This blog break brought to you by a misplaced camera n’ stuff….

So way back a couple of months ago I swore to you, my dear readers – that there would be pictures of actual knitting in the next post. First, the camera battery charger was lost, I bought a new one, then I couldn’t find the camera. Once i found the camera, I discovered I had bought the wrong kind. So back to the store to return it & get the right one. Then charging and the taking of the photos; each step along the way accompanied by a couple of weeks delay. Some delays were longer than others, and there is knitting still to be photographed…..but this is what I’ve got.

Reversible Brioche-orimetry

The lovely & talented Boris

The lovely & talented Boris modeling

Reversible Brioche-orimetry

Raverly project link

Back in 200-whatever Knitty published the Calorimetry head-thing and thousands (nearly 16,000) of them have been made.

The left side

The left side

I’m on a real brioche stitch kick lately. It is very easy to knit, it only looks difficult.

The right side

The right side

It’s such a lovely ribby, squishy, feel-good stitch I think everyone should learn it and should be much more widely used than it is.

The sporty side

The sporty side

Doing an easy Ravelry search, I saw someone had already done a brioche stitch knock off of Calorimetry – Yay!

The other, regular side

The other, regular side

I made this for a friend’s 18th birthday – I needed something QUICK. She just started college at MTSU, so I checked out their school colors – blue & white!  I’ve got that.

Very quick to knit! Embroidering the white stripes took almost as long as the knitting, since I had to figger out how not to let it show on the regular side.  I’m happy with the result and more importantly Squidney liked it too.  We almost had to wrestle it away from her cousin.  who is a guy!

MODS:  I changed how the increases & decreases happened so that there would not be small holes alond the midline.  That also meant no buttonhole, so crocheted one on one end.  I used a double button on the other end so it is truly reversible.

And of course, Boris dutifully modeled the end result (I hope that satisfies those of you who were wondering when he’d make another appearance)!


The Force of Nature’s Cabled Scarf

Ravelry project link

The Force of Nature, my dear daughter, wanted a soft, warm scarf to match her winter coat & glittens to match.  She chose the pattern.sept_16_2013 004

Changing the pattern a wee bit – instead of the 3 strand braid on either side of the main pattern, I changed it to to a 4 strand or Aran braid – I think I knit those better than the three strand, and it only adds 4 sts overall.

sept_16_2013 006

I did try to do one repeat a day. This yarn is lovely to look at and to feel but it is splitty and not much stretch….which is exactly what I expected. 🙂

sept_16_2013 007

After I got the knitting done. it was more than a month before I got the ends woven in.  She didn’t want any fringe; I did try a cabled edging, but decided it was better plain so I took it off. I was blocking the next project below so this got blocked too. Yarn didn’t bloom hardly at all, but I think I gained a skosh more stitch definition in the cables plus it smells nicer.  Very soft & warm.  Haven’t yet cast on for the glittens but will soon. More photos on Ravelry


Color Affliction shawl

AugustSept2013 091 - Copy

This may be the best picture of the colors.

Ravelry link

Last fall our little Wednesday night knitting group decided to knit the EXTREMELY popular Color Affection Shawl  together.

I got some rather inexpensive laceweight yarn, 3 skeins for less than $25 – a silk& alpaca blend I really enjoyed knitting with.

AugustSept2013 094 - Copy

Not my best blocking job….

I loved the colors in the skeins but I am less pleased with them in the shawl – not contrast-y enough for me I think.

another angle

another angle

So I was in no hurry to block it. So 9 months after i finished the knitting, I blocked it and discovered a good thing….and a bad thing. The good thing was that the silk it really shows up after blocking…and I had more than enough pins to block it with. However i forgot about blocking it to the pattern’s stated dimensions, when I found:

the HOLE

the HOLE

Yep, right there along the border.  See the extra white headed pins?  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Is it moth damage?  I don’t know – I sure hope not! but one strand did break (or was eaten through)  and all of my blocking mojo drained immediately through my left foot. All of my desire to do a really great, smoothly curved hard blocking abandoned immediately in the hope of not making the hole worse.  After it dried and I had to go to bed so I had to take out 450 pins… I spent 45 mins.  trying to fix the hole.  It isn’t my best work, that fix but it’ll do. I plan to take some prettier pictures outdoors soon.


Another another baby blanket

AugustSept2013 095

The baby this was intended for has outgrown the blanket – I will make something else for her I think.

Came up with different color scheme  than the original pattern – from the Biscuits & Jam random stripe generator

It turned out QUITE small.  I added almost 10 ins to length.  I realized a big ol’ part of my problem with this is the needle: Kollage square ones.  I like the squareness, joins good, cable good….but the skritchiness of the metal tips is for me like fingernails on a chalkboard.  I switched in a HiyaHiya needle of the same size…..AAAAHHHHHHHHH!  No more gritting the teeth. Too bad; I really wanted to like the square ones.
500,000 ends all woven in – Too small a blanket for that many ends. This, even with the “extra” 10 inches & the side ruffles is a pretty small blanket. Really newborn sized.  Still has 2 ends to weave in.  Then it’ll go in a bag and weight until someone else is preggers with a girl.


Currently working “on the needles”:

  • A baby surprise jacket or BSJ for hubs’ co-worker’s baby.  If’n ya don’t know what a BSJ is, do a search – you’ll find LOADS about it.  Tens of thousands have been made.
  • Another 8″ knitted square for Knit-A-Square…so far so good.  Aiming for 60 by Jan. 1, 2014, have done about 18 so far – mostly in brioche stitch. :o)
  • Another Brioche-orimetry for someone who looks good in red.
  • An Op-Art scarf for a British comedian.  No, I’m not joking.
  • Another scarf that I wanted to make. Mildly “stupid knitting”.
  • A plastic pellet filled computer wrist rest.  It only needs casting off & a little finish work to be complete. Dunno WHY I’m procrastinating….
  • A hot water bottle cover in the shape of an hedgehog.  I’m not exactly certain where it is at the moment, but I am determined to finish it so I can use it.  Well, actually, I have already used it a bit last winter……

I will soon cast on:

  • the glittens for the Force o’ Nature
  • Mittens for a swap partner
  • Plaid mittens for twin nephews – I think this may be the only Christmas knitting I’ll do this year.
  • Mittens for a very dear friend; I may make her some mitts too.
  • A waistcoat for the Force o’ Nature – in black.  I gotta get new glasses first. I need to go back into bifocals I think.
  • There are several hats that I want to make too.

I want to resurrect a woolen purse I was making for me a few years ago as welll, and there’s a shawl or two, and the entrelac scarf……oh yeah and that afghan for our own couch…..

That’s all for now! Hopefully there will be a new installment of YARN CRIMES in the next 2 weeks.

So, what are you making right now?



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