Arrested Development

I don’t watch much tv, but some years ago, Studmuffin got the 3 seasons of Arrested Development on DVD. I **really** wasn’t gonna watch it, but I kept hearing the funniest dialogue…. I did get hooked in spite of myself.


So now, years later, the belated fourth season is available on Netflix, and I’ve been watching an epidsode or 2 after dinner when the schedule allows. They have had LOADS of the famous in cameo roles – it’s hilarious and awkward and wonderful and I’m really enjoying it.

Tonight’s episode had Tommy Tune in it. I love him. I only realized after looking him up on Wikipedia that he was born the *same* year as my *DAD*. I hope you have a chance to see all the seasons of Arrested Development. 🙂

Here’s some bonus Tommy Tune for you: