Fried motherboard: not a good recipe for blogging!

Yup. My almost ten-year old ‘puter bit the dust awhile back so there hasn’t been any blogging…..or podcasting.  ::::sigh:::::: It could be worse. I have an external hard drive that I tried to be regular in backing up the ‘puter on, so most things were not lost.

So now a quick update for you:

  • I now have a new computer!  Yay!
  • I also have a new printer and IT WORKS!!!  I’ve not had a working printer in over a yearand I have missed it a LOT.
  • I am writing a book about musicking
  • my notes for the book didn’t get saved to the external hard drive, plus the notes that were hand written – I threw out. I mean they were on the computer, right?
  • So writing is going more slowly than I’d hoped it would.
  • I scored 2 skeins of Wollmeise twin sock yarn last month
  • I just happened to go on their site to look around, like I do about every six months or so
  • I saw they had some yarn in stock, so I ordered a skein of Taube and the sale went through
  • So I thought, maybe I could try for another (Kornblume)….?
  • That sale went through too!
  • They arrived today!
  • I now have 4 skeins altogether. What to do????? The grey matter nearly swoons with all the possibilities!
  • I bought a LOT of yarn over the summer.  I mean I bought so so much yarn that I’m going on a 2 YEAR yarn diet…but not just yet.
  • I went to Patternworks & Keepsake Quilting in person this summer; I hope to blog about that soon
  • Knitting is happening!  Am about 75% done with the big birthday blanket for my folks. Should be complete by the 15th.
  • I’m being very good and almost completely working just on the blanket
  • It was supposed to be an afghan, but it’s bigger than that now.
  • My knit group will start a Color Affection shawl KAL midmonth – that will seem like a small project after the birthday blanket
  • I planned to knit a vest for the Force of Nature, but the yarn I wanted at the price I wanted is not available now, so I am rethinking…..
  • I have a new camera as well, so picture quality should improve as I learn how to use it.
  • Oh Sweet Sally Melville!!! It’s OCTOBER already.  How did that happen so quick?

They look like babies, don’t they? How is it possible that this album came out THIRTY-ONE YEARS AGO?

Oh well, I’ve missed you folks. How are you?  I have at least 2 give-aways coming up and soon ….off to bed now old girl.

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