The 2 year yarn diet


So y’all, I have a good bit of yarn. Don’t believe me? Check out this old post that has pictures:   Go ahead; I’ll wait.

Friends, that post is from December 2011.  During 2012, I certainly didn’t buy as much yarn as the previous 24 months, but I definitely added to the stash a fair amount.  On this here blog, when we get into December & January, I love to fall into the olde trope of an end-of-the-year-list, and so I’ve done a knitting projects roundup or something like that.  I’ve noticed that I complete about 10 projects a year, even though I seem to knit lots more than that.

This is someone else's stash. I like it.

This is someone else’s stash. I like it.

As tired as that end-of-the-year-list thing is, it definitely gave me an “AHA!” moment: I have a HUGE amount of yarn given my current level of completion.  That, coupled with the end of overtime for Studmuffin in November 2012 – he’d been able to work as much overtime as he’s wanted for 10 or 11 years and it added about 20 – 25% to our bottom line – coupled with “sequestration” – which will cost us another 20% of income AND the kids need braces and lots of other things, I knew I had to get disciplined! Hence, the 2 year yarn diet.

As of Jan. 1st, I pledged not to buy yarn for 2 years with few exceptions. They are: if I need some yarn to complete something, I may buy just enough yarn to finish whatever it is if I cannot finish it any other way ESPECIALLY if it is a gift, or if someone gives me a gift certificate for some reason. (Hint: I love Cephalopod Yarns, the Verdant Gryphon, GothSocks, or anything with cashmere. KTHANXBAI)

Not my stash either.  I think it's bigger than mine but I'm not certain.....

Not my stash either. I think it’s bigger than mine but I’m not certain…..

I last bought yarn in Mid-December – a little something for my birthday I believe it was… Since that time, I have been successful in NOT buying ANY yarn or knitting books, and I’ve had plenty to knit with – a lot leftover from the ginormous blanket I made last year.  Still, I’ve had to be careful.  I’ve:

  • stopped hanging out on Ravelry everyday
  • unsubscribed from many of the online yarn shop email lists I was on
  • stopped going into local yarn shops
  • reading most of the knitblogs I love
  • avoiding yarn sales

I also have to avoid just transferring my overbuying to another habit/hobby I have…like sewing.

Certainly NOT my stash!  Too orgabnized; I cannot decide if this is clever or tacky.....

Certainly NOT my stash! Too orgabnized; I cannot decide if this is clever or tacky…..

It’s been six months – a quarter of the way through and I feel a little proud of myself.  :o)

Last night, a wonderful thing happened:  the Force of Nature came to me & asked me to knit her a scarf and maybe some fingerless gloves to match. SQUEE!   Yes, she knows how to knit, but currently she “HATES to knit”.  We spent a happy half-an-hour or so surfing ’round Ravelry looking at scarves; she’s really into CABLES. Like mother, like daughter…… I told her we’d have to shop the stash, and she offered to PAY for the YARN!  She’s very tight with her $ so I know this is something she really wants.

These are not mine either, but I do have lust in my heart for them....

These are not mine either, but I do have lust in my heart for them….

As we were getting ready for bed, I told Studmuffin what the F of N had asked for because I was so delighted she’d asked. Two astonishing things happened.  Numero uno:  he did NOT know that I was on a 2 year yarn diet.  REALLY?!?  I mean SWEET SALLY MELVILLE! This is an astonishing statement to me on so many levels….and not in a good way. I could go on a serious whinge here, but I won’t ‘cos I’m tryna be a better human being. Just know that my inner child throws a big tantrum when I think about what he said…..


Then Astonishing Statement Numero Dos: he half laughed, half scoffed and said that OF COURSE I could buy YARN for OUR DAUGHTER.  To him, that would not be going off my yarn diet.  THAT made me very HAPPY.

What I think my stash is.

What I think my stash is.

what my family thinks my stash is

what my family thinks my stash is

Yes, we will shop the stash and I’m pretty sure we’ll fill her wants there, but the idea that we *could* go yarn shopping fills my little yarn-hoarding heart with joy.


  1. I have been seriously destashing. I have given four large garbage bags full of knitting stuff to the local 4H agent. Being that my job keeps me in yarn I don’t buy much yarn anymore,it has to be really special hand spun or something of that sort. I am in the midst of a major reorganization of house and studio so I am sorting through everything, yarn, fabric, fiber, office supplies, gadgets, toys ( stuffed animals, tiny sleds, Monsters Inc bendy toys), tools ( craft and handyman), beads, patterns (knitting and sewing), and magazines. I am almost to the point of gathering all my yarn in one place… Do I have a room large enough to sort it all? Maybe…

  2. ive been much more restrained with yarn purchases lately myself -not really a diet, just that i really do not need any more yarn for the rest of my life lol. and my stash was making me feel bad. ive curated it A LOT and stoped the income and i now feel much better about it. if i see a yarn i HAVETOHAVE i will let myself purchase it but…i havent seen any like that ;). however, i did transfer as of late my purchases to fabric – i have enough for several projects and have put a major break on that too now though. enjoyed reading your post 😀

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