2 year yarn diet, part deux


…But I get a small reprieve!

Oh the happy hours I have spent in the last few days, avoiding housework, avoiding book writing, avoiding anything that seemed like work – including the garden! So after much and much trolling around the interwebs & consultation with the Force of Nature – WAY more than she wanted btw – I decided I would pick:

  • a worsted weight yarn
  • in an oatmeal-y color
  • about 400 yds
  • for $50 or less
  • in a yarn I haven’t used yet but have been thirsting after

Lovely criteria, but none of which narrows it down all that much. Poopies.

Yarns I want to try:

…….just to name a few!

I still have to get a good value; this is no blank check!

I still have to get a good value; this is no blank check!

The FofN wanted: soft, warm, lots of cables & to go with her winter coat, which is a lovely chocolate brown. The few pictures of yarn I showed her (fewer than 10!), I noticed she gravitated toward the tweedier ones…….

Tweeds and tweed yarns are usually a bit crunchy in texture – think of hearty Celts or Brits wandering through the heather or on the moors with a walking stick and serious leather shoes.


Like these.


I mean, just look at the word “tweed“; it’s “weed” with a “t” on the front, which probably even stands for “thistle“.

Just look at those SPINES!

Just look at those SPINES!

Tweeds usually wear a long time, protect against cold/rotten/winter weather, that sort of thing; not something you really want to have on yer neck much especially in rather warm Alabama, where people wear shorts & flip-flops the year round (not that they should, but they do).  I wanted a yarn, perhaps a blend, so that she’ll luxuriate in the feel of it but also have the mittens especially wear well. On with the search! Let’s go inconvenience some electrons in pursuit of YARN!  (::::::::play in your head the William Tell Overture::::::::)

I don't get ANY credit with Studmuffin because I make so many gifts....partially because I use the best materials I can afford but STILL!

I don’t get ANY credit with Studmuffin because I make so many gifts….partially because I use the best materials I can afford but STILL!

After much thought and dithering, I chose a yarn that isn’t on the list above, because I’d not heard of it before. It is:

(::::trumpet fanfare:::::)


It’s by Plymouth Yarns, and it’s new.

Fiber wise, it’s 40% Alpaca/ 40% Merino Wool/ 14% Acrylic/ 6% Rayon so it should have a very soft hand but enough acrylic and rayon so it won’t fall apart.

I chose the color ‘natural’ and this is the website pic:


Pricewise, it’s $7.50 for 50 gr/109 yds. so it’s right where I want it to be. It’s so new that there’s only 1 project on Ravelry in this yarn……

I’ve ordered it and the only problem I have now is waiting for it to arrive……..


  1. Hilarious… I was thinking oh Monte Donegal would be perfect, low and behold that is what you chose. It is very soft unlike most tweeds you will enjoy working with it.

  2. Ellen – great minds think alike! I definitely thought about you when I chose it. BTW i actually wrote this post last Friday and then forgot to post it, so the yarn has arrived and cable-y, scarf-y goodness has ensued. It is lovely and soft. Not much give and rather underspun so it’s splitty but I think she’ll love the end result.

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