Weekend wrap-up

-No knitting took place 😦   I thought about it though.
-started work on the garden! Should do a little planting today.
***Duke of Curl said he would make the keyhole garden structure for very little money – an offer I will take him up on!!

– watched a FANTASTIC movie on Netflix about Pearl Fryar of Bishopville, SC.  I give this movie 12 stars, and recommend it HIGHLY.
– spent much of the weekend looking for a couple of pieces of paper. Did not find the papers in question BUT myriad piles of paper have been dealt with- HOORAY!
– Studmuffin made soft pretzels – they were DELICIOUS!
– went for a 2 mile walk with Studmuffin & the dogs. NO WHEEZING!
– after walk, took dogs to the dog wash. Cheesy puffs enjoyed one and all afterward. NO MORE DOG STENCH!
– after a 2 week “rest” book writing to start again today, along with taxes….

So how’s by you?



  1. Think I may need a keyhole garden myself. I have a couple of raised beds that need to be redone and we have wire mesh in the scrap pile.

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