The LARGEST thing I’ve ever knitted!

Here it is:

It’s the size of a full size bed spread.

Here it is on my clothesline.

I wish I knew how to take super pictures like some other bloggers I know. Oh wellll…. just a couple more pictures:

The last few weeks before I finished it – I took this all over the place with most of it stuffed into an old pillowcase to keep it clean.  Finishing it felt wonderful and now I know I can do pretty much anything knitted; I am no longer daunted by size.  Plus Mom loves it. WIN!

Just in case yer interested – here’s the back story:

So last spring (2012), my mother made me some wonderful curtains for my living room & painted a really big portrait of the cat & both dogs and I was kind of searching around for what I could do for her & my dad. They both have birthdays in October…..and I *had* started an afghan for them quite some time ago, but Mom wanted something with more brown in it, plus it was crocheted and that’s really painful for me to do lot of these days. Also, whatever I did make for them HAD to be WASHABLE and “not wool”. Mom’s not allergic but she’s had loads of experience with scratchy wool and I *could* not* convince her that I could find & use wool that wouldn’t be at all scratchy….so that meant :::gasp:::: ACRYLIC.

I’m kind of a yarn snob still, and the thought of knitting something that big with yarn I’m not crazy about at best was rather daunting. Then a couple of things happened:

  1. I saw this pattern:

    Missoni Inspired Chevron Blanket by Kelly Kingston

    Oh my!  This thing was GORGEOUS! I love Missoni colors (I have many, many pictures from all over the web of Missoni clothes, etc. to look at for inspiration.  Probably 300 or more….)
    I knew Mom would love it, but there was not any acrylic yarn that fit the bill.
    And I definitely wanted to make one of these someday……but the wool that it’s made in – would’ve cost almost as much as my couch ( and the couch is 10 years old and we got it on sale but still….!) so I couldn’t justify the expense. So I put the whole idea on the back burner.
  2. I tried out this yarn on another project:

    Brava Bulky by Knit Picks

I was making a baby blanket for a friend and I wanted to try this yarn. The blanket wouldn’t be too big so I thought why not and ordered some. When it came, I was astonished by the feel – so nice and soft – not even a tiny bit “Plastic-y” or “squeaky”. And the price was a great value. Then I started knitting with it – it was lovely.  I was so happy.

The light bulb went on -DING!  Why not make the Missoni-inspired afghan in the Brava worsted weight?  I spent a lovely three quarters of an hour trying to match up the colors from the yarn the pattern specified and the Brava colors and that went fine. But then I remembered: Mom wanted more brown…aack!  The Brava had so many nice browns – how could I choose?

I decided I couldn’t choose without seeing all the yarn in person and promptly ordered every color they had.  Except for cream – which was a complete accident; I wanted cream….:::::sigh::::  I knew I could find a use for every single yard of the yarn that didn’t get used in the afghan.

When it came in – oh YES!  This was terrific!

I was pretty sure I could do some good stuff with this……..  I decided to make a BIG afghan.


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