Yarn Crimes – Pinterest Vol. 1

I believe I have mentioned that I love Pinterest.  It’s true – I do love it. But I love it EVEN more now that I have found several “boards” there –  chock full o’ yarn crimes.  I feel a little guilty; this is easier than taking candy from a small person. In the past, I’ve collected most all the yarn crime photos in a file on my ‘puter. I do have a (quite a) few & I’ll put (a few of) those first!

Could this guy look a little more uncomfortable? Perhaps a spike up his bottom? No?

This was PROFESSIONALLY made –  I kid you not.

The perfect hair accessory for East…..NEVER.


A sleeveless sweater or a seriously overgrown dust bunny? I know I would be seriously PISSED OFF if I spent hours & hours making something that turned out like this. I mean it looks awful on the model who is being professionally photographed!  And professionally styled – dig the cream colored bangle y’all!


I **try** not to pick on crocheters…but sometimes all y’all are just asking for it I think.


Now on to the Pinterest ones.

It seems to me the real reason models are so tall & thin nowadays is so that nothing about them will “detract” from the garments.  The models are simply puppets or anonymous automatons on which the designer can display anything his or her peabrain can dream up.  And charge a PILE o’ money for the crazy crap as well. I think this has led to COMPLETELY forgetting what clothing is actually for, but I’m old-fashioned that way I guess.


An oldie but goodie from 2000: not only ugly but looks uncomfortable to wear. AND it’s probably VERY HEAVY too! Yay!



As does this one….



And this one…



And this one…



But THIS one wins the PRIZE!



Bobble vomit.


Let me count the ways I love this sweater!

  1. Model looks frozen – so the ugly is not even keeping her warm.
  2. Black bikini panties and no slip equals not just poor styling but actual indecency.
  3. Loopy mohair loopiness – it’s gonna catch on EVERYTHING – not just the usual corners, fingernails, earrings, etc., but doorknobs, stick shifts, stair rails, small children, construction sites….

Which all adds up to : SUPA FAIL.


Last but certainly not least:


For the insane Johnny Depp fan, or maybe just the insane.  You can buy the pattern to make it yourself – just in time for Hallowe….NEVER.


You can of course follow me on Pinterest, or just follow the Yarn Crimes board.  Always remember & never forget Rose-Kim Knits does a far better job of making fun of crazy (mostly) knitted fashions on her blog every Thursday!