicka” from a few years ago was filmed there and there was SO much natural beauty in the scenery,  besides Tim McGraw…….. I never got it about him before….OH MY! He is a fine, fine, FINE looking human being–

timmcgraw But I digress.  🙂

Vicki came through like GANGBUSTERS!!!  Everything arrived on my door step yesterday; it being Thursday and that’s what night I host my radio show, so I had no time to take photos til today.  First, let me say:

Moose & Owl Thank You

So here we go!

2014 wall calendar of Montana
I *hoped* for something like this! It’s gorgeous, and I’ll think of Vicki’s kindness every time I look at it
Pottery cupDSC00531
Oh yes, she sussed me out good! I love handmade things – pottery especially!

Montana tea

TEA!!!  I love TEA!


Gorgeous Montana made soap. I have a “thing” for good handmade soap too.  (most successful picture with the LED flashlight I think)


I do not know if I have EVER ingested huckleberry anything – I’m looking forward to the experience!


Now I have to guess:  green = bear, black = bobcat or lynx, yellow = mountain lion, red = moose, navy = deer, gold = badger, blue = elk

Box of Chocolates
She SO has my number…..


Open box of chocolates
They didn’t all make it through the photoshoot I’m afraid….
Now here’s where it gets SPOOKY:  I have a “thing” for buffalo and I have NEVER EVER TOLD ANYONE.  We’re connected spiritually; ’nuff said.

Yummy yummy laceweight alpaca….

The actual color is hard to capture, especially with my minimal photography skills. My children laughed at me with my LED flashlight…..



GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS GORGEOUS! And WARM!!!  Love them love them love them love them!!!!

All my Montana swag at once.  Vicki, you went way over budget I know!



One happy swapee! Albeit with no makeup & uncombed hair…but HAPPY!!!